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SZA Releases Her Fourth Album To Great Acclaim

Alternative R&B artist SZA just released her highly anticipated fourth album, entitled “CTRL.” This up-and-coming indie artist has reached a new milestone in her remarkable career. In a recent interview, SZA opened up a bit about her writing process. According to the agile singer, most of the lyrics on this record were essentially ad-libbed in the studio. SZA explained that although she writes plenty of lyrics down, she often finds that her improvised lyrics feel more honest, real and unguarded. For this album, SZA recruited several high-profile guests like Kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Rashad.


If SZA is able to capture the imagination of the public, she’ll be able to graduate from the status of indie R&B artist to the mainstream of the music world. It seems reasonable to assume that SZA hopes to establish a larger audience, just like any other artist. At the same time, members of the indie music sometimes lose some independence when they graduate to the next level of professional success. I hope that SZA can successfully balance her personal artistic needs with the demands of being the center of a commercial brand. While every artist needs albums sales and airplay for commercial viability, I hope that SZA is able to evolve as an artist without forgetting her roots.


SZA has a prodigious talent and I expect that this singer will accomplish many great things in the future. Over the course of her career so far, SZA has earned her place as a true auteur. Although she is technically classified as an R&B artist, there can be no doubt that SZA’s music intersects with several different genres. This is the kind of fluidity that defines the very best artists working in the indie music scene today. Arguably, SZA is well on her way towards creating a musical legacy that will stretch far into the future. Though no one can predict the future, I am fairly confident that SZA will continue to grow as an artist.