Bruno Fagali’s successful life in bussness and law

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Bruno Fagali is a founder and lawyer of the FAGALI law firm. He has a master’s in law has he had specifically specialised in Administrative law of FGV. Bruno who is a Brazilian council of Health Executive has served twice as a Compliance Officer for a well-known advertising agency. Since he joined his farm has had a lot of experience in Administrative law where he has worked very smart in the company to ensure that he provides free and transparent work to all the citizens.

He has dedicated his work in the making of laws since 2006 and later through his own agency FAGALI Advocacy he serves as the Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova .his unique skills in Administrative law, state law, parliamentary made him in decision-making processes. Bruno studied in Pontifical Catholic University located in Sao Paulo where he did his bachelors degree in law and in 2010 he decided to specialize in Administrative law, later on, he proceeded to do his masters at the University of Sao Paulo and graduated.

Brunos interest became part of him when he volunteered to help the people during his internship.Bruno is one of the known upcoming lawyer in Brazil who is impacting new dimensions to the laws of the nation. Bruno who has involved himself in legal matters of the country as the founder and head of FAGALI Advocacy has been able to handle many cases dealing with the law of the people, and his office is located in Sao Paulo.

He majorly focused on urban law, compliance law, ethics, regulatory law, electoral law and also in administrative law. When it comes to legal matters, Bruno has been in a position to use skills in handling all the cases efficiently as he has a lot of experience since he has been doing it for several years.

Brunos success ladder has been built when he had served many different firms since 2006.apart from him being the founder of Brunos Advocacy he is also the head of the Corporate integrity at the Nova. Brunos educational background has helped him a lot as it has brought a positive impact in his life since he enjoys his career at the moment. Bruno who is known to be a person who knows different languages like English, French, Spanish and Italian, this has helped him when dealing with all his clients as he deals with them. Bruno took his time to do voluntary work during his education time.

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