Bob Reina: Making marketing easier, cheaper and more convenient for businesses using Talk Fusion app

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Bob Reina hails from Brandon Florida. For years, Bob Reina wanted to do something with his life and to help other people. It is for this reason that he woke up every day with the self-assurance that ‘I Will’. These two words have been an inspiration for Bob Reina ever since he was a kid. He has always wanted to build a global business and pursue charity work at the same time.



Before founding Talk Fusion in 2007, Bob Reina served as a police officer. While working at the police force, Bob Reina served in different police departments where he gained a lot of experience. He quit his job as a police officer and joined a marketing company that was not performing very well. Even though, Bob Reina put more effort into his work and pushed himself into achieving more every day. Bob Reina changed tactics and started direct selling.


Bob Reina earned his degree in criminology from the University of South Florida. He graduated with honors from the Police Academy. He then joined Hillsborough County Sherrif’s where he spent the next ten years as a deputy.

While working for the police, Bob Reina was introduced to the concept of direct selling and relationship marketing. Bob realized that this field had huge potential and began marketing part-time. As time passed, Bob dedicated his entire energy into marketing before he quit his job to launch Talk fusion.


How he founded Talk Fusion

Bob Reina conceived the idea of establishing Talk Fusion in 2004, but it did not actualize until 2007. In 2004, Bob Reina was looking for a residential property in North Carolina. He wanted to share the videos of the property with family and friends but he could not since the current email platforms don’t support video sharing. Bob was disappointed and vowed to create a platform that would enable marketers to share videos via mail to their clients. He contacted his longtime friend, Dr. Jonathan who helped in creating Talk Fusion video email, a platform that allows video sharing through the email. Learn more:


In 2007, Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion’s video email product. The new product in video sharing introduced a unique approach to marketing by making it easy, more convenient, cheaper, and persuasive. Soon enough, news about the new Talk Fusion spread like bushfire. The product is now available in more than 143 countries.

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