Bob Reina: He’s Looking Ahead

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The individuals that get things done are the ones that refuse to quit and they refuse to accept the word “no” as an answer. Bob Reina falls into that category. He is a former police officer that is the CEO and founder of the biggest video technology company on the planet earth. Ever since he founded it back in 2007, it has grown ever since. Bob Reina believes in growth and he is a man on a mission with this company. He wants to see it grow to extreme heights and he wants to see it become a company that will stay on top for as long as it’s up and running. He does not plan on slowing down. Learn more:

He knows the key is to have a great product and great people working at the company. There is no doubt it is a great product because it offers so much in terms of video applications. They have a ton of great features that help people reach out and connect with one another all of the time. This is a 24/7/365 product. That is the way Bob Reina likes it. He knows this product is used in different countries and different people work on different schedules. Because of this, it is important to stay on top of things and never lose sight of making sure the product is running at peak form.

Bob Reina trusts the people he works with, and he knows they can get the job done. He has routinely praised the IT team for this efforts in keeping Talk Fusion up to date and making sure there are no issues. A lot of people are counting on this product and since so many people are counting on it, they can’t afford to have an off day or a day where the product is filled with glitches.

On the customer service side, he has made sure the company has people that know how to talk to people and help them figure out Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is easy to use, no question, but every single person learns at a different pace.









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