Margaret Glaspy’s Emergence as the Face of Indie Music

Margaret Glaspy concedes that her brain is ever bursting with melodies and ideas. In an interview granted to MTV, she says that anyone can write a song provided that he/she focuses on it. The Indie Rock musician recalls the hard work that went into the production of her debut album, Emotions and Math. This was the standout Indie Rock album of 2016, and it was definitely a success.

When working on the album, Margaret would spend at least three hours every night recording song ideas onto her iPad. She says that just like any other human being, her mind is always churning out new thoughts and ideas. What makes a difference is how one packages these ideas. Emotions and Math is a swanky album, which highlights why Margaret is being regarded as the new queen of Indie Rock. Its success has led music lovers to draw comparisons with Indie Rock greats such as Jeff Buckley, Elvis, Costello, and Liz Phair.

Margaret’s Source of Inspiration

The songstress draws her inspiration from Elliot Smith, whom she severally referred to when writing the lyrics to Emotions and Math. Smith’s harmonic melody and unique vocabulary greatly inspired her. Growing up in a small town in Northern California, Margaret never imagined that she would turn out to be a nationally-renowned Indie Rocker. She started listening to Indie Rock after getting influenced by her older brother who was a huge fan of the genre.

Dropping out of Berkeley College of music and with no other source of income, she started entertaining the idea of taking up music professionally. Nonetheless, she didn’t get the instant success that she always dreamt of but instead, had to perform at small clubs and in street concerts. Her breakthrough came in 2015 after being signed by ATO Records. She describes this as the turning point of her career. Glapsy hopes that Indie Rock fans will continue appreciating her music.

Au Revoir Simone Lights Up the Screen on Twin Peaks

There is no doubt that “Twin Peaks” is one of the most talked-about reboots to grace television screens this season. Complete with an exciting new cast and a dazzling soundtrack, this new rendition of the old classic is sure to thrill fans of David Lynch. For a long time now, the eccentric Mulholland Drive director has been known for his exquisite taste in music. Those who are familiar with his films tend to notice the fact that he’s a fan of synth. Enter Brooklyn-bred indie band Au Revoir Simone.

With the band members’ history of performing on some of the hippest shows—including “Casual” and theme music for the web series “Self Storage”—perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they nabbed a sweet songbird session in an episode of “Twin Peaks”. After a memorable scene with Sky Ferreira, the women appear onstage to sing their hit song “A Violent Yet Flammable World”. Of course, to those who have been following the dream pop trio Au Revoir Simone, it probably isn’t a surprise to see the group lighting up a Lynch production.

Erika Forster, Annie Hart and Heather D’Angelo have been perfecting their keyboard skills since the early aughts, when they became the reigning pop princesses of the indie scene in New York City. It didn’t take long for the group to attract the attention of David Lynch, as the director is known for his excellent taste in music, as well as his slick visuals. With sensational soundtracks that always seem to pop off the screen, Lynch is the ultimate indie king.

How Whitney Wolfe Began Bumble

Bumble is the coolest dating application in the market! Unlike other apps, Bumble provides women with the power to choose whom they want to date. Only women can start a chat in cases of heterosexual conversations. If both participants in the conversation happen to be women, either of them can initiate the chat. Users are required to reply to messages within the first twenty-four hours, else, the match found disappeared.

The journey to founding Bumble

The Bumble app is a mastermind of Whitney Wolfe, also the co-founder of Tinder, another dating site. Bumble was created immediately Whitney left Tinder. The Bumble application was officially launched in December 2014, three months after Andrey Andreev contacted Wolfe and suggested she goes back to the online dating space.

Currently, the headquarters for Bumble is in Austin, Texas. The company has created employment opportunities for thirty-five people across the globe as of June 2016. Bumble has partnered with Spotify to enable its users to connect profiles of both accounts.

The features and operations of Bumble

Using Facebook application, Bumble builds a user’s profile and photo and also includes other necessary information provided on Facebook. Women must be the initiators of conversations on the suitable matches they found. Messages automatically disappear within the first twenty-four hours if they receive no response.

The application is built in a way as to enable users to classify and favorite conversations. Users can also send photo messages and to like their matches by swiping right or swiping left to continue searching for another potential match.

Another interesting feature is the ability of the app to undo accidental swipes by shaking their phones. Users are gifted by three backtracks when they share Bumble on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In March 2016, another interesting feature was introduced. The BFF mode which enables users to locate platonic friends. Users can also indicate whether they are there for purposes of dating or purely for friendship.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble and also co-founded Tinder. In 2014, Whitney Wolfe was ranked by Business Insider as one of the thirty most influential women under thirty who is in Tech. In 2017, she got to the list of Forbes 30 under 30.

Whitney Wolfe is an American living in Austin, Texas. Whitney is an alumna of the Southern Methodist University.

Latest Humorous News Concerning the Indie Music Scene

Indie Music Scene is also called the independent music. It is a community of bands and their audiences with rock, folk, alt and electric sound. Mostly, the people who participate are young upcoming artists who are out to showcase their talents in music. Also, the indie music scene involves liking the music that nobody else does and wearing clothes that nobody could like. It is a unifying factor in festivals; however, it can be in thrift stores, clubs, and urban outfitters.

Fans Cracked by the Indie Music Scenes

The indie music scene has a surrounding culture that introduces the followers to new social life. It touches the emotions of the fans and guys can end up courting girls that could be out of their league. The fans of indie music scenes like being called Indians. They discover the changing bands and keep up with the concert schedules.

Shows and Festivals

Shows and festivals of the indie music scene are held in outdoors, theaters or in small cramped clubs. They allow the indie music fans to see anywhere between hundreds and dozens of bands spread over one or more days. Also, they allow the fans to see their favorite artists on living.

Ugly Indie Boys with Cute Indie Girls

The current technology has revolutionized indie music scene girls and boys. With the modest dressing styles of short dresses, tight trousers, and unique cloth designs, the boys and girls dress in fabulous styles. The attractive dressing styles lure ugly boys to seduce cute girls. During festivals, you will spot boys and girls holding hands and walking in pairs.

About Indie music scene pop band AJR

The indie pop band AJR is a group of ten brothers in New York City, Washington. The hit singles like Weak shows the success of the team. Currently, the team realizes their new album, The Click. The band’s musical influences include The Beach Boys, Frankie Vallie, and Kanye West. The group writes and record music for a living.

My Morning Jacket Announce New Music Festival

Indie rock legends My Morning Jacket have recently announced the fourth edition of their One Big Holiday music festival. The festival is designed to celebrate great music while also offering fans a unique destination vacation that they can’t get anywhere else. One Big Holiday 2018 will take place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The festival runs for four days starting on March 2.

In addition to three great shows by My Morning Jacket, attendees of the festival can expect to see some of top indie rock bands in the world at One Big Holiday. Spoon, Broken Social Scene, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, Sylvan Esso, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, J. Roddy Walston and the Business, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Portugal the Man and several other great bands are all slated to perform at the festival. There will also be activities to enjoy at the beautiful resort before and after the music each day.

Tickets for One Big Holiday start at $1499. This includes access to all of the concerts and events during the festival and a room at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Resort for four nights. Since it is an all-inclusive resort, food and drinks will be completely free during the entire festival. Tickets go on sale to the general public on July 26.

My Morning Jacket have not released an album since “The Waterfall” in May 2015. The band is always working on new music, so they will likely debut a few new songs at One Big Holiday. Die hard fans will also be anticipating the festival since the band does not have any other concerts lined up after August of this year.

Pure Talent: Arcade Fire Covers “Green Light”

These days, Arcade Fire is certainly making a lot of news headlines. It’s for a good reason, too: Arcade Fire is not only a talented, well-liked indie band, but they are dishing out new material for all of us to enjoy. Their latest track, Electric Blue, has been released in a video format for us to watch and listen to its upbeat tune as Régine Chassagne dances in the streets of New Orleans. According to MTV, however, Arcade Fire is producing more than just that.

As most musicians tend to do, Arcade Fire covered a fellow artist’s song. During a live performance, they were tasked to cover a song; the rock sensation decided to go with “Green Light” by Lorde. In a recent article, MTV states that they believe Lorde herself would be dancing right along to the cover and rightly so. It is well done and tasteful, much like a majority of Arcade Fire’s work. It’s also mentioned that Lorde would be proud of their work in covering Green Light.

In the video, there are flashes of green lights during their performance, which just adds a bit of cleverness.

Frontman Win Butler was quoted as thanking “our Lorde” for fighting the good fight. The good fight could possibly be regarding the fight to obtain musical talent and innovation that both Lorde and Arcade Fire share.

If you haven’t heard already, Arcade Fire is releasing a new album in about two weeks titled Everything Now. It’s more than likely going to be an incredible album.

Music Artists Break Flock to Indie Music Scene for More Creative Freedom

It is possible that for the first time in history that music artists may not have a desire to get connected to a major label. This is definitely something that has become evident now that social media is as prevalent as it is. Many independent artists are just not seeking the support of major labels because they know that the business model is changing.

There are artists that are taking to social media and making it possible to promote their own albums without any marketing from the label. Anyone that has a true fan base like this is definitely going to rethink the music business altogether. It is different these days because a major record label, in the past, would have been responsible for a lot of marketing and superstar type publicity. All of the big names that people can think of in the industry like Madonna and Lady Gaga have always been part of a major record deal entity in. There are new upcoming artists that are considering the benefits of having their own created freedom, and this is where the Indie labels have become a major force in the industry.

More artists are leaning towards the independent labels because they have the ability to have all the control over their project. They may not have to compromise with the label and do songs with other label mates because someone inside the label thinks that this is a good idea.

There are some artists that are leaving the independent label and moving to a major label, but many artists are happy with that distribution deals that they have received with their Indie contracts. In most cases this is going to be the easiest way for anyone to create a different vibe without approval from the executives of the label.

Pi Jacobs Is Too Busy To Be ‘A Little Blue’

L.A.-based singer-songwriter and musician Pi Jacobs is on the road again in support of her most recent release, the 12-track platter titled “A Little Blue.” On this, her seventh song-filled serving, Jacobs (lead vocals, guitars, and “box” percussion) is supported by a tuneful troupe featuring producer Aaron Ramsey (mandolin and bass), Jeff Partin (lap steel and dobro), and Celia Chavez and Kel Pritchard (harmony vocals).

Starting this Saturday at the Spoke Bicycle Cafe and ending in August at The Escondite of Los Angeles, Jacobs will be playing a new series of live concerts booked and is ready to rock her fans once again. In a recent email, she said: “This Summer I’m going to be staying a little closer to home, and getting ready to go to Nashville and Europe in the Fall. There are so many fun shows in L.A.”

In a previous e-interview, Jacobs spoke of entertaining a live audience. Her point of view, like the song, remains the same. She spoke of the “unknown factors” and other issues involved with taking the stage in front of a live audience stating: ““Until you have to stand and deliver your music in front of an audience, (and I mean all kinds of audiences, friendly, and not), you will never know if you’re connecting.”

Jacobs should know. After all, she reportedly plays a wide variety of venues. For those who are vacationing and cannot catch her local shows, fret not.

Recently nominated for an LA Music Critics Award, Jacobs is indeed too busy to feel even “a little blue.”. Her upcoming shows also include appearances in Germany, Holland, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom coming soon. She reminds all of her friends and fans that they can also check out her website for additional information. She concludes: “I hope you’ll come say HI!”

The Growth of Independent Artists in Nashville

Nashville has long been known as a focal point of music for many different artists. From studio session players to some of the biggest names in music, the city has played host to countless musicians looking for a big break or just a change in scenery. Not surprisingly, one of the results of Nashville’s popularity is the self-made artists paving their own way and finding a degree of success in the blossoming independent music scene.

One of the more unique aspects of this scene is the rise of the house venue as an alternative to other establishments. Traditionally, any artist or band that wants to play a gig in Nashville will have to wait in line for a chance to headline at a more prominent venue. Additionally, the venues charge their own fees for gigs and essentially create a rift between artists directly reaching prospective fans in a live setting. The inclusion of house venues cuts out the unnecessary “middleman” and lets any musician set their own terms for playing and marketing.

The house party/music venue combination has naturally been met with its own share of issues in the past. Many of these upstart residential locations have been slapped with violations from the local government, either related to noise complaints or the number of individuals in the house at the same time. While it seems like an obstacle to have one’s venue constantly shut down, Nashville musicians state that its all part of the unique atmosphere offered in these indie venues.

Perhaps the best part about the choice of an independent venue is the absolute freedom it gives to artists who may have trouble finding their niche audience. Any age group and any genre of of musicians have the ability to play a gig at indie house venues, creating diversity and giving others a chance to hear music without boundaries.

The Indie Music Scene Gets Stronger

There is a lot of buzz in the indie music scene. It is changing all the time because there are so many people that are able to promote their own music. People like Ludacris, a long time artist on the Def Jam label, is now going independent. He has the desire to actually put more money in his own pocket. Music streaming is huge, and bootlegging never really went away. The only thing that can help most artists combat these things is a departure from the major labels.

When artists are signed to major labels they really have no choice on whether they will be part of the streaming world or not. They have to stay in line with the contract that they signed with the label. A mainstream label also isn’t going to spend a lot of money on distribution because the streaming concept has become so prevalent.

There are going to be a lot of people that are just trying to earn a greater presence with a crowd without getting caught up in the streaming industry. Some artists even have a desire to sell classic vinyl albums or release records that are only found in stores. It is more about the connection with the fans. The artists want to be able to do special things for their fans, and sometimes it just takes an independent contract to present the album in the way that you want to presence it.

It is difficult to stop the streaming process, but artists that are part of an indie community of artists can at least slow down the process. This is why there are so many artists that are going away from the mainstream. This is just a much better way to keep the creative control when it comes to making money.