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The Indie Music Scene Gets Stronger

There is a lot of buzz in the indie music scene. It is changing all the time because there are so many people that are able to promote their own music. People like Ludacris, a long time artist on the Def Jam label, is now going independent. He has the desire to actually put more money in his own pocket. Music streaming is huge, and bootlegging never really went away. The only thing that can help most artists combat these things is a departure from the major labels.

When artists are signed to major labels they really have no choice on whether they will be part of the streaming world or not. They have to stay in line with the contract that they signed with the label. A mainstream label also isn’t going to spend a lot of money on distribution because the streaming concept has become so prevalent.

There are going to be a lot of people that are just trying to earn a greater presence with a crowd without getting caught up in the streaming industry. Some artists even have a desire to sell classic vinyl albums or release records that are only found in stores. It is more about the connection with the fans. The artists want to be able to do special things for their fans, and sometimes it just takes an independent contract to present the album in the way that you want to presence it.

It is difficult to stop the streaming process, but artists that are part of an indie community of artists can at least slow down the process. This is why there are so many artists that are going away from the mainstream. This is just a much better way to keep the creative control when it comes to making money.

The Expanding Indie Music Scene

There are a lot of artists that are interested in going independent, and the indie music scene has totally changed the way that people distribute their music. They are actually some artists that have spent their lives on major record labels that are considering the benefits of going independent. This is just how much the industry has changed thanks to the expanding social media scene.

Many artists are feeling like they just do not need the promotion that is created by the major record labels. Most of these artists may feel that they’re actually losing money by connecting with the major record labels that are charging so much to promote and distribute music.

In this day and age it really doesn’t make much sense for artist to depend on a major label for distribution because there is no real need to acquire a large fee for distributing your music. Artists are able to get their music out through streaming and digital sales. This cuts down on the need for contracts with major labels in the music industry.

This is why former major label artists like
Ludacris have made a decision to go independent. So many artists have made a decision to go this route because they know that they can cut out the middleman in many instances and simply work with the label.

They can minimize costs and focus more so on getting music out and getting a profitable margin for the music that is been created. Artists like King and Emily King have become shining examples of musicians that have taken a leap of faith and signed on the dotted line with an independent company. They know when they become part of this scene they have to promote themselves. In most cases this involves a heightened social media presence.

The Evolution of Indie Music

The Indie music scene is definitely changing, and it is changing for the better. More people are going to be able to connect to the growing number of
Indie artists because this is a music scene that is going to have diversification. There was a time where an Indie music artists were typically folk or alternative rock artists. Now the Indie music scene is changing and expanding with a whole plethora of rappers, soul singers and pop artists.

Much of this has to do with the transition into a place where Indie music is appreciated by a wider audience. In the past when people thought of Indy distribution they were going to think about a small-time artist that did not have the ability to sign to a major label. This is not the case anymore. With artists like Emily King and Tamia it appears that the Indie music scene has more Grammy-nominated artists than before.

Much of this has to do with the artist that have been on major labels that have totally switched and decided to do something else altogether. This doesn’t happen very often, but there definitely seems to be a level of change that is happening in the music business. More people are going to be able to hear some of their favorite artists that are deciding to create their own labels. Many of them are actually going into a phase where they would utilize social media to create a buzz about their albums.

Even Grammy winner Frank Ocean, with all the critical acclaim that he has received for his debut album, would take a route away from mainstream media and released the “Blonde” album under a Indie distribution contract. This is so just how much Indie music has evolved thanks to the internet and social media.

Susan McGalla Breaks Through The Glass Ceiling

Susan McGalla is a very successful businesswoman. She has held leadership positions in a number of well-known companies and is highly-respected for her vision, unique skillset and expertise. Born in East Liverpool, Ohio, McGalla graduated from Mount Union College with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business. She started her career in 1986 and held several different managerial and marketing positions at the Joseph Horne Company before leaving in 1994. A year later she was hired by American Eagle Outfitters as a women’s clothing divisional buyer.

During her time at the company, McGalla held a variety of managerial positions. The company moved her to their flagship brand, American Eagle, as Chief Merchandising Officer and president. They were so impressed with her work, they made CMO and president of the entire company. While serving as American Eagle’s president, Susan McGalla helped to start the 77kids and aerie brands. In 2009, she left the company and worked in the financial investment and retail industries as a private consultant. McGalla was also appointed to commercial real estate services company, HFF Inc., board of directors.

In 2011 McGalla became Wet Seal, Incorporated’s CEO. She remained with the company for 18 months. She then founded P3 Executive Consulting. Susan McGalla is now the Pittsburg Steelers’ business strategy and creative development vice president. A former University of Pittsburg trustee, McGalla is Allegheny Conference on Community Development director and is on the board of the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. McGalla is highly respected for her expertise in marketing, branding, product merchandizing, business strategy, team building, digital marketing, e-commerce, as well as talent and operational management.

The daughter of an Ohio football coach, Susan McGalla has two brothers. She’s married to wealth manager Stephen McGalla and serves on the board of advisors of her alma mater Mount Union College. Among the youngest women to be CEO of a Fortune 500 company, McGalla said it wasn’t easy breaking through the glass ceiling. It took a combination of tenacity, talent, patience and the right personality to succeed. While she was very young, she was taught the value of hard work and told being a woman shouldn’t stop her from attaining her goals.

McGalla’s experience as a successful corporate executive provides her with a unique perspective on women thriving in the workplace. She’s spoken on women in business to many groups including the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.


Americana Artist Annette Conlon Launches Compassionate Tour

Los Angeles-based guitarist and singer-songwriter Annette Conlon is on the road again with her Compassionate Tour. In fact, as one of the pre-tour events, she will be performing a free concert at Beverly Hills’ Vampire Lounge in the Tasting Room on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

This free gig will be part of the Summer Blood Bash (Blood Drive) & Mini-Music Fest before she heads out for the East Coast. Presented by Sound Majesty, with a blood donation mobile from Cedars-Sinai Hospital, the charity event will run from 2 p.m. to 12 midnight. Conlon’s 8 o’clock performance will be highlighted by numbers from her critically-praised debut solo disc titled Life, Death, and the Spaces Between.

Conlon’s artistic efforts often indicate influences from such other artists as Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, and Johnny Cash. Her platter was slotted in at number three on Country Music People’s “Best Albums of 2015” list and reported Conlon to be “a major talent” whose initial audio offering is an “intimate, magical melodic country trip.”

According to a recent press release, the concert will also include some songs from her new, upcoming 2018 album, too. She will also often be accompanied by her husband, musician and singer-songwriter Doug Conlon. Her material includes songs focused on animals, compassion, human interactions and issues of social consciousness which she says she is “so excited” to be able to once again share.

Doug Conlon, who provides banjo, guitar, mandolin and background harmonies will also appear with her. The Compassionate Tour will include shows in such places as Alabama, California, Georgia, and Tennessee. It is presently set to close in September in Colorado but changes and additions are always possible. As to her upcoming new release, Conlon concluded that it would feature “sweeter, happier, Ameri-Folk/Rock” songs that will “delve deeper into my human heart.”

The Switch in Indie Music Distribution

The indie music scene is changing in a lot of ways, and fans of this type of music are going to be rather impressed with the lineup of artists that are showing up. One thing that people have to realize is that indie music is changing because people that were previously signed to major labels are changing their tune when it comes to
Indie music distribution.

What this essentially does is change the entire aspect of Indie music as a whole. What people will realize is that Indie music is not going to look the same because the artists that are getting in the distribution are not the same artists that would normally do this. There are major labels that are actually losing artists because these artists want a level of independence.

Canadian-born Tamia, for example, has been a long time R&B Sensation that has gained many accolades from fans and critics for her music. When she made a decision to release her sixth album she would find herself in a place where she wanted to engage in a process to an independent album. She did not want to stay in the same place where she was going to simply stick with a major label but not really reap the benefits of creative freedom. That is why she made a decision to switch to Indie distribution.

What most people will find is that it is just easier for an artist to go with the independent distribution route because it gives them a chance to make the album at their own pace. They’re not hard pressed by the label to produce songs and complete an album that may not really be ready for release. Artists that have signed up for this type of independent distribution believe that they have greater independence.

Major Artists Move Towards Indie Music Scene

Indie music is changing in many ways, and the internet may be the reason for all of this. People do not really need any mainstream distribution anymore. There are a lot of new people that are connecting to fans without any type of contract. Chance the Rapper is one such person. He has been able to secure a fan base and bring a whole new audience to the Chicago sound, but he is not signed to any major label.

This is the thing that people are gravitating towards. Artists want freedom. They want to be able to push the envelope and make the best possible decisions about their careers. The indie music scene is changing because artists like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Ludacris are going the independent route. This is the best way to change the profit scale for artists that are being bootlegged when they are on major labels.

When an artist like DJ Jazzy Jeff switches to the indie distribution scene he essentially becomes an artist that flies under the radar. He isn’t going to be getting radio or promotion. He is essentially going to be the person that is promoting the album himself.

Musician Emily King is the perfect example of someone that has transitioned well into the indie music scene. She started with a major record label under the leadership of Clive Davis. She would earn a Grammy nomination for her debut album, but this would not be the best fit for her. She was promoted by the label, but the album did not sell extremely well. The end result would be that Emily King was not getting much money for her work because most of the money was spent promoting the album. She is earning more now as an independent artist as she promotes herself.

The New Face of the Nashville Music Scene

Nashville has long been known as the country music capital of America, but the city is seeing a revolution in music tastes. DIY indie music is reigning at the moment as a reflection of the anti-establishment attitudes of the youth. Young Nashville musicians have come to value their creative freedom and ownership of their work, so they are rejecting the exploitation of the primarily country-based music business that has ruled the city for decades. Self-recorded albums, basement studios and concerts performed in living rooms are becoming more and more commonplace.

An abandoned barbershop now known as “DRKMTTR” has become a key location in the new indie scene. This volunteer-operated venue entices young music lovers with its relaxed rules (there is no age limit despite the fact that alcohol is often present) and its anti-authority atmosphere. Local indie bands such as Idle Bloom play there often. In a recent interview in Rolling Stone magazine Olivia Scibelli of Idle Bloom says that the main idea behind the new Nashville scene is “taking out the middleman.”

The middleman has had full control of the Nashville music scene and its profits for quite a long time now. In the 1950s, the major record companies took over Music City with the creation of the Nashville Sound: a successful coup of country music over the rock ‘n’ roll craze that had been dominating music charts nationwide at the time. The country music moguls have been in charge ever since. But their empire is crumbling under this new indie revolution in which rock ‘n’ roll once again rises to prominence in Nashville.

Advocates for Civil, Human, and Migrant Rights

Over the years, human beings have developed fundamental human rights that all people are entitled to enjoy. In most countries, human rights are enshrined in the US Constitution. This makes it mandatory for the state to protect the rights of the people. Rights are divided into different groups. This grouping depends on the targeted population and objective of introducing such rights. Various organizations have been set up to promote human rights. In this article, I will discuss four organizations that advocate for civil, migrant, and human rights.

  1. Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey founded the Phoenix New Times and Media. They were arrested in 2007 for informing the public about the existence of a jury investigating a sheriff. As law-abiding citizens and journalists, they revealed the information. Larkin and Lacey sued the county for infringement of their rights. The couple won a settlement of $3.75 million after the court found that they were unlawfully arrested.

After the ordeal, the couple decided to set up a fund to support freedom of speech, human, civil, and migrant rights in the state of Arizona. The fund is used to assist people whose rights have been violated by law enforcement officers. The fund also supports migrants whose rights are always under threat. The fund works in collaboration with other organizations such as the Arizona Justice Project, Promise Arizona, and the Center for Neighborhood Leadership.

  1. The Advocates for Human Rights

This group was started to reinforce the rule of law and promote civil society movements. The organization relies on research, advocacy, and education to promote human rights. Based in America, the organization also works in some other selected countries. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The group has restored peace in some countries because of its activities. Some of the initiatives they intervene include international justice, immigration rights, women human rights, education rights, and death penalty. The organization is non-profit and gets its funds from contributions from well-wishers and government grants.

  1. Migrants Rights International (MRI’s)

This organization was started in 1994 and was initially known as International Migrant Rights Watch Committee. In the year 2000, the group changed its name to MRI. The organization was created as an initiative of the church, trade unions, inter-governmental agencies, civil societies, migrant, and human rights organizations. The main aim of establishing the organization was to protect migrants and asylum seekers from abuse. This group works with other national and international humanitarian groups from Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America, and Europe.

  1. Amnesty International USA(AI USA)

AI USA was founded in 1966. The organization works to protect and champion human rights regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, and residence. In the US, the organization promotes human rights through education and lobbying. Read more: Phoenix New Time

The group also informs the people about what rights they ought to enjoy. The organization creates reports about human rights violation in America. They also petition the government whenever a legislation that seeks to limit or violate a right is passed.

The Amazing Reputation And Considerable Achievements Of Robert Santiago

Respect is never given away, it must be earned. Due to his personality, hard work, and ingenuity Robert Santiago has earned the respect of the Brazilian community as an exceptional businessman. His reputation categorizes him as friendly, likeable, and exceptional in his business pursuits. His most highly recognized achievement is a magnificent mall in Paraiba called the Manaira Mall. The plans for the construction of this mall were contemporary and cutting edge. The renovations since the mall first opened their doors in 1989 have been consistent as the space continued to develop and transform until it was the size of a small city. The residents of Brazil have a high respect for Robert Santiago’s mall due to the experiences offered, the amazing array of services available, and the opportunities all found beneath one roof.


Robert Santiago did not miss anything when he envisioned the entertainment he wanted his mall to encompass. From young children to adults there are activities that everyone can enjoy. The elaborate cinema complex is an absolute dream and fully electronic. Shoppers can view a wide selection of available movies while enjoying high tech electronic gear 3D movies, and unique experiences with friends and family in the plush VIP rooms. The seating arrangement was designed in a style reminiscient of a stadium and is comfortable and provides a visual experience difficult to find anywhere else. Robert Santiago even though about snack and drinks and the selection offered has something that will please everyone.


One of the most amazing sections in the mall is an amusement park often referred to as the Game Station. Customers can entertain themselves for endless periods of time with more than 200 consoles. All of the gaming equipment is of the highest quality with incredible effects. Robert Santiago was not content with just an amusement park, he also constructed an electronic and ultramodern bowling alley. Then to literally top it all off the Domus Hall was built in 2009 at the top of the mall. There is no concert hall anywhere in Brazil with a larger interior area ad it was designed for the comfort of 10,000 people. Everything is spectacular including the insulation installed for superb acoustics, audio systems with phenomenal sound, and the state of the art air conditioning. The musicians and entertainers who perform here are internationally and nationally known for their excellence in the industry.


It can be difficult to grasp the fact Robert Santiago has accomplished so much by the age of just 58 although his excellent education was a factor in his success. He was additionally responsible for the Mangeira Shopping Mall which also boasts an excellent reputation. Robert Santiago will always be remembers and respected in Brazil due to his kindness and contributions.