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How Doe Deere has led Lime Crime to Success

Doe Deere is an accomplished businesswoman as well as an innovator. She is the founder of lime Crime which is involved in providing makeup products that are bright colored and that brings out and accentuates the features of every face. Since she was young, Doe Deere has been interested in bright colors. This led her to come up with these bright hues which she creates herself. Doe Deere is a very active and successful entrepreneur who has been recognized numerous times for her success and achievements of her unique products. Through the hard work and commitment of doe Deere, Lime Crime has been able to register a lot of success and growth within a short period of time.

Just recently, Doe Deere sat down for an interview with Galore Magazine where she talked about her company and how she has managed to achieve her current success. According to her, she has always been creative and artistic since she was young. Doe Deere said that she and her friends would play dress ups and wear colorful outfits, shoes and accessories during play dates and sleepovers. Doe Deere would also apply colorful makeup to her friends and this is how she managed to master her passion. She has nine years worth of experience as a makeup artist and this has made her to acquire the needed skills and knowledge to thrive in the industry.

Doe Deere states that she did not acquire any formal education to become a professional makeup artist. Instead, she became a professional through practice and following her passion for makeup. Since she entered the industry, she has worked extra hard to become one of the most influential personalities. Doe Deere has steered Lime Crime to achieve a lot of popularity and a huge customer base. She attributes the success that she now enjoys to hard work, commitment, discipline and above all passion. Doe Deere has been serving as a mentor and role model to other young women who would love to join her field of work or venture into any other industry. She hopes to expand Lime Crime and make it a global company where women from all parts of the world can access her colorful makeup. Doe Deere has an extensive educational background in arts and she has used this and incorporated it into her company, Lime Crime. Through her company, she has been able to create numerous employment opportunities for the people in her community. Learn more:

Rick Maguire gives insight into posture and purpose in 10 years of Indie Rock

Maguire is a band member of Pile, who recently turned ten years, releasing their sixth album, A Hairshirt of Purpose. Maguire, 31, lately more than ever gives deep thought to the impression the world receives from them regarding their posture. The album explored new territory, having had devoted followers for a decade now, while still maintaining that burst of energy that has been their signature over the years.

A gamut of livelihood

Pile, which began as a solo project by Maguire, started out in the basement-rock scene of Boston but went on to spawn many releases, developing conceptual records from other bands in the area, and building a reputation based on their energetic and sweaty shows. Their latest version, A Hairshirt of Purpose, encompasses the complications of adulthood, all the way from politics on “Worms” to the literal and figurative expression for cleaning house on “Fingers.” Pleading guitar, agitated drums amidst Maguire’s guttural yelling in “Hissing for Peace” bring about chaos, while “Leaning on a wheel” delicately portrays the heartbreaks a stagnant relationship can cause.

A Hairshirt Of Purpose is lengthy and knotted, exploring the scope of humanity and leaves plenty to think. Maguire is himself a polite and reflective person and notably calm whenever it comes to his status as a hero in the Indie scenery. Despite the ten years, he still adjusts to this situation and hesitantly relaxed towards it.


Maguire found inspiration as a 9-year-old from Green Day and Weezer and knew that is what he wanted to do. Although growing up, he would want to turn out different, those opened up his eyes to the path he followed. Maguire would, later on, admire the connection Ian MacKaye of Fugazi used to create with the audience, and that kept him going for the past decade. The 31-year-old says that Pile gives him the opportunity to be an excellent person and he hopes to continue helping them back.

Music indie scene news

It has almost become an expected norm for music artist to act promiscuously in their relationships, and which leads to break-ups or divorce. For instance, Selena Gomez and The Weekend split just after ten months of in the relationship. However, Selena Gomez is not back to Justin Bieber, her ex-boyfriend. This news is still a shock, as the pair were the Music hottest couple. Slightly older The Weekend, 27, and Selena Gomez, 25, put an end to their ten-month-old relationship, several people close to them confirmed to the PEOPLE.

Selena was seen spending time with Bieber during the weekend. They went to church together, and the photographs by TMZ did show them having breakfast at some café in West Village, California, during the late October.

Some people would say that this has been a challenging year for Gomez, and told, in September, her fans that the reason she was temporarily stepping out of music during the summer was due to the recovery from a Kidney transplant.

The Weekend and Selena were first spotted sharing a kiss in a romantic candlelit dinner date. An insider had unveiled that at that particular the young duo was just new to each other and nothing serious. But, some few months later, the pair would vaunt their relationship as the dream couple. They later went to Italy together and even attended the “Earned It” singer’s hometown of Toronto, Canada.

After several romantic outings together, the iconic artists made it clear and officially that they were now a couple at the Met Gala. And not to forget, The Weekend received a red carpet approval from Mandy Teefey, Selena’s mother.

The sweet romance was strong and admirable, with an inside source confirming that the couple was doing great together. The Weekend was treating his inamorata nicely and everything appeared to be alright, it is astounding that the hottest couple is now looking new partners elsewhere. We can only wish them luck.

All You Need To Know About Indie Music Scene

Music is the heart of most individuals which brings the fun. There are different types of music and how they differ comes along with its production. Indie music resulted from big music labels breaking up to form indie music labels. Indie shortened from Independent Music Labels.

The reason why most people prefer to go the independent music label way is that it has led to developing and promoting of known music that is known to be growing with time. The other main reason is that the indie scene does its labeling of products, sign the acts they own, promote their products and distribute them at their levels. Also, producers are allowed to do their research, do their recording and later publish their music at their pleasures.

Indie music is produced in its unique way differentiating it from other music labels. Indie musicians create their music in no particular style or genres, and they do not do singles. The music is mostly so that afterward it is done in other types by other musicians from different music labels. Indie music has come a long way to find its establishment and also find favor in the eyes of people for it to be known.

Indie Music has grown as a result of it joining hands with other distributors from various music organizations and brands to bring promotion to the industry. An example of institutions that have entered the independent music labels The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) which was formed early in the 1950s among other brands.

In most cases, independent music is known to be a success. However, it requires a lot of out-going for any indie musician. The musician has to have a proper understanding of what music publishing is about and have knowledge of it; they also have to know the demands of music in that particular industry.

Indie music keeps changing with time which leads to other music labels looking down to them for their approaches to music that makes them successful. Most music labels have opted the independent way after having better publishing skills.

Customer’s Review on their Experience Using Securus Technologies to Prevent and Solve Crimes

Securus Technologies has been on the lead for providing innovative and efficient criminal and civil justice technology. This technology has been especially helpful in providing ease for investigations, assurance for public safety, monitoring, and the correction process.


Customer’s Feedback on their Experience with Securus Technology


Securus Technology serves over 1,200,000 inmates and 3450 law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies. Following the development of new services and products in 2016, Securus Technologies received thousands of emails and letters from their clients throughout the entire United States regarding their technology.

One of the clients who was impressed with Securus Technologies LBS software said, “I wanted to take a minute to recognize Securus for their LBS software. Utilizing the LBS software in conjunction with other law enforcement resources, the sheriff’s department has recovered well into the millions in illegal assets, drugs and cash money. There is no doubt that without this software, our job in recovering these items would be much more difficult and in some cases, impossible.”

Other feedbacks which were also posted on the PR Newswire site indicated how this technology has helped deter contraband incidences in various facilities. Several reviews clearly indicated that Securus technology has helped them in conducting investigations, solving cases, and improving the incarceration environment and the public safety.


Positive Features and Accreditation


Securus Technologies is recognized for its diligence and transparency in providing criminal and civil justice technologies. Accordingly, it has the highest rating (A+) and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. This accreditation was due to Securus positive features such as being transparent, building trust with customers, advertising honestly, being honest about their services and products, integrity, honoring promises, safeguarding privacy, and being responsive to disputes. Securus also has a 4.3 out of 5 satisfaction score for their call center.

Incredible Investment Strategies From Richard Blair

Wealth Solutions is a registered wealth management firm located in Austin, Texas. Richard Blair founded the company with the aim of making a significant difference in the lives of families, high-net-worth individuals, and investors. Its founder, Richard Blair, became fascinated with the subject of education way back as a child. He witnessed from his grandmother, wife, and mother who were teachers that education could help grow one’s confidence and intelligence. Richard Blair could combine his experience in the world of education with his natural aptitude for finance to help people in retirement planning and wealth management. Learn more:


Richard Blair ventured into the world of wealth management in 1993 shortly after graduating from college. In 1994, he founded Wealth Solution, an independent firm to provide professional and personalized advice to his clients. Over time, Mr. Blair has honed his skills in wealth management and retirement planning. He aims to help his clients bridge the gap between life before and after retirement. Richard Blair achieves this by assisting them to avoid common financial setbacks and providing incredible retirement planning strategies. His primary goal is to help his clients pursue their retirement dreams.


About Wealth Solutions


Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions is an accredited wealth management firm firm specializing in personalized, comprehensive financial planning to entrepreneurs, affluent individuals, and families in Austin and its neighboring towns such as New Braunfels, Houston, and Marble Falls. The firm was founded by Richard Blair in partnership with RICP, CES, CTS, CFS. Richard Blair is an accomplished investment advisor who has worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years.


Wealth Solutions acknowledges that financial markets are changing and financial strategies must change and adapt as well. In fact, the firm is always looking for opportunities to provide dynamic, yet conservative financial management services to allow its clients to maximize their returns while reducing the expected risks. As clients approach retirement, Wealth Solutions understands their primary goal is to maintain a steady income flow, leave a legacy for their heirs, and preserve their wealth. Wealth Solutions seeks to help its clients develop comprehensive financial strategies that will allow them to realize their retirement dreams. Clients find a partner in the CEO of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair, with whom they draft their retirement plans. Working with a financial advisor such as Richard Blair helps demystify the confusing aspects in retirement planning. Wealth Solutions offers retirement planning strateies that allow you to grow and preserve your wealth. Learn more:


Orange Coast College Architecture Students tour DeNova Homes

Just the other day, DeNova Homes played host to students from Orange Coast College, one of the country’s best transfer schools located in Orange County, California. DeNova Homes is a leading, private and family-owned home builder based in California with over two and a half decades of experience in the construction industry. The educational event was graced by the Division President Alan Toffoli who gave a speech at the OCC campus. Learn more:

Later that day, The Architecture students were given a tour inside and around DeNova Home’s two model homes the further proceeded to their ongoing construction site at Aura. Alan Toffoli reaffirmed their continued commitment to community outreach by expressly stating the importance of giving back to the community while at the same time showing their support of future talent.

Aura consists of 33 meticulously designed residences with a deliberate effort to complement the unique Orange County location while at the same time bringing out the city’s coastal beauty. It also features three-floor plans, each with either three or up to four bedrooms with a study and/or loft. These two-story homes cover an area of up to 2,143 to 2,401 square feet. Each home comes with its own private yard and a two-car attached garage. There is also an additional driveway parking in case the garage is full or just don’t feel like parking in the garage.

Aura’s home interiors feature excellent finishes including hand-laid designer-selected tile floors in entry, kitchen, and master bath. They are also equipped with plush carpeting and the beautiful European Quartz countertops throughout the home. Additional interior features such as shaker-style designer cabinets, and a Bertozzoni stainless steel appliance package is also included. Aura’s home exteriors are also complete with front yard landscaping. They are highlighted by three different elevations namely, Modern Farmhouse, Plantation, and Spanish. Their starting price point is at $800,000.

Homebuyers who want more information on this project can join the list of interested individuals at or call: (714) 424-9000. Interested brokers are also encouraged to get in contact with DeNova Homes by the above-given means.


Research Now Cements the Vibrancy of Podcastone

Norman Pattiz is the owner of PodcastOne which is among the United States largest network provider of traffic programming, talk, entertainment, sports among others. Pattiz is also the founder and owner of Westwood One which now owns, manages and distributes NBC radio networks, talk shows, syndicated music, Olympic games, march madness among others. Learn more:


Norman was appointed in the year 2002 by the then president, Bush, to serve at the broadcasting board of governors with his primary duty at the board being to oversee the non-military broadcasting services such as the Middle East Broadcasting, radio liberty, radio free Europe and the voice of America. Working on the board, he successfully launched Farsi broadcasting that reached out to a weekly audience of 40 million people. What’s more, he conceived and launched the American Arabic language television and radio station that now reaches out to more than 22 million countries in the Middle East.


The results of the progressive, inclusive studies in five leading customer brands are finally out thanks to the vice president of Edison research strategy and PodcastOne CEO, Norman Pattiz. The research that took place in the last six month of 2016 showed interesting statistics. The result indicated that there was an improvement in the independent product responsiveness by 47% for the financial service product, 24% for the garden and grass product and 37% for the car after-market goods.


The post research revealed that close to a third of the respondents had positive feedback from the car-after market goods and this went up 18% from the previous research. 22% of those interviewed after the product launch noted that they were almost convinced about the lawn and garden product which was up 16% before research. The response from a specific car promotion was up 60% before and after the promotion

The research meant to observe the viability of podcast marketing in promoting national brands.


The online surveys conducted were done before the launch of the products campaigns and later repeated after the brand had covered more than five weeks of promotions using the same tactics. The outcome of the research indicated that people were more receptive to brand messages and this is an indication of the willingness to purchase the brands. According to Norman, PodcastOne focuses on setting out superior brand awareness before conventional product advertising, and the results from the survey goes ahead to validate the integrated approach to advertising. Learn more:

Freedom Life Insurance Has Consumer Oriented Products

Life insurance is a subject that not many people talk about much less understand. They seem to understand the concept, but they are not really familiar as to how it could specifically work for them. The Freedom Life Insurance Company has some help and answers for that dilemma.

Life insurance is available in two different types of policies, the term life insurance policy and the permanent life insurance policy. Term life insurance is a policy that lasts for only a certain period of time, or a term of years.

Typically policies are available for 10, 15, 20, and 30 year periods of time. Term insurance expires at the end of the term and there is no coverage. Because of this, term policies are very inexpensive. Learn more about Freedom Life Insurance:

Permanent life insurance is a policy that will be in force for as long as the insured person remains alive. When the insured dies, then a death benefit is paid to a beneficiary who is named by the policy owner. Permanent life insurance contains a cash value which is actually a reserve against the rising mortality risk that accrues as a person ages.

Because of the cash value of a permanent life insurance policy, the premium remains level as opposed to term insurance which can have increasing premiums.

The cash value can be borrowed from a permanent policy which reduces the death benefit by the amount of the loan. If and when the loan is repaid, then the death benefit reverts to its original amount.

According to Bloomberg, Freedom Life Insurance offers both of these types of policies and in many cases will combine the two in order to meet the needs of the client as well as their budget. Many term policies can be converted to permanent policies without regards to the health of the insured, so down the road a person can make the choice to solidify their life insurance portfolio in this way.

The highly experienced agents of Freedom Life Insurance are experts at helping family and business consumers plan their needs for life insurance so that if key people in a business or the income earners in families should die prematurely, the business or family will not have to suffer the economic consequences of that death.

SahmAdrangi Efforts in Researching The conducts Of Various Sectors

When you want success, you have to input more effort to achieve your goals.  SahmAdrangi started the company with a net capital of $1 million which through hard work and much input, he now boasts of a company worth $150 million as accounted at period ending July 2007.This is what SahmAdrangi, the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management did in 2009 because he had a lot of skills and wanted to achieve his goals as young as he was.

This guy performs many types of research as he is always an enthusiast who wants to know how he can improve his business and short sells the ideas so that he can help other people too. His ideas include the organization he runs view on the stock market and explaining different misconceptions that people fail to understand. He became a famous time when he exposed the Chinese giants like the China Marine Food Group for security issues that they bleached and failure of enforcement actions from the Exchange Commission and the Securities. He is an interesting person and is always willing to share the results with the various researchers he conducts so that he can assist other firms to make improvements by sharing his expertise.

Recently, his interest has been the biotechnology sector where he researched the about the companies including companies such as Unilife, Sage Therapeutics, Pulse Biosciences He never forgot about the mining sector as it is another important sector. He had a big question on the prospects and marketing evaluations of several companies like the Northern Dynasty Minerals. The other sectors he researched on is the telecommunications where he shared his findings exposing the Terrestrial Low Power Service in a live broadcast.

He has spoken to the people in many conferences held including Sohn Conference, the activist Investor conference. He has participated in many and sharing his views from the researchers he conducts on various sectors knowing that businesses must run for the growth of economies while maintaining sanity through proper implementation of the strategies laid out. His efforts never went down in vain as his proxy contests lead to the replacement of the directors of Morgans Hotel Group.