Fabletics Empowers All Women

Fabletics has done what no other company dared to try; they took on Amazon. Many people think that this would be a mistake; in fact, that is exactly what many business gurus said. They pointed out that Fabletics was trying to take on a company that already owned 20% of market share in the online fashion marketplace. However, Kate Hudson did not let this stop her. Today, she has a company worth over $250 million.


One reason that Fabletics has done so well in taking on Amazon is that it is true to Hudson’s principles. One of her associates has gone on record to state, “If there’s one thing that I learned about Kate, it’s that she will not do it if it’s not authentic to her.” Amazon is a corporation that has little heart. Hudson however, loves her customers and Fabletics has succeeded because of that.


Another reason that Fabletics has done so well in taking on Amazon is that Hudson believes in empowering women on a personal level, something that Amazon cannot do, and she has dedicated her company to make that a reality. Demi Lovato, Disney star, and pop singer said, “The company is all about inspiring women … to be strong, and it doesn’t matter what shape, or size, or age. It’s just about empowering women, and I love that.”


A third reason that has done so well in taking on Amazon is that Hudson has created brand loyalty. Fabletics came about during a time when customer trust and loyalty was at an all-time low. One of the ways she said she would set her company apart was by building strong relationships with the customers and earning their trust. She did this by connecting with local community dealers and retailers and running local events and activities through them. This made locals feel that Fabletics cared about them. Soon, Kate Hudson saw a trust score of 96%, 85% of sales made by repeat customers, and 50% of those entering her store as hardcore Fabletics loyalists.


Anyone who is interested in seeing whatFabletics has to offer would be wise to take the six question lifestyle quiz. The Lifestyle Quiz will get to know your physical size, activity level, and daily routine and then select clothes for you that will inspire and empower you to go out there and achieve all that you can.

Should Indie Music Artists Be Worried By Billboard’s Recent Rule Change?

Billboard is known for their domination of the traditional mainstream music industry with their top 40, top 100, and top 200 charts. But recently, the entity made a startling announcement. They said that in 2018 they will weight the rankings differently than before.

To understand the meaning of this change, it’s important to understand that until 2012, streaming services like Spotify didn’t count toward rankings at all. It was all about album sales and radio play. But times changed, and so did Billboard, thanks to major artists like Taylor Swift pushing for more recognition of their music in other forms.

Now, Billboard is shaking things up again. They recently announced that they will decrease the amount that Youtube views and Spotify listens count toward the top 100 and top 200 rankings.

The reason is supposedly to reflect more on sales, like a movie would. You wouldn’t rate a movie as one of the best before it came out, but rather when the ticket sales proved it was a success.

With music, it seems that the short listening time and smaller file sizes make it easier to distribute online. People have parties, drive, and do homework with their earbuds in and speakers on. And when they do this, they often go to Youtube or Spotify.

And that’s the problem that we are faced with today. Is radio play really relevant in 2017 and beyond? Are album sales really reflective of how popular a song is and how often it is listened to?

For example, a song with 100 million views but small album sales could not be deemed irrelevant in common sense reality. But Billboard and the companies it serves are interested in their mainstream music agenda. It’s not about what’s getting listened to but what’s bringing in the money and what these entities can control.

For Indie music it’s clear that connecting with fans is worth it at any cost. Even if it means a drop in rankings, bands should continue to use Youtube and Spotify to get noticed. After all, who checks Billboard anymore anyway?

How Billboard’s New Rating System Could Affect Indie Music

Indie music has always been like the little brother of mainstream music. While entire award ceremonies, music videos, and huge amounts of cash are injected into big artists, the indie market gets left out on a lot of this.

Now, Billboard’s new move to change how they rank their charts in 2018 could shake things up even more for indie artists.

A lot of young and growing bands are relying on free streaming and video sites like Youtube. And in 2012, Billboard realized this and started incorporating these into their top 100, top 200, and other rankings.

But now the industry wants to move things in the direction of more money, unsurprisingly. Instead of giving sites like Youtube as much weight in the rankings (where most of the indie and up and coming artists connect with fans) they are taking those away while adding more strength to paid services like Apple Music and Amazon Music.

In a way, it is more fair because if people truly enjoy a certain kind of music they will often buy some sort of track from the artist. Then again, with today’s younger generation (who move the needle in terms of pop and hip hop) they are looking more to online and free sources for their musical content.

Indie music could get help from the new ranking system if it turns out that their fans are loyal enough to pay them. But there still seems to be a big difference between what people are willing to pay for and how people listen to their music on the go or at parties.

Then there is the question of relevance. Do young people even care about Billboard anymore? Do you know any under-25 people who actually cares about the official charts, or who even listens to radio instead of Spotify, Youtube, or Podcasts?

As Billboard and traditional pop music struggles with staying relevant, one has to wonder if this move away from Youtube and Spotify (where most young people go for their favorite tunes) is going to help them as their influence wanes.

Role of Michael Lacey and his Journey to Success

Michael Lacey is known to a prominent mathematician. What he studied was award twit the honor of Ph.D. from the Illinois University in the year 1987. The thesis of his studies as in the area of probability. His work has proved to be helpful in the same field that touches on the ergodic theory and the harmonic probability.

Michael Lacey as a professor has served in many positions at different universities such as Louisiaa State University and the North Caroline. He joined the faculty in the Georgia Tech in the year 1996, and the research has been recognized and earned many accolades in various parts of the law. His significant role is marked by the characters that he has played in different position while serving as the director of the grants dealing with training.

This has boosted the support of many undergraduate students and offered pieces of advice to them on how to handle the matters of their studies. His pragmatic skills have contributed a lot to the society through the support that he has offered to many students. In addition to that, Michael Lacey through his researches has assisted the area of mathematics in solving different problems as the act as the referral books.

Michael Lacey, much of his work has contributed much to the position that he is holding in the society. He is currently a member of the American mathematical community through collaboration with many scholars of mathematics across America to push them research of mathematics to the required level. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

There are a lot of the programs that are associated with the projects carried out by the Michael Lacey. Mathematics students across the globe frequently attend the mathematics Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs).

This has helped them to familiarize themselves with many programs which are building the concrete foundation for them in the field of mathematics. REUs concentrates on the facts of the mathematics in the area of research to set a basis for the young scholars of mathematics.

Michael Lacey has been recognized as one of the best professors that are playing the substantial role in the world of mathematics.

Learn more about Michael Lacey:


Drake Samples Indie R&B Artist Snoh Aalegra

Recently, hip-hop artist Drake sampled a track from an indie R&B artist named Snoh Aalegra. An excellent singer, Aalegra was shocked and delighted to learn that Drake had an interest in her music. Drake discovered Aalegra through a mutual acquaintance known professionally as Boi-1da. A highly respected music producer and artist in his own right, Boi-1da was instrumental in Drake’s decision to sample Aalegra in a song called “Do Not Disturb.” In an interview, Aalegra expressed great satisfaction in contributing to Drake’s musical vision. Known as a fairly emotional rapper, Drake’s deeply felt rap verses seem like a good match for Aalegra’s emotional singing style.

I hope that Snoh Aalegra is able to achieve a lot of success in her solo career. Her chances seem fairly strong. When you are credited as a co-writer on a Drake song, this is bound to have a fantastic effect on your career. Although it is impossible to predict the future mood of the public, it seems clear that Aalegra has the potential to become a commercially successful artist. When I listen to this artist’s music, I feel a deep connection with the lyrics. Though Aalegra is similar to many other artists working in pop and R&B music, she has a certain kind of star quality that is simply undeniable.

It would make me very happy if indie R&B artists artists like this had more prospects for commercial success. Although there are some excellent artists currently achieving mainstream popularity, too few indie artists are able to become cultural touchstones. If Drake wants to continue as a critical darling, he may want to continue working with Snoh Aalegra. Unfortunately, Aalegra chose a stage name that is a bit awkward and difficult to spell. Despite this misstep, I have every reason to think that Aalegra will achieve lofty commercial goals.

Mellissa Perales Encourages Women to Venture into Indie Music Industry

There is under-representation of women in the music industry. However, Melissa Perales has ventured into indie music creating a path for women to join the industry. She launches her latest venture ‘We Make Waves’ in Berlin this month. Together with celebrated indie musicians, they set out to change the landscape for women and other people that are sidelined from the regular ways of working in music. Melissa and her partners, Mirca Lotz and Caoimbe McAlister, seeks to expand ‘We Make Waves’ into an international force in the next few years. They received €30,000 in funding from Initiative Music and Music board Berlin. The money goes to opening a companion conference that will see indie musicians’ network and collaborate.


Perales has pioneered indie music and led the way in Berlin for over 20 years. She works as a curator of M: Soundtrack and also runs live music at legendary Schokoladen. Melissa lived as a resident of the venue while it was still a squat. During that time, she helped manage the downstairs bar and adopted the live arrangement that defined Berlin in the 90s. Over the years, she has organized a series of music festivals in the city. She is a mother of two. Kat met Perales in 2005 when attending a friend’s show at Schokoladen, the famous location for indie music fans at the time.


According to Perales, the Berlin indie music scene has changed significantly. There were not as many indie music locations as there is now. Places like ACUD and Kaffee Burger still play indie music. However, people tend to stay in their little villages. Part of her work is to pull people out of the small pockets and bring them to the diverse world of indie music. Berlin has changed Perales by developing her networking skills. In a world where nothing much gets achieved individually, Berlin, together with its people and culture has contributed to the growth of her music and career. As of now, she intends to apply for funding from EU with the aim of encouraging women to join the festival world.

Organo Gold Antioxidant Tea and Coffee for Body Balance and Well-Being

If you are one of the people who desire beverage that helps you to flush out toxic substances from the body and lift your spirit too, try the Organo Gold sweet-smelling tea or coffee. A study on the aromatic Organo Gold coffee showed the presence of amino acids, high-quality nutrients, and antioxidants.

An instant brew of the coffee from Organo Gold contains vital antioxidant ingredients and phytochemicals called Chlorogenic acid and Quinic acid. Further, people who take instant coffee benefit from plenty of cafestol, a component that makes the drink acquire an acidic taste and alluring aroma. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

Organo Gold Global Marketing Company

Organo Gold is a worldwide marketing company supplying premium tea and coffee. The company’s mission is to transform lives by assisting people from across the continents easy access to first-rate, personal care products, coffee, tea, and nutraceuticals.

Organo coffee and tea are different because they contain Ganoderma. What is Ganoderma? Ganoderma is a medicinal mushroom genus extensively used in traditional Asian treatment methods and provision of “spiritual potency.” Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Health Balance, Financial Freedom, and Well-Being

To reach the customers who require the premium products, Organo Gold has a robust global marketing network and independent distributors in more than 50 countries. Distributors of Organo Gold products can attain financial freedom while assisting customers to live healthier lives.

Among the delicious coffee products from Organo Gold is the 100% certified, nutty-flavored, creamy Gourmet Black Coffee, which connoisseurs describe as smooth, robust, and Ganoderma lucidum rich. Gourmet Black Coffee can awaken body senses, invigorate the muscles, and help in weight loss programs.

Organo Gold helping the Youth

Organo also runs a non-profit organization, the OG Cares Foundation. The OG Cares Foundation has supported the youth in productive activities and engaged communities as a way of bringing positive changes for the future generations.

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New York Times Discusses Women in Indie Music

In a recent publication posted by the Nee York Times News Outlet, a contributor discussed the role of women in the new indie music scene across the United States and Britain. Specifically, the article focused on the development of the modern rock music industry by female musicians and recording artists. For the last two decades, indie rock music has made a relatively large impact on the mainstream music industry, at large. A huge part of the expansion of the indie music scene has been wrapped in the music of the talented female indie artists such as Lisa Skye, Tailor Maddox, Linda Begal, and Patricia Leavy. Each of these women have created new paths for themselves in the indie rock industry that were hitherto unexplored by predecessors, male or female.

In the decade long career of indie rock artist, Tailor Maddox, many metaphorical ceilings have been shattered. This stay at home mother of 8 children under the age of 12 has successfully broken into an industry that has been, since its professional establishment, dominated by men. The female rock artists who have been successful in mainstream rock and roll have not at all resembled Maddox in lifestyle, career moves, or boldness. The artist did not allow her passion for marriage and motherhood to stifle or be swallowed up by the dominant culture in the rock industry. Instead, she established an online presence via a musical blog which quickly amassed a following of more than 6 million rock lovers across the world. The rock artist has now completely revolutionized the way that women and mothers think about pursuing a career as an indie rock artist.

In an interview with Rollong Stone Magazine, Tailor Maddox states that her widespread success would not have been possible without the dawn of the tech revolution and the freedom afforded by free access to the internet. Maddox is a firm supporter of other females in the indie rock industry and attempts, through her blog, to encourage other artists to enter the industry.

BBC Discusses the History of Indie Music

The BBC recently discussed the history of the indie music industry and its overall impact on the modern music industry. Although indie music has always existed in some form or another, the industry was allowed to cultivate a massive following after the development and progression of the internet era. Indie music has produced large followings for talented artists who otherwise would not have been able to find audiences for their brands of music. The indie music industry is also responsible for incremental, but impactful, changes to the mainstream music industry that have allowed new talent to be discovered and nourished in informal ways.

As is the case with most indie art movements, the indie music scene exploded as a result of difficulty with conformity to the industry of mainstream music. In the United States and the United Kingdom, the mainstream music industry dominated the production of music, the careers of signed artists, and the output of musical concepts during the years prior to the mid 1990s. This industry had become, and still is, monopolized by a small percentage of wealthy business owners who control artist output. For the last fifty years before the internet boom, the industry was riddled with stories of recording artists who worked with label heads for years and had little to show for their time, fame, and effort. These artists were often cheated out of the money they had earned and deceived into working more than 80 hours each week to receive a pittance in payment. The mainstream music industry has also been accused of over sexualizing very young artists, treating individuals as marketing schemes instead of human beings, and choosing talent based on their ability to be sold to specific industries rather than based on their ability to create and produce a professional quality of music.

The indie music industry exploded during the internet age as competition drove down the prices of previously unattainable recording supplies and artists gained access to new ways of reaching customers.

Desiree Perez: The Business Brain Behind Roc Nation

The release of Billboard’s annual “Women in Music” article has once again seen Roc Nation executive, Desiree Perez named as one of the most influential women in the multi-sector area of the music industry. Despite the accolade, it is not correct to pigeonhole Desiree Perez as an influential woman because she is perhaps the most impressive member of the Roc Nation executive team regardless of gender; whenever contracts are about to be renewed or negotiated the head of the Roc Nation label, rapper Jay-Z, turns to Desiree Perez to complete a deal favorable to his own business.

Among the reasons for the success of Desiree Perez has been the growing influence she has on the partnerships the Roc Nation business takes on with a range of different companies. A prime example of the influence of Desiree Perez has been the renaissance of  a successful music streaming service following the signing of a $200 million deal signed with the telecommunications giant, Sprint to invest in the streaming platform.

The deal with Sprint negotiated by Desiree Perez is simply the latest in a long line of deals created by the close associate of Jay-Z and the singer/actress, Rihanna. Desiree Perez has been one of the most influential executives working with artists at Roc Nation and has been credited with the renaissance in the career of Rihanna for whom she inked a multimillion-dollar deal with technology giant Samsung to sponsor the world tour of the musical artist.

A recent deal has been signed between Roc Nation and the event company, Live Nation to extend the deal linking the two groups which were originally the springboard for the success of Roc Nation in the mainstream a decade ago. Both deals were negotiated with Live Nation by Desiree Perez to show how important and influential she remains for Roc Nation’s Hova circle of influence.

Check out Dez’s IMDB page to see more of her involvment in the industry.