Ara Chackerian: The Entrepreneur

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Ara Chackerian’s is one of the most interesting success stories. He is an American, born and raised in America. He is a renowned entrepreneur having studied Marketing at Florida State University. He is also an informal investor that is he provides capital to organizations for investment and in return gets shares in the companies. He is also a great Philanthropist. Currently, he is the Managing Director of ASC Holdings. Some of his other positions are CEO of BMC Diagnostics, Chairman of PipelineRx, Vice president at World Medical and a supplier for medical products. He is also the chairman of TMS Health Solutions. Most of Ara’s investments revolve around early-stage detection of diseases and their treatment


According to thenewsversion, it’s amazing how parents play a big role in what their children decide to pursue in life. This is what Ara’s parents did for they nurtured his entrepreneurial skills when he was young. They provided an environment that would nurture his passion for business. Ara Chackerian has taken after him as he is training his 15-year-old daughter how to do business. Ara has a great eye for opportunities as he continually spots gaps in the society and mainly in the medical world. His recent point of interest in providing how to utilize technology to detect diseases at an early stage for example depression. He is a family man and receives great support from his wife in his business ideas and time management.


Being in the business one is prone to encounter challenges and Ara is not an exception to this. He suffered great loss due to a wanting partnership that eventually resulted in the close of that business. His main advice to aspiring businessmen is they need to get reliable and visionary partners. His success in health technology can be attributed to his great partners such as the passionate Dr. Richard Bermudas. He is very committed to giving back to the society as in his investments to youth groups and provision of jobs to many. He is passionate about creating awareness in the society hence he trains other medics without considering they might use the knowledge to become his competitors. You can visit for more details.



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