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Adam Milstein is a famous Israeli activist who has dedicated his time to create awareness of the Jewish community both in Israel and abroad. He took part in the Yom Kippur war when he serving in the Israeli’s defense force. He attended school first in Israel before proceeding to the United States where attained his MBA degree.

In his recent blog article posted on the times of Israel, Adam Milstein talks of the new challenges Israel is currently facing and what it takes to overcome them. Being a strong pro-Israel activist, Adam believes that the problem Israel is currently facing can be tackled by greater and sober leadership.

He pays tribute to early and founding leaders of the state of Israel for how they stood up and laid the foundations that led to the establishment of the modern day Jewish state of Israel. Ben Gurion Israel’s first prime minister, Gold Meir, the first female prime minister of Israel and Hadassah the founder of Henrietta Szold are the leaders who set the pace for an independent Jewish state.


Adam Milstein believes that the young crops of emerging Israeli leaders are the right group to lead Israel into the next level. He stays these challenges demand immediate action and support, mostly from the Jewish communities living in the Diaspora. His interactions with them even during his time at the Israel-American council made him be sure that they are the people to lead Israel. Their innovativeness, passion and hard work are all good elements of great leadership.

He now strongly urges the Jewish community both at home and abroad to recognize these leaders, invest in them and give them the support they need to succeed. He further challenges the Jewish people to stand up and be counted so that their motherland Israel is secured from any kind of threat.

Besides his activism, Adam Milstein is also a philanthropist who has contributed a lot to support the Jewish American society within the United States. He together with his wife Gila founded the Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a local organization that focuses on teaching the Jews in America on the Jewish values and principles.

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