Spotify Gives Indie Artists More Exposure

The Indie music scene has managed to evolve because it is connected to a wider platform. There are people that have become part of the Spotify environment even though they may not be getting any play on the radio. These types of artists have the ability to build a greater fan base because millions of people are using Spotify right now. It is easily one of the most successful streaming platforms for music, and the independent artist that really wants to earn money for their music will benefit greatly from this.

This tends to work well because it creates an opportunity for so many people to hear new music. At this point in time an independent artist that decided to build their own website would fail easily. They would have a hard time with the website where they were strictly depending on their own website to generate interest in your music.

Most music lovers are not going to work this hard to find new music. They’re not going to go and search for random websites in search of something to listen to. New music, for most people, comes by way of their Spotify account. If they do not discover anything through their web streaming app they are probably not going to hear anything from you.

The great thing about the Indie music scene and Spotify is that it becomes incredibly easy to recommend new material to friends. You can simply tell your friend to search for a certain
artist through their Spotify account. This makes it so much easier than trying to go out and search the internet for something new.

Most people have no idea what they really want to listen to on when they are looking for new music. Most people look at the concept of web streaming as an opportunity to find something that they may have never considered before. This is the main reason why Spotify as become perfect for spotting new artists.

From Military And Police Work To Running A Sales Department, Ronald Fowlkes Has Consistently Found Success Throughout His Life:

Ronald Fowlkes is a former United States Marine and a former police officer who serves in the role of Business Development Manager at renowned tactical gear company First Spear Tactical. Ronald has built up a highly successful career as the head of the sales department at First Spear and he credits his military and police background with providing him with the tools that have led to his success in business and in life in general.


Ronald Fowlkes has been candid about the fact that he has always had a sincere drive to be the best in any endeavour he engages himself in. This drive is what led him to join the United States Marine Corps in 1989. Ronald Fowlkes enjoyed quite a distinguished career in the Marines. Twice he received merit-based promotions and he had the honor of serving his country as a soldier in the Gulf War. While serving in the corps he was forced to become the best version of himself. He also learned invaluable skills in organization and time management. These skills, along with the knowledge he learned in the area of tactical equipment have helped to mould him into the perfect fit as the Business Development Manager for First Spear Tactical.


Another area of work that helped to develop Ronald Fowlkes into the man he is today was his thirteen-year involvement in the law enforcement field. Ronald’s exit from the Marines was primarily predicated on his desire to not have to continue to drag his family all around the world and to provide a more settled life for them but he still wanted to give back to society and so law enforcement was a natural transition. Ronald had a distinguished term of service with both the St. Louis County and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Departments. His experience in law enforcement also provided more valuable learning experiences that have helped him achieve success as an entrepreneur.


These days, Ronald Fowlkes serves in his position running the sales department for a major tactical gear company, a job that keeps him very busy. He not only keeps in contact with the company’s many high profile clients that include NATO members and major law enforcement organizations but he also holds the responsibility for maintaining the training of the company’s sales representatives. Making sure that they have a deep understanding of the company’s tactical gear products is essential to success.


Ronald Fowlkes also applies the lessons he has learned over his life to pursuits outside of his job. He takes great pride in serving as a mentor to young people. Ronald is the equipment manager for his son’s minor league hockey team as well as the team’s physical fitness trainer. This gives him the chance to have fun being involved in his favorite sport while at the same time supporting his son and helping young people to become the best version of themselves.


Indie Music Comes to Spotify

Spotify is a company that just went public recently. This is a good thing because it introduces more people to this company. People that may have never considered Spotify before may check it out.

Pandora was a good music streaming site, and millions of people still use it, but it has taken a backseat to Spotify. People that are listening to music are praising Spotify for the ease in which they are able to make their playlist for different artists. This is a good thing because Indie music artists like Emily King and the girl trio group called King are going to be able to entice a lot of people that would have otherwise never heard of their music.

The Indie music scene is big because it caters to a group of individuals that may not want to listen to the radio anymore. They is so much music out there that most people that make a playlist do not even after use mainstream songs to do so. This is why so many people like to make their own mixes and upload things to SoundCloud.

What Spotify has managed to do is provide people with a whole new way to look at the wide variety of music choices that are available. Indie music artists are getting the chance to get their music put in a place where mainstream artists also have their music as well. This is definitely a vehicle that can be used to help people find new music that they may never have known existed.

The great thing about Indie music artists that show up on Spotify is that there are recommendations for other artists that may have a style that is similar to their style. This is how people find a lot of the new music that does not hit the radio. This is where the Indie music artist is able to thrive with potential fans that are willing to listen to something new.

Dr. Dog Releases New Album

Fans of Dr. Dog, an extremely popular indie rock band from Philadelphia, can rejoice — new music has arrived! Their new album, titled Critical Equation, has been winning praise all across the musical spectrum as it hits the notes that only Dr. Dog can hit. It is quirky, a bit odd, and yet the lyrics are nearly psychedelic in their nature. Sticking with their usual trend of shorter albums, Critical Equation weighs in at just 10 tracks and a mere 40 minutes long — of course leaving fans clamoring for more of the music they so love.

The band took a risk and recorded this album in a different studio than they usually have utilized, heading out to Los Angeles and working with up and coming producer Michael Kiwanuka. The result is that perfect blend of music that stays true to the band’s roots while also experimenting a bit with a new sound style. Certainly, it seems they have hit their mark on Critical Equation.

Up next for the band? A wide-ranging tour that kicks off May 4th in Detroit, Michigan and hits all of the major Midwestern cities before spanning down South and eventually all across the Northwest. The tour is massive, and will last all the way until August where they will perform their last gig of the tour at Bellwether Festival in Waynesville, Ohio. Indeed, if you’ve been meaning to see these guys in concert — this tour seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. With new music loaded and ready to be deployed, even fans who have seen Dr. Dog in concert before will surely be treated to a new experience.

While it is impossible to say when the next studio album from the Philly group will come out, Critical Equation should scratch the itch for fans for quite awhile. Of course, it is still early, but the early returns are that this album perfectly encapsulates the style of Dr. Dog that has won them so many fans over the years.

Indie Music Finds Home with Spotify

The Indie music scene is something that more people are celebrating because cloud music streaming is making it possible for these artists to earn a living. If you are a music lover that is supporting the Indie music scene Spotify actually makes it easier for you to do this. You do not have to roam the entire internet and search of the new independent artist. A lot of these Independent artists are showing up on Spotify, and this even gives these artists a chance to earn more money.

There are a lot of people that are on distributing music independently that were once major label artists. Emily King is one such artist that at one time was part of the J Records crew that had a roster that contained Alicia Keys, Usher Raymond and Busta Rhymes. She decided to make her own way and go so low, and this has worked exceptionally well for her.

For the traditional format of radio Emily King is not going to get much air time. As someone that is part of an independent label, however, she still has the ability to get her music on Spotify. This makes a big difference. The same can be said with other artists that were once mainstream like Tamia.

Tamia knows what it is like to be a mainstream artist because her entire career was built on being a mainstream artist for a major label. She has stated, however, that her last album was part of an independent label project. She has scaled-down in order to create music that may allow her to make more money as an independent artist.

The music scene is filled with a lot of artists that want to have more control over their content. This is why the Indie music scene has always been a big thing. Spotify is going to give the independent music artist a level playing field based on what Spotify users are interested in.

Equities First Holdings supporting publicly traded companies in Australia

Equities First Holdings Australia is a business that is supporting various business activities in the world. The company is a lending firm that is making it easy for individuals and businesses which would need financing to access it with ease. Equities First Holdings Australia is a subsidiary of the EFH global, a firm that was started in 2002 in Indianapolis. The firm has made significant contributions in supporting business in many parts of the world where they are operating. Its subsidiary in Australia is one of the best subsidiaries. It is running independently with minimal support from the head office.

Since the Australian offices were opened, hundreds of clients have been served. The company finances business and individual. The main goal of the company is to help people meet their financial obligations without going through the commercial banks.Equities First Holdings Australia has had various programs which are supporting businesses that are engaged in activities that have potential to change the world. One of the companies that EFH is financing is Environmental Clean Technologies Limited. It is an Australian company that is doing research and developing new technologies that are environmentally friendly. The company is a publicly traded company in Australia stock market and is offering services in India.

Jeunesse Global helps people keep off the weight with Zen Bodi

The hardest task in losing weight isn’t getting oneself to do the necessary things to keep off the pounds. The hardest part is consistency. Without consistency and truly changing the habits that led to the accumulation of excess weight in the first place, it is all but impossible to achieve lasting results with weight loss.

But all too often, trendy weight-loss systems make promises of easy ways to lose weight and stay healthy. And they make these promises without even addressing how the underlying behavior that led to the accumulation of unhealthy fat put the person in the state of obesity in the first place.

Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the leading manufacturers of revolutionary health and beauty products in the world has decided to enter the weight-loss business. Unlike many of the existing products on the market, Jeunesse Global has taken its usual science-based approach and applied it to creating a weight-loss system as well as a supplement. The Zen 8 Project weight-loss system has been designed by some of the top nutrition and exercise experts in the industry. It uses the science of behavioral modification to help people slowly make fundamental and sustainable long-term changes to their lifestyle. This is designed not to help people to temporarily lose five or 10 pounds but to help them form the daily habits that are conducive to an overall healthy lifestyle. Adhered to closely, the Zen 8 Project can help nearly anyone achieve a healthy weight and a total-health lifestyle conducive to maintaining an optimal physical condition.

As part of the Zen 8 Project, Jeunesse Global has also contracted with some of the top nutritional scientists in the industry to develop Zen Bodi, a weight-loss supplement that helps users achieve the three pillars of weight loss identified in the Zen 8 Project system. The three weight-loss imperatives that Zen Bodi helps users to achieve are curbing appetite, building muscle and burning fat. When these three goals are pursued effectively, weight loss is virtually guaranteed. This makes the combination of the Zen 8 Project and the Zen Bodi supplement one of the most powerful ways to lose weight and keep it off.

Agora Financial Investment Advice

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to be set up for a good retirement but many people don’t want to put the money down to invest. A majority of the population fears investing and I think it is because of one major thing: they have no idea what they are investing in. When you aren’t knowledgeable of an investment, it’s hard to have control. It is gambling in a sense. The good news is that investing doesn’t have to be this hard or confusing. In this article, I’m going to be breaking down my top tips when it comes to investing.

  1. Set goals

When it comes to investing, you must have a plan for growing your money. You need to know how much you are going to invest every month, know what you are going to invest in, and know how you are going to invest that money. Every month, you can sit down and write these goals out with your spouse. In the end, you will gain clarity on your investments and understand them better over time.

  1. Short-term investments

If you look at many successful figures, they have investments that earn them high returns in the short run. This can be a small business, swing trading, or other things. They then use the capital that they gained and put it into more stable, long-term investments that protect their wealth. This is what I would recommend everyone do. Focus on an investing activity that will provide great returns up front that will allow you to invest more into your long-term plan

  1. If you don’t want to do short-term investing, that’s okay. Plenty of people prefer to only invest for the long-term. Two investment vehicles that I would highly recommend would be the Roth IRA and the 401k. With a Roth IRA, you’ll be able to grow your money tax-free and have it compound over time. With a 401k, your employer will most likely match up to a certain amount that you contribute. All in all, I would max these investments out. Both of these will set you up best for retirement and more

U.K. Music Festivals Hope To Cut Back On Plastic Waste

Many adults use straws to prevent their drinks of choice from staining their teeth, touching sensitive areas of their mouth, and other reasons. Kids use straws for fun, because they’re too messy without them, and sometimes because they refuse to eat without them.

Most all straws around the world are made of plastic, a substance that’s found in virtually all of our homes, workplaces, vehicles, and likely even clothes. Although plastic is cheap and can fit just about any need that a customer or end user could want, it has a detrimental effect on the environment because it takes so long to disintegrate.

According to modern statistics, a simple plastic bottle takes anywhere between a paltry – more like not-so-paltry – 70 years and 450 years, at the highest end of the spectrum.

So why not get rid of plastic bottles, rather than straws, since, most likely, tens of straws could fit inside the plastic bottle’s shell alone. However, plastic straws are one of the most common uses of plastic around the world and often aren’t truly necessary.

For example, in order to drink a bottle of water, that object must contain at least a thin shell of plastic to prevent any of its contents from leaking out. If we apply this to straws… wait, what are straws required for? Very little, if not nothing at all.

In the name of encouraging others to move towards a green Earth as fast as possible, the Association of Independent Festivals announced that it would soon be implementing the Drastic on Plastic initiative, a means of thinking in regards to how much waste single-use plastic items really does put on the world.

Throughout any given average year, a whopping 23,500 tons – that’s 23,500 multiplied by 2,000 – of waste is created just at the source of United Kingdom music festivals. Audiences of such shows, alone, throw away, litter, or recycle some 10 million bottles of water – and that’s just U.K. audience members alone.

Jeff Ament Releases New Solo Song

Pearl Jam bassist jeff Ament has released a new single entitled “Safe in the Car,” which will also be included in Ament’s upcoming album that will be called Heaven/Hell.

The song features both guitars and an organ and is about a slew of natural disasters, including fires and floods, Ament must avoid. “I don’t feel safe anymore,” Ament sings during the chorus of the song, which also includes vocals by indie singer Angel Olsen. Two Pearl Jam alumni — Matt Cameron on drums and Mike McCready on guitar — also appear on the track.

Interestingly, the music video for “Safe in the Car” was shot entirely in Ament’s own vehicle. Ament said that he was inspired to write the song after reading Cormac McCarthy’s apocalyptic novel The Road. He said that he wanted to capture the feeling of being in car trying to escape something like a nuclear winter.

Avent went on to say that — when the directors of the video asked him what kind of look he was aiming for — he told them that the first thing he thought of was Grindhouse. He says that he has always liked the look of the movie, especially its extreme high-contrast visuals. He also liked that — even though it was about the world coming to an end — it still had humor.

Heaven/Hell is expected to be released on May 10, and while it will be Ament’s third solo album, it will be his first since 2012, when he released While My Heart Beats. Fans can pre-order Heaven/Hell beginning on Thursday, which is when it will appear on Pearl Jam’s official website.

Ament says that the record came together accidentally. He says that he was writing songs for Pearl Jam, but sometimes the songs he writes either are too personal or they are just not right for the band.