Lucy Dacus: A Rising Indie Music Star

Lucy Dacus is a rising Indie songwriter and pop star. However, she has suffered a lot of setbacks. Health struggles, political turmoil and personal responsibilities are some of the things that have made it difficult for Lucy to achieve her dream.

Lucy still managed to record her second album last year. The second album is entitled “Historian”. It will come out on March 2. She believes that this is the album that will take her career to the next level.

Lucy has been trying to make a plunge on the music scene for quite some time. She always wanted to be a singer, but many people discouraged her from pursuing her dream. She was told that music was not an attainable career. Lucy attended film school, but she later dropped out. She also worked as a photo editor.

Lucy spent the last 11 months in the studio and is happy with the finished product. She recorded her first album, which is entitled “No Burden” back in 2015. The album was actually recorded for a school project. She was required to do a musical project over winter break. She recorded the album with Jacob Blizard, who lived with her at the time.

Lucy had been writing songs since she was in the second grade. She writes about faith, gender and creativity. The first song that she released from the album was “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore.” Tyler Williams is a Richmond musician. He was amazed when he heard Lucy’s album. He stated that it could not possibly be made by a 20-year-old.

Many of Lucy’s songs are about things that she has gone through. She has a song about the death of her grandmother. She also has a song about a breakup. Lucy stated that it is important to write songs that make her feel good.

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