Month: March 2018

Whitney Wolfe Herd Looks Is Made Of Iron, She Casts Her Eyes To The Horizon

You have probably heard that Tinder’s parent organization, Match Group is taking Bumble to court over patent infringement claims. It is a lawsuit worth your attention and one that is likely to stir a storm but Bumble CEO doesn’t seem to be distracted from by the unfolding events. Ms. Whitney Wolfe was quoted by the Evening Standard saying that it is swiping left on the infringement claims.

Match Group is a fashion outfit that owns several dating sites such as PlentryOfFish and Tinder. The group accuses tinder of infringing on several patents including the controversial Tinder Swipe. Whitney Wolfe Herd, who is Bumble’s founder and CEO, claims that Match Group has been inching closer and making unwelcome attempts to buy Bumble. She says that match Groups Shenanigans include numerous attempts to copy everything that Bumble does. Whitney Wolfe further warns that Bumble will not take any further intimidation from the aggressive Match Group. The CEO disclosed Bumble’s position on the looming lawsuit in an open letter that was issued earlier today.In what seems an emotional reaction to the latest developments, Ms.Wolfe states that Bumble has had enough and will not take the overtures lying down.

Take over Bid by Match Group

Match Group has already filed a suit claiming that Bumble is imitating the general feel and look of Tinder’s functionality. Pundits, however, say that it seems that there are other motives that are driving the action by Match Group. Last year, Match Group proposed buying Bumble for $450 billion, a proposal that was turned down by Bumble. Analysts say that Bumble may be worth thrice as much as the offer by Match Group. Whitney Wolfe asserts that Bumble is an all-woman initiative and that it is prepared to protect its own at whatever cost. The Bumble CEO points out that her organization has a keen eye on maintaining high values.

Bumble is a matchmaking app that was started by Whitney W. Herd. The dating app has attracted over 20 million users so far. Bumble uses a feminist approach to online dating. Whitney, Bumble’s CEO recently got married in a wedding ceremony that brought Southern Italy to a standstill in early October 2017.

Bumble launched Bumble Bizz recently; an app designed for mentoring and professional networking. The app allows users to swipe and find links for networking with among the 20 million Bumble users. Bumble dating platform is designed in such a way that the woman makes the first move towards a relationship. Bumble BFF was introduced earlier to enable users to find new best friends.

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Indie Bands Are Making An End Run Around Nashville Music Label Giants

The music business has been owned and controlled lock, stock and barrel by giant record companies for decades. Most artists today who have “made it” were lucky enough to get a record deal from the likes of Capitol Records, MCA, Mercury, Sony music Entertainment and a few others.

Nashville, Tennessee, arguably the greatest music city in America, is strictly the realm of the corporate music giants. Any band that hoped to get a song played on the radio had to go through one of these gatekeepers.

But times seems to be changing for Nashville’s rock music scene. Indie rockers are flourishing in the Nashville environment like never before. Dozens of acts are creating their own albums and finding their own audiences – and they relish bypassing the greedy corporate middleman.

DIY artists are recording music in their basements. They’re being helped along by advances in personal computer music mixing technology. Now anyone with a laptop and a few extras can command the power of a studio and create an end product that sounds as sharp and shimmering as a professional studio product.

But Indie bands still need to perform live and find audiences. That means booking gigs at physical locations – again, an aspect of the music industry under control of the music label giants. Even this isn’t stopping new bands from breaking out of the mold, however.

House parties, neighborhood venues and slap-dash arrangements for putting on concerts in back allies or empty lots are proliferating across Nashville. Cash from tickets sold goes directly into the pockets of the artists, bypassing the corporate ticket sales and distribution companies, such as Ticketmaster.

In a sense, music has come full circle from the time when major labels had far less power and organization as rock ‘n’ roll began to rise in the late 1950s.

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers: Breaking New Ground

Dance music is every year becoming more popular of a genre. The aesthetic of the artist of this genre typically include artist that are rarely if ever seen. They much rather let the music be their face and guide the way. One of the groups at the for front of this musical genre are the Chainsmokers and they are coming into a new era of their music. Unlike the aforementioned peers within their genre, they are deciding to do things a little differently.

Before going into a new direction, it is sometimes good to reflect on where we come from. This is what the Chainsmokers touch on as Alex Pall details his roots growing up as a DJ. First starting as a hobby, he realized that he wanted to take the big step and turn it into a career. That is when his manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart and the rest is history. From Andrew’s perspective “It was love at first sight.” He was in the middle of college when they reached out to him and he moved from Maine to New York and they got busy creating their brand and music. Because they shared the same core values, and both understood and had perspective on what they brought to the group as individuals, they were easily able to connect artistically and brand wise. It was more about the work as they toiled from day to day on their music instead of week to week. Four years into hard work here they are now in this plateau of their career.

Furthermore, they are focused on improving themselves as artist and people. For example, on the new record they will be singing on their own records that consist of content about their own lives. This is relatively new ground for acts in their genre of music. Additionally, they are taking part in the song writing portion of the music making process. With the pressure of an album release from the fans and the record label burdening them, they are more considered with creating a cohesive work of art that personifies them as artists. This is what they want rather than a basic singles-based work that most other artist and record labels would be happy with.

Their identity is a big part of what they are focusing on this go around. The recent tracks they released with Halsey coincides with this desire. They consider her number one on their list of collaborative hopes because she is so unique. The Chainsmokers are in touch with who and what their audience are. This fi another contributing factor of them perfecting their identity. The live show they put on is reflective of this as they integrate new components like their #Selfie. They sum up their new mindset as trying to provide new experiences for fans and push new boundaries never before reached

Big Thief’s “Capacity”

If you’ve listened to any of the tracks from Big Thief’s new album entitled Capacity, then you will recognize the trademark poetic imagery set against a canvas of haunting melody. It will surely come as no surprise that this indie band from Brooklyn is playing to sold out crowds in the United States and Europe throughout their 2018 tour.

It may also go without saying that Big Thief is enjoying positive reviews. Will Hermes described Adrianne Lenker as “a romantic folk-rock poet of the first order” in his review for Rolling Stone. Her words are at once captivating, unnerving, and soothing. The lyrics’ subtle twists combined with Lenker’s delicate vocals are driven by dissonant chords that connect each image. The juxtaposition of the elements in the title track do, in fact, remain bound to one another much like the consonance that introduces the first stanza.

It’s a tricky combination of pieces that flow together but are difficult to pin down. “Capacity” is, according to Lenker, based on a dream she had the night before writing this piece. There’s a stream of consciousness effect that leads the listener from one moment to the next in a series of vignettes. It’s the capacity of imagination that binds them.

Perhaps that’s why it is difficult to find an exact label for Big Thief’s style of music. Asked in an interview for Newsweek if she identified the band’s music as folk-rock, Lenker responded, “I don’t identify with genre.” Their music, like genre, is challenging to pin down. You get in the neighborhood of identifying what it might be, but finding the exact street, let alone the house number, is a matter of interpretation. As Lenker states in the same interview, “Any time you bring something out of an intangible space . . . into the realm of words . . . You lose something when you try to communicate belief to someone.” Riding through Big Thief’s landscape is an intriguing journey.

Michael Burwell, The New Chief Financial Officer At Willis Towers Watson

Having just landed a job as the Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson, a leading advisory and investment firm, Michael Burwell is excited to put his skills to work. With over 30 years of accumulated experience in the finance industry, Burwell really was a shoe-in for the job. Not only does he have all of this experience, but his track record of success goes well beyond that of the average day-to-day investor.


Michael Burwell was Head of Global Transformation at PwC, his previous employer. He was responsible for ensuring the smoothness and effectiveness of corporate mergers on an international level. He was also the Chief Financial officer there for over ten years. All of this combined experience in leadership is one of the primary reasons why Willis Towers Watson chose him for the job. Go Here to learn more.


Teamwork, leadership, and effective communication practices are at the forefront of Burwell’s management approach. His enthusiasm for the firm’s down to earth way of catering to clients’ needs goes well beyond just making them feel comfortable. Together with Willis Towers Watson, Burwell has the ability to help grow the company while staying true to the clients’ needs and helping them.


This leadership ability allows Michael Burwell to train and administer a group of highly talented individuals on his team who will effectively respond to situations that call for good planning and logistics on a daily basis. On all levels, Burwell’s experience managing and communicating with others to get the job done right has definitely played and important role in his selection for this top-level position.


Willis Towers Watson is registered with the NASDAQ markets, and has been in business for well over 150 years. Since it’s inception, Willis Towers Watson has continued to cater to those seeking a reliable and trusted brokerage firm to help grow their businesses and assets. Having Michael Burwell as the leader of finance in this worldwide operation will, without a doubt, lead only to the continued success and growth of this firm. In turn, as in the past, clients will also find a better way to enhance their companies and finances while reducing their overall risk.



Lead Man for Apples in Stereo Ditches Indie Rock Due to Love of Math

Notable indie music producer Robert Schneider, most well known for his work as lead singer and guitarist of the Apples in Stereo, has apparently left behind the music world to pursue his passion for mathematics.

While Schneider and the Apples in Stereo may only be followed closely by true indie rock aficionados, most casual fans are likely aware of acts that Schneider has produced. Back in the 1990s, he created the Elephant 6 Recording Company, which churned out Neutral Milk Hotel, the Olivia Tremor Control, and Of Montreal.

Elephant 6 is often referred to as a collective, and it is nearly legendary in indie rock circles for the variety of experimental music that it has put out across a wide-ranging group of bands.

To the surprise of many, Schneider is in his sixth year as a graduate student in the math department at Emory University. Even though he had previously spent most of his life obsessed with music, it appears that he has now found a new and different obsession.

At the same time, his interest in math has its origins in music. In 1999, he was trying to record an album and encountered a malfunction with the equipment he was using. He attempted to fix it himself using materials he secured from RadioShack. He learned about Ohm’s Law from a book he read about repairing electronics, and he had an epiphany about the intersection between music and mathematic principles.

While music and math coexisted for a while in Schneider’s life, he is now mostly retired from music both as an artist and producer. He keeps busy engaging in research and teaching math at the college level.

However, fans of the Apples in Stereo and the Elephant 6 collection still rock out to the many classic records with which Schneider was involved.

Entering the Digital Age with Talk Fusion

Running a company nowadays can be maddening and requires quite a bit of work. One of the most important things that any company needs is proper marketing. Without marketing, you’re risking losing the customers that you have and not getting the customers that you need. This is where an app known as Talk Fusion comes into play. This video digital marketing app is well known for its features and fair price point. Plus, the company has been around for well over a decade, so it’s a business you can trust and know is doing everything they can for the individuals who are using their services.

With Talk Fusion, you can conduct beautiful video emails, live chat sessions and video conferences that are unmatched with any other service that you might have used in the past. Plus, all of this is done from the convenience of just one account, so you will be able to have access to all of your contacts without worrying that you are spending a small fortune on a range of different services and programs. The Talk Fusion app has you covered, whether you’re using it at home on a computer, in the office on a laptop or on the go with a mobile device that you happen to have.

There are so many reasons for you to make use of Talk Fusion. For one, it connects you to your business world, whether this is with your customers or the employees with whom you work on a routine basis. Being able to send a video message engages your audience in a way that no email would ever be able to do, so make sure that you give Talk Fusion a try for yourself and see exactly what it is able to do for you. Once you utilize a service like this, it is just a matter of getting it ready for your needs and then realizing just how beneficial it has been.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to Talk Fusion is how effortless it is for you to make use of. You do not need to be an expert with technology to give Talk Fusion a try for yourself. All you need is a business and the desire that you’re going to want to get in contact with your audience so that you can market a business that you are wanting to grow for yourself. Now is a good time to give Talk Fusion a try for yourself and know that it is something that is going to help you to reach your goals and know that you’re doing something that is positive for anyone who might be involved with the company as well. Learn more:

Kwes Releases New Enigmatic Track “Midori”

British producer and performer Kwes is back in the recording studio, and this time he is working on his own material after five years of producing for other musicians. The first song released by Kwes, whose 2013 debut album featured a new and exciting strain of R&B, is completely devoid of vocals. “Midori” is the first song in a forthcoming EP tentatively named “Songs for Midi,” and it suggests an electronic music departure for the talented musician.

The new song by Kwes sounds as if he has an ongoing love affair with older synthesizers spliced with analog recording equipment. “Midori” is a fun instrumental track that evokes a musical landscape without being pretentious. The sound effects that Kwes compiled for “Midori” include a hint of a human voice, but that is as close as the song gets to any vocals.

Kwes is not known as a solo artist; his 2013 album “ilp” was released on a smaller label when it could have been published by just about any major record production house that he has worked with in the past. As a music producer, Kwes has worked with Damon Albarn, Bobby Womack and Solange Knowles. He has also collaborated with Dan the Automator and Gorillaz on critically acclaimed recording projects. In 2011, Kwes was part of an ensemble that traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to record the “Kinsasha One Two” album, a special project with Damon Albarn that mixes traditional African music with electronic beats.

By the sounds of “Midori,” Kwes seems to be ready to return to his Kinsasha electronic phase, and this may not be the most ideal direction for fans of his R&B crooning. Kwes has always been attracted to experimental music; “Midori” makes this very clear, and he stands to gain many new fans who enjoy different takes on electronic music.

Pitchfork Festival Announces Initial Lineup

“Pitchfork” is widely respected as one of the best indie music publications in the world, so it is not surprising that they also put on one of the best festivals every year in Chicago. The 2018 edition of the Pitchfork Music Festival will take place in Union Park on July 20-22, and the iconic indie festival just released a large portion of the lineup this afternoon.

The lineup reveal began this morning with a local artist painting names on a mural. The painting process took a few hours to reveal approximately one-third of the entire festival lineup. The rest of the acts will be revealed in a similar manner on March 6 and 13. While only 14 artists were revealed today, there is still a lot of get indie rock, r&b and electronic music fans excited.

There were several big names announced today, but only one headliner was revealed. Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala will be the headlining act on Friday, July 20. Some of the other top acts that just got announced include Rafael Saadiq, This Is Not This Heat, DRAM, Julien Baker, Japandroids, (Sandy) Alex G and Kelly Lee Owens. Saadiq is one of the most iconic R&B artists of all-time, so it is rather exciting to hear that he is not one of the top names on the lineup.

Tickets for Pitchfork Music Festival are on sale right now. A three-day pass will cost $175. You can also purchase a pass for one day of the festival for only $75. An upgraded VIP experience called Pitchfork Plus will let you enjoy private bars, exclusive food establishments, air-conditioned bathrooms and shaded viewing areas throughout the festival for $375. The festival will surely sell out before July, so you will want to get tickets while they are still available.

U.S.A. Swimming Treading Water After Recent Accusations By Athletes Of Ignored Sexual Abuse

The sport of gymnastics is not the only one to be hit with a recent sex abuse scandal. A female and male director from U.S.A. Swimming have now stepped down from their roles following allegations from teen athletes about longtime abuse from their swimming coaches and other officials and the directors who turned a deaf ear.

According to a report by, Susan Woessner, the organization’s Safe Sport senior director, and Pat Hogan, a managing director, resigned last Thursday. A lot of buzz is circulating around the story as people wonder if there is another sexually predatory coaching situation similar to the recent trial that convicted U.S.A. Gymnastics team doctor Lawrence G. Nassar. Last month, Nassar pleaded guilty to sexually abusing young female athletes and was sentenced to serve a minimum of 125 years in prison up to a maximum of 275 years. He was convicted in the state of Michigan.

Olympic swimmer, Ariana Kukors, has now come forward and accused Sean Hutchinson, her former coach, of sexually abusing her while a teen. Hutchinson says that Kukors was of age, and the two had engaged in a “committed relationship.”

Susan Woessner allegedly did little to respond to the athletes’ complaints about the sexual climate at U.S.A. Swimming. She disclosed in her resignation letter that in 2007, she kissed Coach Sean Hutchinson. She left the organization to pursue higher education but then, returned to U.S.A Swimming in her new role.

Pat Hogan resigned but did not clearly indicate why. He revealed that he had become involved with one of his swimming athletes, Julie Ginden. She was a teen at the time. The couple married when she turned 20; they are now divorced.

Hogan claims that he conducted himself with integrity, and Ginden’s parents had given their approval.