Streaming Isn’t Looking Good for Indie Music

If you are an indie music fan, you are probably into more than just the music. This is because there are plenty of songs on the popular radio stations that can satisfy a person’s need for a catchy tune. These songs aren’t bad. However, it is indisputable that these radio hits played on endless loops are heavily produced and heavily marketed. Sure, these songs are made by genuine artist. However, these songs are also backed by people who wish to make a lot of money.

Indie music fans are different. These people seek out new music, and they connect with the music they find. Indie music fans often have a deep sense of loyalty to their bands, and the current age of music streaming makes it difficult to know how to best support the bands these fans love. For example, streaming has allowed thousands of new indie bands to connect with new fans. Sadly, these same streaming services don’t compensate these indie bands very well.

Contrary to what some folks say, streaming services aren’t getting better at compensating artists. To put this in perspective, 99 percent of audio streaming consists of the top 10 percent of audio tracks. This means the musicians in the ten percent, folks who once grumbled at only being able to be very rich in the streaming world instead of filthy rich, are now happy they can return to to their posh lifestyles. Meanwhile, it leaves indie musicians collecting fractions upon fractions of pennies to split numerous ways. This happens while superstar musicians drop albums for free on streaming services and claim it’s the way of the future.

In other words, all is not right the streaming world. Thankfully, if you want to know how you can help, a music critic is showing us how. Maybe we should all listen.

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