Moby: Details on Indie Sensation’s Latest Album and Single, “Mere Anarchy”

If you’re a fan of indie music sensation Moby, then you’re in for a treat. On March 2nd, 2018, Moby will be releasing a new album called Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt, which will be available on Mute.

The opening track on Moby’s upcoming album is titled “Mere Anarchy.” There is currently a YouTube video out for listeners to enjoy and watch. Just a fair warning: for an opening track, it’s a bit eerie.

Moby’s “Mere Anarchy” video is captured in black and white, with his trademark hipster glasses catching much of the frame when he appears. The song begins in a dystopian electronic fashion, with lyrics of caution leading to the sound of drums.

Mere Anarchy is definitely a bleaker sound than usual for Moby, with some elements of David Bowie’s final album, Blackstar. The video, which is filmed in grayscale, was directed by Rob Gordon Bralver.

Moby’s recently released single, Like a Motherless Child, is filmed in a very similar format. Both videos are in black and white with large shots of big landscapes. Both songs will appear on Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt. However, in Mere Anarchy, there are intriguing yet gloomy snapshots of abandoned buildings with decaying trees that have twisting branches. You will also notice some scenes of the planet earth, which look like they were taken from outer space – possibly by aliens.

The musician and DJ himself has described the Mere Anarchy video as post-apocalyptic. Simply by watching the video, you can definitely understand what Moby means. The post-apocalyptic visual elements are quite apparent in the video, with the aforementioned scenes of a decaying earth.

Moby has also released music that influenced the album Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt on both Spotify and YouTube for any curious fans.

In the meantime, fans of Moby will definitely be intrigued by his latest video’s sound and visual elements. If you’re listening to Moby for the first time, you’ll be sure to enjoy this unique indie sound. Just remember: this is a bit of a new style for Moby, so keep an open mind! After all, Moby has been a trusted and true performer in the indie world.

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