Securus Technology to Add Payment Services to its Growing Portfolio

Securus Technologies is a company with a vision and a plan for its future as it continues to add to its growing portfolio of company acquisitions. It has recently made a deal to acquire JPay, a company that makes electronic payments on the web possible for many people. Securus hopes to use this platform as its base to expand its services to the corrections industry.


Imagine inmates communicating on their tablets in real time playing games and also making electronic payments for goods and services. All of this is made possible now with the acquisition of JPay,who has been an innovative and leading force in this market space for quite some time now. Jpay is based in Miramar,FL and at the time was serving 33 state correctional facilities and over 1.6 million inmates.


The CEO of Securus technologies, Rick Smith, thinks that this acquisition will allow them to be more competitive by offering the best products and the best products and services at the most optimum price on the market today. He also feels that the company has now positioned itself to be the best choice in providing superior payment and communications gateways to correctional prisons across the nation. The two companies deal is expected to be approved finally by the second or third quarter of 2015.


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