Month: February 2018

Rocketship Education Rises To Its Success

Rocketship Education is a public non-profit chartered elementary school system that locates its learning centers in areas that are low on the economic scale. These areas have all but lost their tax base so the funds are not usually available to finance good quality educational systems.

The result is that children who live in these areas miss out on one of the most important items in their lives, that is a quality education.

This is where Rocketship Education enters the picture. They have cafefully studied and implemented the vital elements that children need in order to get started on a solid footing with their education. They come into a community and partner with the leaders, parents and other interested parties so everyone is aware of what is to transpire.

The track record of Rocketship Education is enviable indeed, with most of the Rocketship students reaching the requirements for graduation a full year ahead of their public school peers. Tests show that when moving on to middle school, their academic abilities are ahead of the public schools and the self-confidence, academic and social skills are way ahead as well.

Rocketship believes that every child has a ton of potential and with the proper education and training that potential can be unlocked and delivered so the student knows how to use it and learn more as their education progresses. In other words, Rocketship teaches the students how to learn, and learn on their own for a good part of their educational journey.

Classes are a little different than the traditional large class of students who sit in one place all day and listen to lectures. It is more dynamic than that and very exciting. There may be some large gatherings used for informational and general purposes, but most of the lessons are in smaller groups where students participate better, digital workstations, and individual tutoring.

The core principles of respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence are ingrained in the students daily routine so that the whole child is trained and educated to become good citizens as well as good students. In the final analysis, Rocketship Education is a system that works and works well in all phases of its processes.

Larkin & Lacey

In 2013, a U.S. District Judge found that Sherrif Joe Arpaio was guilty of racial profiling, and on a grand scale. Those involved in the class action suit in the case of Melendres v. Arpaio case were awarded $70 million.

Arpaio was subsequently found in contempt of court after not following the judge’s instructions resulting in a 6-month jail sentence.

However, this outcome came as little surprise to the citizens of Maricopa County. Arpaio had served as sheriff for 24 long years and he had managed to accumulate a long laundry list of allegations, from illegally diverting millions of dollars in funds to being the main source of the wrongful deaths of his prisoners. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

But some may say that this victory was short-lived. Due to his pardoning by President Donald Trump, Arpaio never served any of his time. And many believe that this is because each party had something to gain from the other.

While it’s possible that Arpaio backed the president during his election because he wanted to be pardoned, it is also possible that Donald Trump pardoned Arpaio because he wanted to appeal to voters who were similar to the former sheriff.

This is certainly the theory of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the founders of the Phoenix New Times. They got their start on an Arizona State University campus paper but later dropped out.

However, the paper continued to grow and eventually matured into a coast-to-coast chain–one composed of 17 publications. Lacey was the executive editor of Village Voice Media and Larkin was the CEO.

Larkin and Lacey have a very close history with Arpaoi. In fact, they have always been quick to point out his smear campaigns and abuse of power. They were well-informed about the less than edible food that he fed prisoners and the pregnant women whom he allowed to give birth while in handcuffs.

Despite Arpaoi’s network of allies and deputized, citizen posse, they pressed for answers and made him the center of many of their publication. However, there was one publication in general that would strike a chord with the sheriff and lead to their arrest.

This publication talked about Arpaio’s illegal commercial property with over $700,000. What caused Arpaio to press felony charges against their publication’s investigative reporter was the fact that his home addressed was mentioned.

Larkin and Lacy received a subpoena which they deemed unconstitutional and while waiting for the trial, they published a piece which discussed the sheriff’s abuse of power. However, it also discussed the details of the subpoena which Arpaio categorized as a criminal offense.

The two were both arrested and then charged with misdemeanors. The story eventually made national headlines and caught the attention of major news networks, which led to a severe public outcry. Maricopa’s county attorney closed the case and Larkin and Lacey were awarded $3.75 million by the county. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Larkin and Lacey used this money to start their own fund–the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, mean to organizations that are advocates for migrant-rights throughout Arizona.

They no longer own Voice Media Group; they sold it. However, they are returning to journalism through their newest publication, Front Page Confidential. Their goal is to advocate for free speech and the First Amendment.

Rocketship Education Serves Low-Income and Poor Communities with Great Success

Service to people is one of the greatest attributes that a person can have. When it comes to serving low-income students, Rocketship Education Public Schools are truly on point. This charter school network was designed by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006.

The two founders realized that low-income families needed an alternative to educating their children. Many of the public schools where impoverished parents had to send their students – did not properly instruct their children. Rocketship works hard to ensure that this type of situation changes for the communities where they are located.

When Rocketship places one of their schools in a low-income neighborhood, they immediately start connecting with parents. As a Rocketship building is being fabricated, moms and dads can see the building process from the ground up. Once the school has been erected, the staff will integrate parents into the learning process. They help to transform parents into teachers at home so that their children’s education will soar.

Rocketship Education is also connected with their stakeholders and they work closely with community organizations to ensure that their schools are accountable and transparent. Rocketship Education does not operate in a bubble. The staff is held accountable to the state and local parents for student’s test scores and their ability to learn material.

Rocketship Education provides a top-notch education that focuses on all key subjects. The students are presented with a strong mathematical curriculum and they also are given high quality language instruction. Since this school is designed for elementary students, they are provided with an elementary foundation that is thorough.

Since the school is set up for K – 5 students; the education pupils receive should be strong enough to serve them at the intermediate and high school levels. Ultimately, Rocketship Education Public Schools provides outstanding services for poor and low-income families where they are located.

Equities First Holdings News: Building Partnerships That Last

With the news that has been going on these days, like news about Trump and everything else going on, it probably will be nice to hear some good news for once. The recent news on Equities First Holdings is something that everyone should be learning about. Not only has the EFH company decided to partner up with the ETC company, but they have also decided that they will be funding the company. Why have they made such a big decision like this one? They have decided on this because it will help the ETC company with funding the big India projects.

About EFH

While this article might provide you with the news that you want on Equities First Holdings, you might also be wanting to know what type of company it it. The EFH company has a couple of rules that they are living by, and those include making sure that their customers get what they need, providing services to clients, and trying to build the business up.

Ria Mia Launches New Song And Video

Ria Mia is a Canadian Indie music artist who is having quite the breakthrough now. Her latest song is called Red Light. The openly lesbian artist says that her newest piece is inspired by an actual real-life event. The singer says that she had a breakup with a girlfriend right at an intersection. This is what inspired her to create a music song based on the theme of breaking up and moving on in life.

The video of Ria Mia’s Redlight song features a real-life lesbian couple and depicts them trying to get through their breakup. It also shows them reminiscing about their past together. It is no doubt a depiction of what she experienced and felt during her own breakup at the intersection.

Artist Ria Mia says that she thinks discussing LGBTQ issues is now easier than ever before in music. One of her others songs called Gold also depicted a lesbian couple trying to work out problems. This is no doubt a novelty, as most videos depict straight couples fighting, breaking up and working things out. Ria Mia’s music speaks directly to the queer community and tells them that it is okay to break up and move on through your relationships just like straight couples do.

Ria Mia also says that she wants to convey a message that its okay to express yourself publicly as a lesbian by holding your girlfriend’s hand. Growing up in Nova Scotia, Canada she was ashamed and embarrassed to do this. She says that if her music can make someone out there more comfortable, then it was well worth the time and effort she put in to create it.

If you want to hear more about Ria Mia and her music you can check out two of her latest albums called MyLove and Ria Mia, that was released in 2017 and 2015 respectively. The queer artist has been touring with fellow Indie and queer musicians Tegan and Sara. They even partnered to make a song together. Fans of Ria Mia should also look forward to new songs and maybe even new videos released this year as well.

Panorama Music Festival Announces Lineup

The annual Panorama Music Festival has quickly become one of the biggest festivals in the United States despite being only a few years old. The festival debuted in 2016 with a lineup headlined by Arcade Fire, Kendrick Lamar and LCD Soundsystem. Fans of the popular festival no longer have to speculate about this year’s lineup because it was just announced. The huge outdoor concert will take place on New York City’s Randall Island for three days beginning on Friday, July 27.

The 2018 edition of the Panorama Music Festival will be headlined by The Weeknd, Janet Jackson and The Killers. Some of the other top acts on the bill are Father John Misty, St. Vincent, The XX, David Byrne, Fleet Foxes, The War on Drugs, Japanese Breakfast, Dua Lipa and SZA. The headliners may be somewhat of a step down from the first two years, but the mixture of top indie rock and hip hop acts on the rest of the lineup will surely appease a lot of music fans.

If you like the lineup, then you will not have to wait long to grab tickets. They go on sale at 10:00 AM EST on Friday, February 2. General admission tickets can be purchased for one, two or all three days of the event. A one-day ticket will cost $105 after all taxes and fees are included. If you want to get the full festival experience, then it will set you back $275. The daily lineup has already been released, so you can start planning your trip to New York right now. Make sure to add a ferry shuttle pass to your ticket purchase. The festival takes place on an island, and the ferry will be the only way to get to Panorama every day.

Panorama Music Festival Line-Up Set

It’s the time of the year when music fans begin planning their summer festival season. The lineup for the 2018 Panorama Music Festival was just announced and indie music fans everywhere are talking about this year’s eclectic mix of acts. Organized by Goldenvoice, the same organizers of Coachella, this festival has made a name for itself as one of the premier music festivals on the East Coast.

The three headliners of this year’s festival feature a varied mix of artists. Kicking off the festival as Friday’s headliner is The Weeknd. Hailing from Canada, The Weknd hit the U.S. scene in 2015 with the hit “Can’t Feel My Face”, which was quickly followed up with fan-favorite “The Hills”. Saturday’s headliner choice goes off script from the usual indie-dominated focus with Miss Janet Jackson. The iconic pop singer and dancer has been a prominent figure in the music industry for over 30 years. Panorama returns to the Indie music roots with The Killers concluding the show as Sunday’s headliner.

Other popular acts featured in the 2018 Panorama Music Festival include:

• Father John Misty
• Fleet Foxes
• War on Drugs
• St. Vincent
• Odesza
• The xx
• Migos

This year’s festival will be held July 27-29 at Randalls Island Park in New York City. Located on an island in the East River, this venue is centrally located between East Harlem, the South Bronx, and Queens. Randalls Island Park can be reached via subway, taxi, bike, or ferry.

Tickets go on sale Friday, February 2nd at 10:00am EST. A single day ticket will cost you $79 or you can purchase a 3-day pass starting at $230 for regular admission and running up to $450 for a VIP pass.

Why Entertainers Look To Clay Hutson to Produce Their Tours

As one might imagine trying to produce a world tour or even a one-off concert is not an easy feat. When an entertainer and their crew are able to pull off a successful concert or tour the audience often walks away satisfied not knowing that what they just witnessed was likely the work of hundreds of people who play a critical role in ensuring that a concert is executed without any hitches. The dreaded delays that can come during a live performance whether it is a show by a stand up comedian, a performance by a group of ballerinas or a highly anticipated show by an A-list performer due to technical difficulties are a testament to the fact that there is much more that goes into a smooth performance than the skill of the person on whom the literal spotlight is trained.


Performers are very much dependent on the stage crew who are responsible for building the sets that they execute their routines on. These crews are responsible for creating the literal landscape of the performer’s tour. For instance the Glow In The Dark tour by Kanye West saw the rapper standing on a moving platform that was covered in mist while images of outer space where projected on the wall behind him. The tour helped to define the rapper as an innovator in his genre and arguably could not have been pulled off without the assistance of a production management team. Production managers like Clayton Hutson are the hidden forces of nature who make legendary performances by the world’s favorite performers come true.


Clayton Hutson has spent years in the entertainment industry working as a production manager and a monitor engineer for various musicians and tours. Clayton Hutson has worked behind the scenes on tours for acts such as Aaron Lewis of the band Staind and R&B singer Maxwell. During his time working on the tour of Staind’s lead singer Aaron Lewis, Clay Hutson was in a role that saw him having various duties. The roles that he was responsible for executing during Aaron Lewis’ tour involved him serving as the monitor engineer and carrying out the quotidian duties that are required of a production manager and a tour manager. In addition to working behind the scenes for Aaron Lewis and Maxwell, Clay Hutson has also worked behind the scenes for other acts that include Marilyn Manson and the band OneRepublic. Learn more:


When SZA Stormed The Grammy Stage

When indie R&B artist SZA took the Grammy stage on January 28, she made quite a splash. SZA proved her critics wrong when she performed “Broken Clocks,” which is one of most well-loved tracks from SZA’s debut album. Wearing a pair of modest platform shows, SZA put in a performance that impressed virtually all of the major commentators. The performance was greatly enhanced by a world-class light show. Although SZA received more Grammy nominations than any other female performer, this dynamic artist went home without any awards.

Even though she didn’t win any Grammies, SZA must be satisfied with the overwhelmingly positive reaction to her televised performance. I think it is certainly possible that SZA will become a major force to be reckoned with. Although SZA is already quite successful in the world of indie R&B, she has yet to achieve mainstream success. Over the course of the next five years, it is highly likely that SZA will establish a large and healthy fan base.

SZA has a unique melodic sensibility. When you hear a SZA song, you hear melodies and harmonies that may stay with you for quite some time. Arguably, SZA’s music is more unique and memorable than the music of major artists like Beyonce and Rihanna. Although popular artists can be quite creative, there’s no question that independent artists tend to be far more quirky and individualistic. If SZA is going to continue to grow her fan base, she will need to become more sophisticated without losing her outsider sensibility. Most of all, I belive SZA must continue to express herself authentically. The public seems to have a pretenatural gift for sniffing out fakes and phones.

Franz Ferdinand: A New Sound

Back in 2004, the indie rock band Franz Ferdinand released “Take Me Out.” Because of its original disco-punk sound, the song was immensely popular. It appeared on their self-titled LP.

Since then, the band has evolved in new ways. Soon enough, Franz Ferdinand will be releasing another album for fans and new listeners everywhere, titled Always Ascending. This album will be the first one without their original guitarist Nick McCarthy. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy Franz Ferdinand’s new sound with their latest member, Julian Corrie.

Julian has been noted for adding electronics into the music of the album. According to the frontman of Franz Ferdinand, Alex Kapranos, it’s still their sound, “but it’s maybe trying to do some new things.”

It’s definitely exciting to think that this unique Scottish band has even more material for listeners to hold out for. If you’re a diehard fan of Franz Ferdinand, then you’ll be excited to hear them discuss their new album as well as changes made in their band online.

One of the most important parts of creating their upcoming album was to avoid over-focusing on any song in particular. Their producer, Phillipe Zdar, had made this rule perfectly clear to them. According to Kapranos, Zdar told the band that “All the other songs become jealous if you say what the single is.” This allowed for more freedom and creativity in composing their other tracks without having to compare any one song to another.

A funny fact about Franz Ferdinand is that, even fourteen years after their first hit, they haven’t grown to dislike it. Bands are frequently known to dislike their most popular hits because it’s something that they resent for whatever reason. One common example is Radiohead – they never play “Creep” live anymore since it was their first hit. However, Franz Ferdinand is still in favor of “Take Me Out,” which is the tune most people know them by.