Indie Music Icon David Byrne Releasing New Music and Touring

There is good news in the indie music scene: legendary musician and former Talking Heads bandleader David Byrne plans to release new music and to hit the road to support it. A Rolling Stone Magazine article covers Byrne’s plans to release an album of new material in March and to do a brief tour of North America to support it. This news is significant because Byrne has not performed extensively since 2009.

Although the tour will consist of only be six dates in the United States, fans have plenty to look forward to at these shows. Byrne plans to perform hits from his Talking Heads years along with his new music, so the gigs should be a delightful mix of the old and new. After the North American performances, Byrne plans to play some festivals in South America and Europe.

It seems that there will be some surprises for fans at his upcoming dates in terms of the stage setup. Interestingly, Byrne stated that no amplifiers, mixers, etc. will be visible to audience during the shows and that band members will use wireless gear as they roam the clutter-free stage at will. Byrne also said that he feels this new stage show will be his most ambitious since the famous Talking Heads “Stop Making Sense” setup.

Personally, I am glad to see Byrne back in action after what was, for him, a lengthy break. He’s been consistently releasing fresh material and touring behind it since the 1970’s, and it’s wonderful to see that he’s still going strong today. David Byrne is a true original, in my opinion; he’s an artist and thinker who challenges while entertaining. Not only has he recorded a vast catalog of diverse and wonderful music, he’s written extensively on the environment, urban planning and other issues. In short, he’s an intellectual rock star, and I’m looking forward to hearing his new music.

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