Oncotarget And The Remarkable Award-winning Cancer Cure Researchers Today

There is much news these days about Oncotarget’s research on potential therapies for breast cancer, but the ones that most stand out these days come from Oncotarget and Eureka Alert. In this article, we will recap some of these articles so you’ll have an idea of where the research is leading and what else is to be done in the search for the cure of cancer.


The Eureka Alert Article

In an article from Eureka Alert, it was shown that the new studies of Oncotarget had found new therapeutic strategies to find a cure for breast cancer. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.


In the article, it was found that the research published in Oncotarget has shown that there is a certain hormone therapy that can aggressively cure breast cancer if undergone by the patient.


With this specific protein, which is called the estrogen receptor beta, it is now easy for people with breast cancer to hope for a better and more promising remedy.


PRNewswire Report on Oncotarget Awardees


It might also be helpful for you to know in this article that there are currently four scientists that received grants from Oncotarget because of their work in biomedical research and Cancer science.

These scientists come from Aligarh Muslin University, University of Torino and National Institute of Immunolog.y based in India. Undoubtedly, these four researchers would be able to not only create the right strategies for breast cancer cure, but they can also provide a lot of hope for those in need.

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In the press release from PR NewsWire, it was disseminated that the scientific advances of these biomedical researchers would mean a lot in making sure that the future of breast cancer therapy will be promising.


Oncotarget’s Editor-in-Chief Mikhail Blagosklonny even said that the studies of breast cancer today would be so encouraging with the push of these four awardees that there will come a time that breast cancer will just be a thing of the past.


It is also noteworthy to say that Oncotarget‘s awardees would also mean that there’s more chance for research that comes from organic means to prosper in the search for breast cancer therapies. Watch this video on Youtube.

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