Mighty Fortress Church Bring Message Of Hope To Brooklyn, Minnesota Community

In Brooklyn, Minnesota, there is one place where people can come to feel a sense of community and a oneness with Jesus. A place where worship is as much as a time of celebration as it is a time of reflection. This place, Mighty Fortress Church, is home to some of the most passionate and hard-working messengers of the Holy Bible.

Ministered by Senior Pastor Dr. Tom R. Williams, Mighty Fortress International Ministries brings weekly services to the Brooklyn, Minnesota community through sermon and music. Spreading the Word of God, Dr. Williams uses his life experience and his insight into the Holy Scripture to bring enlightenment to a packed house of members of the community. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

One of the unique aspects of Mighty Fortress Church is that the ministry creates an intimate sense of community while still remaining open to anyone who wishes to hear the teachings of the Holy Scripture. So what is a weekly service like at Mighty Fortress Church? It is a joyous and life-affirming experience where lessons are taught by Dr. Williams followed by glorious music and song from the Mighty Fortress Church choir. Every week, a new lesson is learned as well as an opportunity for members of the church to connect with each other. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.com.

As overseer of Mighty Fortress Church, Senior Pastor Dr. Tom R. Williams works hard to spread the word of Christ during service as well as reach out to the poverty-stricken and needy throughout the community. With over 30 years experience spreading the word of God, Senior Pastor Williams has literally touched thousands in the Brooklyn, Minnesota community with his outreach and sermons.

Located at 6400 85th Avenue North, Mighty Fortress Church welcomes any and all peoples to attend their weekly services. It is this message of inclusiveness that helped the community strive through the message of the Holy Scripture.

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