New York Times Discusses Women in Indie Music

In a recent publication posted by the Nee York Times News Outlet, a contributor discussed the role of women in the new indie music scene across the United States and Britain. Specifically, the article focused on the development of the modern rock music industry by female musicians and recording artists. For the last two decades, indie rock music has made a relatively large impact on the mainstream music industry, at large. A huge part of the expansion of the indie music scene has been wrapped in the music of the talented female indie artists such as Lisa Skye, Tailor Maddox, Linda Begal, and Patricia Leavy. Each of these women have created new paths for themselves in the indie rock industry that were hitherto unexplored by predecessors, male or female.

In the decade long career of indie rock artist, Tailor Maddox, many metaphorical ceilings have been shattered. This stay at home mother of 8 children under the age of 12 has successfully broken into an industry that has been, since its professional establishment, dominated by men. The female rock artists who have been successful in mainstream rock and roll have not at all resembled Maddox in lifestyle, career moves, or boldness. The artist did not allow her passion for marriage and motherhood to stifle or be swallowed up by the dominant culture in the rock industry. Instead, she established an online presence via a musical blog which quickly amassed a following of more than 6 million rock lovers across the world. The rock artist has now completely revolutionized the way that women and mothers think about pursuing a career as an indie rock artist.

In an interview with Rollong Stone Magazine, Tailor Maddox states that her widespread success would not have been possible without the dawn of the tech revolution and the freedom afforded by free access to the internet. Maddox is a firm supporter of other females in the indie rock industry and attempts, through her blog, to encourage other artists to enter the industry.

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