Month: December 2017

Culture Trap Release First Single on Streaming Services

Culture Trap, an experimental acoustic folk band, from South Central, Kentucky, made their rounds last year on the Kentucky indie circuit, winning fans, industry insiders, and lovers of artistically poised storytelling music. Culture Trap resonate with a dark driving energy that leave their songs imprinted on the psyche, the heart, and the mind of the listener and the band bear enough weight lyrically to drive home tales of heartbreak, strained faith, and desperation. The duo consists mainly of vocalist Benjamin Foster, and guitarist John Copas, but the two are joined frequently by varying percussionists, and other musicians. Culture Trap recently released their first single on Spotify, Pandora, and various other music streaming providers.

‘City Don’t Sleep’ is a hauntingly beautiful lullaby about insomnia, loss of self, and being lost in a city that swallows you up. The lilting guitar on the track pulls the listener in and provides the swaying waltz melody of the guitar-and-vocal-only, stripped down, track. Lyrically, the song is a cascading, flowing, piece of poetry, weaving inner rhymes, and simple melodies, into an intricate, yet humble, piece of songwriting and craft. Though the song only features Foster and Copas, City Don’t Sleep is a study into the heart of this indie two-piece, with its two constant members offering up a heartfelt ballad sure to win further fans for the Kentucky based neo-folk project.

With the release of City Don’t Sleep, Culture Trap have established themselves in the national indie scene, and will further enhance their relationship with fans as they hit the road in 2018. With an upcoming video and second single release, the indie acoustic duo shows no signs of slowing down in the new year. With new supporting musicians, new songs, and new releases forthcoming, Culture Trap are supplying an ever changing and evolving sound for indie, acoustic, and folk fans. For information on upcoming Culture Trap shows, and to hear new releases as they drop visit the band’s Spotify at:

Liam Gallagher Performs New Single on Fallon

You can’t keep a good voice down.

Tuesday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, former Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher sang his new single “Come Back to Me.” This is the fifth single from Gallagher’s debut solo record called As You Were, which Rolling Stone magazine recently ranked as the 37th best album of 2017. It has also been a big seller, especially in Gallagher’s native UK. It not only debuted there at number one, it also outsold all the other albums in the top 10 combined.

With his trademark nasal voice, Gallagher belted out the track accompanied by lots of guitar distortion as well as a piano. He did this while barely moving during the song, with his hands in the pockets of his parka jacket. The one exception was at the climatic end of the song, when he got a little excited. He even applauded himself as he smiled.

Gallagher recently explained to Rolling Stone why he is so inanimate when he performs. He said that he’s thinking ahead to when he gets old, because there is no way at 80 he’s going to be dancing around stage like Mick Jagger. This way all he’ll have to do is stand while he sings.

Jimmy Fallon came to the stage after Gallagher’s performance, to greet the singer and promote both his album and current tour.

Liam Gallagher shot to fame in the 1990s with his brother Noel, in the indie rock band Oasis. The group sold tens of millions of records worldwide, with hits such as Definitely Maybe and (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? Though Liam’s much documented mercurial relationship with his brother eventually led to the band’s demise.

New Deal Helps Indie Artists Monetize Their Music

The digital rights association Merlin Network has announced a new deal with Dubset to help indie artists make money off of their songs that are being sampled by DJs without authorization. Merlin plans to share their vast catalog of indie tunes with Dubset’s MixBANK library. The digital media company uses their proprietary MixSCAN technology to analyze and identify individual songs sampled in mixes uploaded by DJs. The DJs then pay the relevant royalties to each artist and are able to legally distribute their music through online streaming sites. Dubset states that their MixSCAN technology takes only 15 minutes to analyze a one-hour track. In the aftermath of the deal with Merlin, MixBANK’s catalog has grown to include more than 30 million songs from more than 30,000 different music labels.

Merlin was founded in May 2008 and has quickly become the top digital rights agency for independent music in the world. As of 2017, the company has distributed $1 billion in royalty fees to indie artists. In 2017 alone, they paid out more than $350 million to indie musicians. The company represents around 20,000 labels like Beggars Group, Ninja Tune and Kobalt Label Services. Merlin is not just confined to indie European and American markets; they represent labels and music distributors from 45 different countries.

Dubset inked a similar deal earlier this year with Sony Music, allowing bootleg DJ mixes with samples by Sony artists to be distributed legally through services like Spotify and Apple Music. Sony artists like Michael Jackson, Sly and the Family Stone and Alicia Keys are particularly popular in online DJ remixes. By partnering with Dubset, Sony hopes to monetize thousands of remixes on SoundCloud that are currently unlicensed.

Industry analysts speculate that this new trend in licensing music after it is produced could change the way the online music industry works. Rather than paying royalties in advance, artists can now pay directly before uploading them to the web. Dubset’s system is much cheaper for samplers than other comparable services. It remains to be seen if other labels will take advantage of MixSCAN by partnering with Dubset.

Voices Rising Up From the Relatively Small Jazz Scene

At the moment, jazz isn’t really in the mainstream. It is thought of as something that was more popular in past generations. However, there is still a jazz scene, though it is very small.

New York may be the center of jazz, though there are many other cities with thriving jazz scenes. These cities include Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, there is a saxophonist by the name of Kamasi Washington. He has made it onto the national scene, working with Snoop Dog and Kendrick Lamar. He has also come out with an album called “The Epic.” In “The Epic,” a bunch of musicians from his hometown are featured. On the album, there is a choir consisting of 20 people, a string section and group called the West Coast Get Down.

Four members of that group came out with their own solo albums. There is much breadth and uniqueness to each of their styles.

The four men who made their own albums are Miles Mosley, Cameron Graves, Ronald Bruner and Stephen Bruner.

Miles Mosley finds inspiration in funk from the 1970s that veers toward being political. On the cover of his solo album, he is wearing a black beret and is staring into the camera. He is the bassist in Kamasi Washington’s album.

Cameron Graves is the pianist in Washington’s album. His own album is another take on the kinds of music that you find in Washington’s album.

Ronald Bruner is the drummer in Washington’s album. In his own album, there is steady intensity, and different songs on the album have different sounds to them. For example, one song has a progressive rock feel while another goes from being funk to trap.

Stephen Bruner is a bassist and vocalist in Washington’s album. In Bruner’s album, there is a hazy sound of electric fusion. His work is comparable to the work of artists from the 1980s, such as George Duke, Patrice Rushen and Stanley Clark.

Because Music to Release First US Label

There is some good news for Indie music fans. Because Music, a popular independent music company in Europe, has now struck a deal with Caroline to bring their music to the United States. This deal covers things such as promotion, marketing, and the release of Because Music’s first United States label. They will open an office in Los Angeles.

Caroline is owned by Universal Music Group. The deal does not only include the United States, but also 20 other countries. The deal will take place at the beginning of 2018. The only exception is France, where the deal will take place in 2019.

Because Music is a popular independent music firm that was founded 12 years ago. It includes singers such as Major Lazer. Because Music said in a statement that they are happy to have access to various new resources for marketing, promotion, and distribution while maintaining the independence of singers.

Universal Music Group also praised the deal, saying that the head of Because Music is very talented and is very admired.

This new deal with Caroline does not include digital distribution. It seems that Because Music will stream directly on digital through its Merlin membership. Because Music can handle the digital distribution on its own, so they don’t really need it. They will benefit from a better marketing and distribution system for their physical records.

Because Music was founded in 2006 by Emmanuel de Buretel. He is the former President of Virgin Records France and EMI Continental Europe. Because Music acquired the records of over sixty singers from Warner Music Group in 2016. They have an exclusive license for all records that are released on Phantasy. They are also the ones who release all recordings from Ed Banger Records. They distribute records for Big Beat, 300 Entertainment, and other subsidiaries of Atlantic Records.

Neurocore Brain Performance Center: Changing the Face of Mental Illness Treatment

In recent years, more information has been made available on Depression, and a variety of associated mental illnesses, thanks to advancements in studies, research, and science. Depression is the leading cause of disability in young people, and the second leading cause of death. Though Depression can occur due to pre-existing stressors, it can develop without outside factors, and can often times be hard to notice in sufferers. This is only made worse by the illness going untreated, and unreported, by two thirds of those it affects. As one of the most common illness in America, slowly more and more is being discovered to help treat the debilitating illness, even though further funding and research is needed to develop a comprehensive understanding of Depression.

See more information about Neurocore at

Though Depression can affect you in a variety of negative ways, even the most severe cases are treatable. With their revolutionary approach to mental illness therapy, Neurocore Brain Performance Center is providing Depression sufferers new hope in restoring their mood, mindset, and drive for life. Neurocore can also provide and assist in the treatment of a variety of similar and associated mental illnesses and issues, including ADHD, Autism, anxiety, stress, Migraines, and sleep disorders. Using qEEG technology, Neurocore first develops a comprehensive brain profile using diagnostic testing including Electroencephalogram testing (EEG), Heart Rate Variability testing (HRV), and an Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test (IVA). Once completing and analyzing the data from the diagnostics, Neurocore will develop a personalized brain training program, enhanced by biofeedback, to help your mind and body fully function once more. Follow Neurocore on

The ultimate goal of Neurocore’s treatments are to better assist brainwaves into functioning correctly, consistently, through therapies provided by the latest qEEG technologies. By focusing on re-training the brain, Neurocore Brain Performance Center has helped provide many with greatly diminished symptoms and many more with long lasting results, allowing them to live their lives to the fullest once again. A study published in March of 2017 by Elsye K. White, Ph.D., shows that the vast majority of those treated by Neurocore go on to experience clinically substantial changes. For more information on Neurocore Brain Performance Center, or to find out how you can participate in their clinical trials in their Michigan and Florida locations, visit Neurocore online at


Fabletics Empowers All Women

Fabletics has done what no other company dared to try; they took on Amazon. Many people think that this would be a mistake; in fact, that is exactly what many business gurus said. They pointed out that Fabletics was trying to take on a company that already owned 20% of market share in the online fashion marketplace. However, Kate Hudson did not let this stop her. Today, she has a company worth over $250 million.


One reason that Fabletics has done so well in taking on Amazon is that it is true to Hudson’s principles. One of her associates has gone on record to state, “If there’s one thing that I learned about Kate, it’s that she will not do it if it’s not authentic to her.” Amazon is a corporation that has little heart. Hudson however, loves her customers and Fabletics has succeeded because of that.


Another reason that Fabletics has done so well in taking on Amazon is that Hudson believes in empowering women on a personal level, something that Amazon cannot do, and she has dedicated her company to make that a reality. Demi Lovato, Disney star, and pop singer said, “The company is all about inspiring women … to be strong, and it doesn’t matter what shape, or size, or age. It’s just about empowering women, and I love that.”


A third reason that has done so well in taking on Amazon is that Hudson has created brand loyalty. Fabletics came about during a time when customer trust and loyalty was at an all-time low. One of the ways she said she would set her company apart was by building strong relationships with the customers and earning their trust. She did this by connecting with local community dealers and retailers and running local events and activities through them. This made locals feel that Fabletics cared about them. Soon, Kate Hudson saw a trust score of 96%, 85% of sales made by repeat customers, and 50% of those entering her store as hardcore Fabletics loyalists.


Anyone who is interested in seeing whatFabletics has to offer would be wise to take the six question lifestyle quiz. The Lifestyle Quiz will get to know your physical size, activity level, and daily routine and then select clothes for you that will inspire and empower you to go out there and achieve all that you can.

Should Indie Music Artists Be Worried By Billboard’s Recent Rule Change?

Billboard is known for their domination of the traditional mainstream music industry with their top 40, top 100, and top 200 charts. But recently, the entity made a startling announcement. They said that in 2018 they will weight the rankings differently than before.

To understand the meaning of this change, it’s important to understand that until 2012, streaming services like Spotify didn’t count toward rankings at all. It was all about album sales and radio play. But times changed, and so did Billboard, thanks to major artists like Taylor Swift pushing for more recognition of their music in other forms.

Now, Billboard is shaking things up again. They recently announced that they will decrease the amount that Youtube views and Spotify listens count toward the top 100 and top 200 rankings.

The reason is supposedly to reflect more on sales, like a movie would. You wouldn’t rate a movie as one of the best before it came out, but rather when the ticket sales proved it was a success.

With music, it seems that the short listening time and smaller file sizes make it easier to distribute online. People have parties, drive, and do homework with their earbuds in and speakers on. And when they do this, they often go to Youtube or Spotify.

And that’s the problem that we are faced with today. Is radio play really relevant in 2017 and beyond? Are album sales really reflective of how popular a song is and how often it is listened to?

For example, a song with 100 million views but small album sales could not be deemed irrelevant in common sense reality. But Billboard and the companies it serves are interested in their mainstream music agenda. It’s not about what’s getting listened to but what’s bringing in the money and what these entities can control.

For Indie music it’s clear that connecting with fans is worth it at any cost. Even if it means a drop in rankings, bands should continue to use Youtube and Spotify to get noticed. After all, who checks Billboard anymore anyway?

How Billboard’s New Rating System Could Affect Indie Music

Indie music has always been like the little brother of mainstream music. While entire award ceremonies, music videos, and huge amounts of cash are injected into big artists, the indie market gets left out on a lot of this.

Now, Billboard’s new move to change how they rank their charts in 2018 could shake things up even more for indie artists.

A lot of young and growing bands are relying on free streaming and video sites like Youtube. And in 2012, Billboard realized this and started incorporating these into their top 100, top 200, and other rankings.

But now the industry wants to move things in the direction of more money, unsurprisingly. Instead of giving sites like Youtube as much weight in the rankings (where most of the indie and up and coming artists connect with fans) they are taking those away while adding more strength to paid services like Apple Music and Amazon Music.

In a way, it is more fair because if people truly enjoy a certain kind of music they will often buy some sort of track from the artist. Then again, with today’s younger generation (who move the needle in terms of pop and hip hop) they are looking more to online and free sources for their musical content.

Indie music could get help from the new ranking system if it turns out that their fans are loyal enough to pay them. But there still seems to be a big difference between what people are willing to pay for and how people listen to their music on the go or at parties.

Then there is the question of relevance. Do young people even care about Billboard anymore? Do you know any under-25 people who actually cares about the official charts, or who even listens to radio instead of Spotify, Youtube, or Podcasts?

As Billboard and traditional pop music struggles with staying relevant, one has to wonder if this move away from Youtube and Spotify (where most young people go for their favorite tunes) is going to help them as their influence wanes.

Role of Michael Lacey and his Journey to Success

Michael Lacey is known to a prominent mathematician. What he studied was award twit the honor of Ph.D. from the Illinois University in the year 1987. The thesis of his studies as in the area of probability. His work has proved to be helpful in the same field that touches on the ergodic theory and the harmonic probability.

Michael Lacey as a professor has served in many positions at different universities such as Louisiaa State University and the North Caroline. He joined the faculty in the Georgia Tech in the year 1996, and the research has been recognized and earned many accolades in various parts of the law. His significant role is marked by the characters that he has played in different position while serving as the director of the grants dealing with training.

This has boosted the support of many undergraduate students and offered pieces of advice to them on how to handle the matters of their studies. His pragmatic skills have contributed a lot to the society through the support that he has offered to many students. In addition to that, Michael Lacey through his researches has assisted the area of mathematics in solving different problems as the act as the referral books.

Michael Lacey, much of his work has contributed much to the position that he is holding in the society. He is currently a member of the American mathematical community through collaboration with many scholars of mathematics across America to push them research of mathematics to the required level. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

There are a lot of the programs that are associated with the projects carried out by the Michael Lacey. Mathematics students across the globe frequently attend the mathematics Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs).

This has helped them to familiarize themselves with many programs which are building the concrete foundation for them in the field of mathematics. REUs concentrates on the facts of the mathematics in the area of research to set a basis for the young scholars of mathematics.

Michael Lacey has been recognized as one of the best professors that are playing the substantial role in the world of mathematics.

Learn more about Michael Lacey: