Rick Maguire gives insight into posture and purpose in 10 years of Indie Rock

Maguire is a band member of Pile, who recently turned ten years, releasing their sixth album, A Hairshirt of Purpose. Maguire, 31, lately more than ever gives deep thought to the impression the world receives from them regarding their posture. The album explored new territory, having had devoted followers for a decade now, while still maintaining that burst of energy that has been their signature over the years.

A gamut of livelihood

Pile, which began as a solo project by Maguire, started out in the basement-rock scene of Boston but went on to spawn many releases, developing conceptual records from other bands in the area, and building a reputation based on their energetic and sweaty shows. Their latest version, A Hairshirt of Purpose, encompasses the complications of adulthood, all the way from politics on “Worms” to the literal and figurative expression for cleaning house on “Fingers.” Pleading guitar, agitated drums amidst Maguire’s guttural yelling in “Hissing for Peace” bring about chaos, while “Leaning on a wheel” delicately portrays the heartbreaks a stagnant relationship can cause.

A Hairshirt Of Purpose is lengthy and knotted, exploring the scope of humanity and leaves plenty to think. Maguire is himself a polite and reflective person and notably calm whenever it comes to his status as a hero in the Indie scenery. Despite the ten years, he still adjusts to this situation and hesitantly relaxed towards it.


Maguire found inspiration as a 9-year-old from Green Day and Weezer and knew that is what he wanted to do. Although growing up, he would want to turn out different, those opened up his eyes to the path he followed. Maguire would, later on, admire the connection Ian MacKaye of Fugazi used to create with the audience, and that kept him going for the past decade. The 31-year-old says that Pile gives him the opportunity to be an excellent person and he hopes to continue helping them back.

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