Month: October 2017

Orange Coast College Architecture Students tour DeNova Homes

Just the other day, DeNova Homes played host to students from Orange Coast College, one of the country’s best transfer schools located in Orange County, California. DeNova Homes is a leading, private and family-owned home builder based in California with over two and a half decades of experience in the construction industry. The educational event was graced by the Division President Alan Toffoli who gave a speech at the OCC campus. Learn more:

Later that day, The Architecture students were given a tour inside and around DeNova Home’s two model homes the further proceeded to their ongoing construction site at Aura. Alan Toffoli reaffirmed their continued commitment to community outreach by expressly stating the importance of giving back to the community while at the same time showing their support of future talent.

Aura consists of 33 meticulously designed residences with a deliberate effort to complement the unique Orange County location while at the same time bringing out the city’s coastal beauty. It also features three-floor plans, each with either three or up to four bedrooms with a study and/or loft. These two-story homes cover an area of up to 2,143 to 2,401 square feet. Each home comes with its own private yard and a two-car attached garage. There is also an additional driveway parking in case the garage is full or just don’t feel like parking in the garage.

Aura’s home interiors feature excellent finishes including hand-laid designer-selected tile floors in entry, kitchen, and master bath. They are also equipped with plush carpeting and the beautiful European Quartz countertops throughout the home. Additional interior features such as shaker-style designer cabinets, and a Bertozzoni stainless steel appliance package is also included. Aura’s home exteriors are also complete with front yard landscaping. They are highlighted by three different elevations namely, Modern Farmhouse, Plantation, and Spanish. Their starting price point is at $800,000.

Homebuyers who want more information on this project can join the list of interested individuals at or call: (714) 424-9000. Interested brokers are also encouraged to get in contact with DeNova Homes by the above-given means.


Research Now Cements the Vibrancy of Podcastone

Norman Pattiz is the owner of PodcastOne which is among the United States largest network provider of traffic programming, talk, entertainment, sports among others. Pattiz is also the founder and owner of Westwood One which now owns, manages and distributes NBC radio networks, talk shows, syndicated music, Olympic games, march madness among others. Learn more:


Norman was appointed in the year 2002 by the then president, Bush, to serve at the broadcasting board of governors with his primary duty at the board being to oversee the non-military broadcasting services such as the Middle East Broadcasting, radio liberty, radio free Europe and the voice of America. Working on the board, he successfully launched Farsi broadcasting that reached out to a weekly audience of 40 million people. What’s more, he conceived and launched the American Arabic language television and radio station that now reaches out to more than 22 million countries in the Middle East.


The results of the progressive, inclusive studies in five leading customer brands are finally out thanks to the vice president of Edison research strategy and PodcastOne CEO, Norman Pattiz. The research that took place in the last six month of 2016 showed interesting statistics. The result indicated that there was an improvement in the independent product responsiveness by 47% for the financial service product, 24% for the garden and grass product and 37% for the car after-market goods.


The post research revealed that close to a third of the respondents had positive feedback from the car-after market goods and this went up 18% from the previous research. 22% of those interviewed after the product launch noted that they were almost convinced about the lawn and garden product which was up 16% before research. The response from a specific car promotion was up 60% before and after the promotion

The research meant to observe the viability of podcast marketing in promoting national brands.


The online surveys conducted were done before the launch of the products campaigns and later repeated after the brand had covered more than five weeks of promotions using the same tactics. The outcome of the research indicated that people were more receptive to brand messages and this is an indication of the willingness to purchase the brands. According to Norman, PodcastOne focuses on setting out superior brand awareness before conventional product advertising, and the results from the survey goes ahead to validate the integrated approach to advertising. Learn more:

Freedom Life Insurance Has Consumer Oriented Products

Life insurance is a subject that not many people talk about much less understand. They seem to understand the concept, but they are not really familiar as to how it could specifically work for them. The Freedom Life Insurance Company has some help and answers for that dilemma.

Life insurance is available in two different types of policies, the term life insurance policy and the permanent life insurance policy. Term life insurance is a policy that lasts for only a certain period of time, or a term of years.

Typically policies are available for 10, 15, 20, and 30 year periods of time. Term insurance expires at the end of the term and there is no coverage. Because of this, term policies are very inexpensive. Learn more about Freedom Life Insurance:

Permanent life insurance is a policy that will be in force for as long as the insured person remains alive. When the insured dies, then a death benefit is paid to a beneficiary who is named by the policy owner. Permanent life insurance contains a cash value which is actually a reserve against the rising mortality risk that accrues as a person ages.

Because of the cash value of a permanent life insurance policy, the premium remains level as opposed to term insurance which can have increasing premiums.

The cash value can be borrowed from a permanent policy which reduces the death benefit by the amount of the loan. If and when the loan is repaid, then the death benefit reverts to its original amount.

According to Bloomberg, Freedom Life Insurance offers both of these types of policies and in many cases will combine the two in order to meet the needs of the client as well as their budget. Many term policies can be converted to permanent policies without regards to the health of the insured, so down the road a person can make the choice to solidify their life insurance portfolio in this way.

The highly experienced agents of Freedom Life Insurance are experts at helping family and business consumers plan their needs for life insurance so that if key people in a business or the income earners in families should die prematurely, the business or family will not have to suffer the economic consequences of that death.

SahmAdrangi Efforts in Researching The conducts Of Various Sectors

When you want success, you have to input more effort to achieve your goals.  SahmAdrangi started the company with a net capital of $1 million which through hard work and much input, he now boasts of a company worth $150 million as accounted at period ending July 2007.This is what SahmAdrangi, the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management did in 2009 because he had a lot of skills and wanted to achieve his goals as young as he was.

This guy performs many types of research as he is always an enthusiast who wants to know how he can improve his business and short sells the ideas so that he can help other people too. His ideas include the organization he runs view on the stock market and explaining different misconceptions that people fail to understand. He became a famous time when he exposed the Chinese giants like the China Marine Food Group for security issues that they bleached and failure of enforcement actions from the Exchange Commission and the Securities. He is an interesting person and is always willing to share the results with the various researchers he conducts so that he can assist other firms to make improvements by sharing his expertise.

Recently, his interest has been the biotechnology sector where he researched the about the companies including companies such as Unilife, Sage Therapeutics, Pulse Biosciences He never forgot about the mining sector as it is another important sector. He had a big question on the prospects and marketing evaluations of several companies like the Northern Dynasty Minerals. The other sectors he researched on is the telecommunications where he shared his findings exposing the Terrestrial Low Power Service in a live broadcast.

He has spoken to the people in many conferences held including Sohn Conference, the activist Investor conference. He has participated in many and sharing his views from the researchers he conducts on various sectors knowing that businesses must run for the growth of economies while maintaining sanity through proper implementation of the strategies laid out. His efforts never went down in vain as his proxy contests lead to the replacement of the directors of Morgans Hotel Group.




Dr. Mark Mckenna’s Road to Success

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor, who held a degree in medicine from the Tulane University Medical school. After completing his course, Mark practiced medicine with his dad. While working with his father Mark was also investing in real estate and thus started the Dr. Mckenna Venture Investments. Hurricane Katrina, a storm that hit Orleans in 2005, destroyed Mark’s property but mark redeveloped low, moderate income houses as a result of rebuilding New Orleans.

Dr. Mark became the CEO of OVME in July 2017.OVME is a medical aesthetics company. Gianine McKenna is the wife of Dr. McKenna’s, and they have two children Milanna Elle and Ryder

Dr. Mark says that the idea for OVME came as a result of working in many medical aesthetic industries. Dr. Mckenna wakes up at 6:30 am and takes his breakfast together with his daughter. Dr Mark heads into work at 8 am, works till 6 pm and heads home for dinner. After dinner, Dr. Mark trains in Jiu-Jitsu training until 9 pm and later goes home where he works until he dozes off.

Dr. Mark sets goals and practices visualization for him to bring his ideas to reality. Dr. Mark also meditates in a quiet place every day. Dr. Mark claims that the combination of setting goals and mediation is the best recipe for success. Dr. Mckenna is delighted because of reduced smoking in America. Dr. Mark is also a voracious reader a trait that has made him more productive in entrepreneurship. Dr. Mark also claims that surrounding himself with smart and right people is one strategy that has also made him very successful as a business man.

Dr. Mark advises young people to take more time to find their passion since he believes that there is no need for making quick decisions which don’t have directions. Dr. Mark also advises the community to read books that motivate them in their lines of works. Dr. Mckenna also claims that using money wisely is another trait that everyone should adopt.

Incredible Facts about Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is licensed as a medical doctor in Surgery and Medicine by the Giorgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. He is well known as a patient advocate and community servant. He graduated from Tulane University Medical School and later joined his father in the medical profession.

He Launched McKenna Venture Investments while practicing medicine. It was a boutique real estate development firm that that soon acquired and launched the Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. By bad fortune, the company experienced heavy losses in 2005 as a result of the effects of Hurricane Katrina. However, this did not stop Mark McKenna from rebuilding low-moderate income housing in New Orleans.

He relocated his business to Atlanta in 2007 where he launched ShapeMed, wellness, and aesthetic based medical firm. The firm was, nonetheless, sold to Life Time Fitness Inc in 2014. He served as the National Medical Director for the company until 2016. McKenna is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of OVME, a consumer-facing, technology-enabled, pharmaceutical aesthetic firm.

He is married and has one daughter. He is currently serving as a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. He has also served as a board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the New Orleans Industrial Development board. He is a passionate medical doctor whose medical work in OVME was inspired by over a decade of experience. He is credited for having built one of the most significant medical aesthetics company in America. He ultimately sold the company to a publicly traded company.

He believes in setting goals for himself through the process of visualization and meditation. He views that success comes as a result of setting high goals. He is an avid reader who believes that his liking for reading makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. His main wish for the American society is to see an America where the habit of smoking is put in check. He is significantly perturbed by the myriad of health conditions which are caused by smoking. His most significant role models are personalities such as Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, and Elon Musk.

Richard Blair Is a Financial Planning Wizard

Wealth Solutions is the name of a widely known registered investment advisory agency that’s located in Bee Cave, Texas. The firm’s office is open on weekdays. People who wish to visit it on weekends, however, can easily set up appointments for meetings. This agency specializes in a number of services. These include retirement planning, financial planning and wealth management. People who have retired and who want to secure comfortable and worry-free lives regularly reach out to the team at Wealth Solutions. People in general who want to have financial comfort frequently depend on the company as well. This company accommodates the needs of all different kinds of clients ( Examples of these are wealthy people and families. Wealth Solutions regularly assists people who own smaller businesses of all types as well.


The Wealth Solutions team is more than qualified to help people take care of all of their financial planning needs. These professionals understand that people are all equipped with specific financial objectives. They know that people are always interested in advice and guidance that’s clear, honest and transparent. They also know that people want to be able to take charge of their financial destinies. Wealth Solutions is a firm that gives clients access to custom wealth management approaches that can provide them with peace of mind.


Richard Blair is the head of Wealth Solutions. This financial advisor also happened to create the company himself. He had a big objective in mind when he first came up with the idea for Wealth Solutions. His aim was to help small business owners, families and people. He wanted to help them attain all of their financial dreams with ease. That still is his aim as well. Blair is a professional who spends a significant portion of time teaching people. He teaches them the ins and outs of proper financial planning. He teaches them about strong investment practices, too. Education has always meant a great deal to Blair. He’s related to many talented and committed educators. He married a teacher. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with the people he comes across. That’s the reason he decided to make it his vocation.


Blair has been working in the financial services world since the beginning of the nineties. He landed his first position in the field back in 1993. That wasn’t long after he graduated. Blair works hard to help people get ready for cozy and stress-free existences.


It Is Possible To Enjoy Delicious Foods And Carbs While Losing Weight


Many individuals do not believe it is possible to eat pasta and white bread and still be able to lose weight. The fact is, yes this is possible. Some people believe pasta and white breads are not good for an individual’s health, and can add inches to the waist. There are also people who just do not like the multigrain and whole-grain versions. This does not mean everyone who sits down and enjoys a delicious, and enticing bowl of pasta is going to gain a lot of weight.


The secret of maintaining a healthy weight is to eat mindfully. This philosophy states an individual can eat almost anything if they remain conscious of exactly what they are eating, and when they choose to eat. An excellent example is instead of consuming a foot-long sub made of white bread, or an enormous bowl of white pasta, try an alternative. Eat a one cup bowl of pasta, or choose a six-inch white bread sub instead. This is simply referred to as portion management, and a part of numerous plans designed for appropriate, and healthy eating.


Another excellent alternative can help lower the glycemic load carried by the body. This is accomplished by pairing a combination of protein, refined carbs, and fat. Another good example is when an individual has a taste for pasta for the evening meal, pair it with a nice piece of salmon to ensure the body receives both the healthy omega-3 fats and protein necessary for health, and balance. Another healthy, and delicious alternative is to make turkey meatballs topped with a tasty red sauce with an olive-oil base. This will allow the body to focus on the absorption of the nutrients contained in the fat, and protein, and help prevent the refined carbs being immediately turned into sugar. This is a lot more than simply a way to lose weight. This is a way of eating that will become a healthier habit, and encourage a healthy pattern for the future.


One of the worst things an individual can do is overthink everything. When a person chooses to eat simple carbs is not as important as remembering portions, and refraining from overindulging. When a bowl of pasta is consumed during the dead of night, eat a healthier breakfast. When the night was spent sleeping instead, there is nothing wrong with having a moderate portion of pasta for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The food choices made by any individual are a reflection of the context of their lifestyle. When an individual is in sync with their sleeping patterns, and is making certain to practice mindfulness, this will be a healthy contribution to both weight, and health. The most important pillars of maintaining a healthy weight are sleep, stress, physical activity, and nutrition. The bottom line is when individuals practice a predominantly healthy lifestyle, there are more available possibilities. An individual who maintains a balanced lifestyle can eat incredibly well, and eat whatever they want, provided they practice moderation.


Another excellent example of how an individual can eat healthier, and lose weight without having to give up delicious food or amazing tastes is Nutrisystem for men. They provide enticing meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They even offer incredible desserts, and snacks. Their menu includes biscotti bites, chocolate biscotti bites, cinnamon rolls, and buttermilk waffles for an enticing breakfast. Lunch, and dinner offer amazing choices like a chicken mozzarella melt, four cheese melts, BBQ seasoned chicken, chicken parmesan, broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast, and a black bean polenta enchilada with white meat chicken. The sensational snacks, and desserts include chocolate peanut butter bars, cheesecake flavored bars, chocolate cupcakes, double chocolate caramel bars, dark chocolate and sea salt nut bars, and chocolate brownie Sundays. After all, the best way to lose weight is to do so while enjoying delicious foods.

A Look Into The Life And Work Of Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a renowned legal writer and attorney who has had vast experience and success in both careers, he began his journey in law and as a writer after completing his studies.

He is a brilliant litigator and has been known to have incredible skills when it comes to research. Karl has exceptional skills in negation as well as interrogation and clients, as well as colleagues, are witness to his brilliance in interpreting laws, a high understanding of legal jargon and a remarkable attorney in the court.

He has attained vast knowledge and skills in several fields pertaining law like commercial and civil litigation, employment law, product liability, corporate law, intellectual property protection, legal writing, trials, appeals, arbitration as well as mediation. He has attained his skills through years of experience and a high education background, he started his higher education at Swarthmore College where he studied English and literature and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts. This background has been key to his success in his writing career with several popular legal posts. In addition to his dream of being a writer Karl Heideck aspired to be a lawyer too, and so six years later he joined Temple Beasley School of Law where he attained a master’s in law and a certified lawyer.

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After completing school, he acceded to a few law firms were through the cases that he worked and the duties performed at the office Karl was able to stand on his own and later he started his legal blog. Karl has written some notable works which he hopes that through this articles he would be able to help companies who take care of the well-being of those it has employed. A few of this post is about a lawsuit filed against the Wells Fargo by the state of Philadelphia. Another post was one where he wrote about a new law in Pennsylvania that required toddlers seated in car seats should face towards the rear of the car as well as one that talked about some of the most peculiar laws in Pennsylvania. Karl Heideck has also written about what it entails to be a litigation lawyer and may more posts that he hoped would improve relationships between staff and employee.

Karl Heideck currently offers legal counsel mainly related to corporate governance and employment proceedings. He serves various corporations in the state of Pennsylvania as well as other national corporations.

Visit for more information about Karl Heideck.

From a College Wait-list to Private Practice – Dr. Jennifer Walden

In the world of plastic surgery, Jennifer Lee Walden has built quite a reputation for herself. This successful doctor has focused her career on successful education, extensive research, and private business. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, she comes from a family that was deeply involved with medicine. Her father was a dentist while her mother worked as a surgical nurse, thus facilitating her interest in a medical career. Dr. Jennifer Walden graduated as a salutatorian, the second best, in her graduate class at the University of Texas Medical Branch after being waitlisted for admittance. She then accepted a fellowship and did a tenure in New York. After giving birth to twin sons, however, Dr. Walden came back to Texas to raise her children near her family. There, she started her own practice in Westlake Hills.

As a fellow at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, Dr. Walden took part in significant research that enabled people to reintroduce silicone breast implants to the market. Many of her successful endeavors helped her get featured on some of the nation’s news outlets such as ABC, Fox News, and VH1. There, she was introduced as an “expert commentator” who spoke on plastic surgery topics.

Something that differentiates Dr. Walden’s private practice from many others is the use of modern technology. She utilizes 3-D Imaging with some additional state-of-art devices that help her patients get what they need. The extracurricular involvement that this doctor perseveres is just as impressive as her resume. She is a member of organizations such as American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Furthermore, she has also accepted a fellowship offer from the American College of Surgeons. Thus, when not helping her patients and running her practice, Dr. Walden maintains her active involvement with the medical community and other plastic surgeons.