Month: June 2017

More Big Name Artists Are Going Indie

Seems as if a huge paradigm shift is happening within the music world. More and more big name artists are deciding to go at it DYI style.


Recently this year, rap superstar Ludacris released a new album named “Vitamin D” with partner Ty Dolla $ign. They are using an independent distributor called DistroKid. DistoKid allows artists to feature their music on their site much like Amazon Books allows indie authors to do the same. DistoKid and the artist then share royalties.


Ludacris’ fans were able to sign up through DistroKid to receive a text message directly from the rapper letting them know when his album dropped. With over 24 million records sold and a social media following of around 40 million people, this is a great move for Ludacris. Being able to take his music directly to his fan base makes it a more personal experience for both the artist and the fans.


There was a time in the good old days (well, maybe not too good for artists) that the mere thought of going solo brought chills down the spine. Furthermore, even thinking of winning any big music awards was unthinkable. But today, the internet is changing all of that. As oil companies are facing the music of green technology, big time music producers are now facing the same problems. Big corporate America is seeing a huge tectonic shift as technology is sweeping across the globe and making it easier for people to take control of their destinies.


Chance The Rapper is an example of how indie artists are breaking down global barriers without the need of big music labels. The Chicago rapper came to the spotlight in 2013 when he dropped his second mixtape “Acid Rap”. Since he uploaded his mixtape online, it has been downloaded over 1 million times and counting. He made music history when in 2016 his album “Coloring Book” won three Grammy Awards. It was the first streaming-only album to win a Grammy.


Mount Eerie’s Album is a Portrait of Real Grief

Many musical artists pride themselves in being able to channel an emotion into an album. For example, many folks are familiar with musical albums exploring the feelings of a failed relationship. Other albums might tap into the grief of losing a loved one. However, if the artist is already an extremely wealthy performer, these albums can seem manufactured and hollow. Yes, the artist may be sincere, but it is hard to feel bad for a musical artist who has the financial ability to drown their sorrows in luxury goods worth millions of dollars.


Thankfully, many artists in the indie music scene don’t have to worry about this obstacle. Many indie musical artists are far from wealthy. This includes the artist Phil Elverum, also known as Mount Eerie. His 2017 album A Crow Looked at Me is the most beautiful and heartbreaking album in decades. Part of this beauty stems from Mount Eerie’s talent. However, a good part of it can also be attributed to the brutal honesty and sincerity behind the artist’s motivation for the album.


On July 9, 2016, Phil Elverum’s wife, Genevieve Castree, passed away from pancreatic cancer. This was shortly after the birth of the couple’s daughter. Elverum has received positive reviews for his music in the past, but he has never been wealthy. In fact, after his wife’s passing, a GoFundMe account was opened to help support Elverum and his infant daughter.


In the midst of this grief, Mount Eerie composed A Crow Looked at Me to channel his emotions and honor his late wife. The resulting record is touching, haunting, and unforgettable. Nobody can call this a fake record. The album has received widespread acclaim from critics, and it is the type of praise only an indie artist can claim. Listening to this album is like staring into a black ocean of grief to become hypnotized by the ripples and waves. You must listen to it.


Bjork’s Ascent Into VR, “Notget” Part II

Bjork’s style is nothing if not unique. The second part of her music video “Notget” depicts her style beautifully. As well as incorporating new visual elements, Bjork’s unique voice (both aural and of the deeper variety) shine through in her newest work. Her style has an iconic, repetitive theme of cocoon and insect-type stylistics. She seems to truly connect with her outfits and become one with them, rather than it appearing obvious she is wearing a costume. Somehow the strangest of costumes seem to belong on her.

Her music video starts with a greyscale unfolding of color as it slowly bleeds open into the frame. She evolves and transforms into an unusual creature, still adorning the iconic childlike smile that has always been a part of her work. With neon colors and bright, glittering lights, nothing about Bjork’s style is subtle.

Virtual reality has become Bjork’s weapon of choice when expressing herself. She has taken the limits of the technology and combined what appears to be an organic and digital synthesis of her unique approach, and created something new: a human-like, music-making machine. Unlike many other musicians, she is completely and wholly embracing the technological advance into the unknown. Instead of running away from virtual reality in fear of misunderstanding or misusing it, she has taken it by the horns and used it to extend her creative limits. She is an old soul with a young heart, and her embrace of technology interwoven with her music has given us a peek into what it means to create. Her way of expressing herself has changed along with technology.

Bjork’s use of virtual reality suggests she is open-minded, playful, creative and ready to embrace that which is unknown. Despite the ever-changing critique of her unusual and surprising creative antics, it is clear she is following her own path of authenticity and she will keep pushing forward. She seems to understand that virtual reality doesn’t offer artists limits, it reveals ways of self-expression and creativity. The only limit, if there is one, resides inside the human imagination.

Radiohead’s New Music Video, “I Promise”

Radiohead’s new video, “I Promise”, resounds with haunting beauty. “I Promise” is an official release of an old track only performed at concerts and on B-sides of their records. The song conveys a different side to Radiohead, one that seems to be like a swan-song to their concluding tour of A Moon Shaped Pool.


Radiohead’s upcoming album is a reissue of OK Computer called OKNOTOK. The music video has timeless Radiohead-esque tales of detachment, technological advancement and human detachment. A bus drives on with passengers soullessly peering out of its windows with blank, empty stares. Revealed to be an animatronic shell, the video hints at what it means to be detached from the hustle and bustle of life and all its humdrum and harrowing experiences.


As the robot tries to fall asleep, he is reminded of lost memories of a woman crying. The robot begins to cry and have an emotionally cathartic release, before the video sweeps into a quietly haunting conclusion.


The video’s director, Mark Pritchard, also directed a music video featuring a single by Thom Yorke called Beautiful People.


Thom Yorke said his album OK Computer had inspiration from his lack of connection with other humans while touring for The Bends. He said that he felt paranoid and disconnected from everyone, and that writing was his way of reconnecting to other human beings.


Always in transit, Thom Yorke used these feelings of alienation and disconnection to create new, beautiful soundscapes and lyrics. Their re-release of OK Computer includes a special boxed edition. Included in this special edition are three black 12” vinyl records, a hardcover book featuring artwork, and full transcriptions to the lyrics. Thom Yorke’s personal library of handwritten notes and a sketchbook with a cassette tape mix are also included.

Oli Companies are not Bad as they Appear

Cotemar is a petroleum company in Mexico that offers the best gas and oil while taking the environment, security and protection into consideration while working to be the best company in the country with the driven leadership within the organization.


The five values that Cotemar emphasizes the most is Integrity, Reliability, Innovation, Collaboration, and Responsibility. With these values Cotemar is a company that takes pride into the work they do for their coustemers.


This organization was founded in 1979 where all they had was vessels for just transportation. thought the next six years they were able to expand with vessels. however in 1985 Cotemar has the first ever Oil Rig. From that time until 2016 Cotemar has just been multiplying with the number and types of both the vessels and with the oil rigs there is.


So what does Cotemar have to offer? Well actually that have quite a handful for being a petroleum company. in a rig they have accommodations for over four thousand people. providing each one of them with food, housing, laundry and many entertaining means. For the maritime support vessels they work as transportations of personnel and lightweight materials to places in Mexico. Lastly is that Cotemar positioning semi-submersible rig, which is characterized by its mobility, allowing it to move from one complex to another.


The way it feels to work for Cotemar is really honoring because you get to work with a company that is environment friendly when they acquire their oil and gas from under the ocean. Also, Cotemar has a lot of job opportunities because there are a lot of services that they offer weather its working under in the hospitality of people in the rigs or whether if it digging for petroleum.


The thing the Cotemar does to fulfill its sustainability obligation is by That´s why we work according to guidelines that guarantee the the sustainability of our environment.

Is Independent Record Making a Good Decision for Indie Artists

As the Internet age continues to make independent music and filmmaking more and more possible for the average producer, Indie artists around the world are struggling to determine if they should seek traditional representation with a record label or pursue life as an independent artist. Forbes, a prominent finance and business magazine, recently published an article detailing one Indie band’s experience with independent album releases and how they began their careers by playing weddings in Brooklyn, New York.


For indie artists, the question of whether or not to keep pursuing independent work is always in the air. Katie and Dustin Peysur formed a husband and wife indie band back in 2009 and played weddings as a way to get their creative music in front of large numbers of people. The couple was aware of indie artists who had become extremely successful through independent distribution of music material. They were also aware of indie artists who had failed miserably at the attempt to successfully launch a music business. Either way, the Peysurs decided to take the risk and produce their own brand of music full time to see how audiences reacted to it.


Bold moves like the one that the Peysurs took are relatively common in the indie music movement. The risk is usually beneficial in the end. Indie artists who seek to become wealthy and famous may not find the indie route profitable for the goals they intend to attain. Any indie artist who seeks to produce music for the love of a particular genre, however, or has a desire to simply make a living through the creation and development of the music they love may find the indie production route to be more beneficial than a traditional contract would be. As with any career, artists should carefully examine the indie industry with its many benefits and drawbacks to determine whether or not the pursuit of this career would fit well with previously existing lifestyles.

Madison Street Capital: Helping The Financial Growth Of Companies Across The World

Investment banking is one of the most sought after field in the world of finance, with numerous companies trying their best to make it big. Only a few businesses that stand out manage to make it big in the sector. Madison Street Capital is a company that can proudly say that they stand tall as one of the top tier investment banking firms in the entire country. Madison Street Capital has a highly long list of clients who they have been servicing from an extremely extended period. The company believes in offering top tier services to all who come to them. Through the years, the company has helped numerous individuals and company and business owners who are on the lookout for ways to grow and protect their finances.


The company knows that people who are coming to them are coming for financial solutions that may pertain to a variety of different factors. Therefore, the services that they offer to are of a wide range to cover almost any base that the client comes in asking for.


Even though Madison Street Capital is located in Chicago, it is a genuinely global company offering its services to numerous companies across the world. Because they have such an international client base, the company saw it fit to open up offices in other parts of the world as well, while maintaining the office in Chicago as their headquarters. The company soon expanded and set up in some regions of Asia and Africa.


Just a few months ago, Madison Street Capital started working alongside a large international company, known as Ares. Madison Street Capital helped the company in the structuring of tier minority recapitalization. It is because of their work with companies like this that the Madison Street Capital reputation soars in the field of finance. Numerous companies across the world have benefited from the contribution of Madison Street Capital to their business, helping them with their financial matters.


One of the reasons why Madison Street Capital has become so successful over the years is owing to the employees that work hard to give their clients the best solutions when it comes to investment advisory. The advisors working here have an incredible amount of experience and knowledge about the field, which is why they can properly guide their clients and help them. Their aim is to assist their client’s companies grow, in turn supporting the growth of Madison Street Capital.


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Life Line Screening is Reshaping the Healthcare Sector

The CEOCFO Magazine recently interviewed Dr. Andy Manganaro, the chief medical officer of Life Line Screening about the company and the services it offers. He explained to Lynn Fosse, editor of the magazine that Life Line Screening is the top firm in the U.S. that conducts screening for vascular and their associated diseases.

A recap of Dr. Manganaro’s interview with CEOCFO Magazine

As the CMO of the company, Dr. Manganaro’s role is to supervise the firm’s staff, oversee research, quality assurance, and marketing. He further explained that aside from screening people, Life Line Screening uses a risk algorithm to screen individuals likely to develop cardiovascular diseases. Since the company was established, the services it offers have become increasingly popular among people and physicians. So as to reach a broad clientele, Life Line Screening has developed an innovative marketing campaign that tries to highlight the benefits of screening. According to Dr. Manganaro, Life Line Screening offers a variety of non-invasive testing, such as screening for osteoporosis, ultrasounds for carotid arteries, measurement of ankle brachial index, and EKG screening. This company also provides blood tests for investigating cardiovascular medical conditions. Aside from screening, Life Line Screening also provides counsel on healthy living and ways to prevent the development of vascular diseases and its Twitter.

About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening was founded in 1993 and is a privately-held company whose headquarters is in Independence, Ohio. This company pioneers in the provision of testing services for medical conditions, such as osteoporosis, atrial fibrillation, aortic aneurysm, diabetes, peripheral arterial, cardiovascular, and heart diseases and learn more about Lifeline Screening.

Life Line Screening employs the latest technology to ensure that their customers get up to date results as well as value for their money. This company works with certified and highly qualified doctors who specialize in various fields of medicine. Life Line Screening also collaborates with the community by providing mass screening activities and more information click here.

These events take place in various settings, including places of worship, neighborhoods, senior centers, corporations, and community centers. This enterprise has more than 5,000 employees who work in the company’s various branches. Some of the professionals who work for this company is Dr. Manganaro, who is a surgeon and an expert in cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Manganaro is also one of the principals of this corporation and its Website.

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Amazon Just Might have to Recognize Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

The reason Amazon does not have to worry about the competition is because they have enjoyed being at the top of the e-commerce market across many niches for years. In the case of women’s apparel, Amazon is pulling on 20 percent of all the sales online, and the closest competitor changes frequently. When Kate Hudson’s Fabletics began making some rumblings in that space, Amazon had to notice simply because that company took in $250 in sales of women’s clothing in less than three years. Amazon needs to be concerned that Fabletics is not like any of the other competition in this space.


To get a better understanding as to how it is possible to get those types of sales numbers in a niche that was traditionally owned by Amazon, it is important to hear about the success right from Hudson herself. When asked bout what sets her company apart from the rest, Hudson says it is a unique combination of her membership program and reverse showrooming. It doesn’t hurt that her athleisure brand is both high-quality and a fresh new style this industry has been waiting for. The difference with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is women arrive to the retail store in the mall ready for an experience. They try on all the latest releases of workout apparel, they look at the new yoga pants, they apply for their free membership, they even take the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz.


The membership offers these women many benefits, such as free shipping for online orders, discounted pricing, and the help of a personal shopper. When these women are relaxed and away from the stresses in their day, they visit the Fabletics website and find all those items they tried on at the retail store waiting for them online in their account. Since the clothing has already be worn, the size sis no longer a guessing game, so these customers buy based on colors, prices, styles, or new arrivals. They buy more online than they would have in the mall, and this is what is setting Fabletics apart from the rest.


Hudson’s Fabletics is blazing a trail that other sellers in this space might not be able to compete with, and one of them being Amazon. Hudson has found a way to connect with her target audience and give them the pampering they deserve while offering them a new fresh choice in the women’s apparel space.

Doug Levitt Shows Struggles, Not Laziness

People who have less are often stereotyped as lazy underachievers. Also, people who find themselves in situations like homelessness are stereotyped as having given up. People make assumptions about people and in some cases try to live their own lives through them. The truth is that some homeless and struggling people have goals to get back up on their feet. One thing about the struggle is that it is surprisingly hard and rough to get back to a better place. For one thing, the struggling people get a ton of attention, especially when they are working towards something. Often times, the people who struggle get dragged through the worst stuff and more information click here.

These are some of the stories that Doug Levitt hears when he is travelling Greyhound. There are a large diversity of stories that are told to him. Among the stories he hears are heartbreaking stories where people are forced on the Greyhound bus because of all of the incidents that have happened to them. There are a lot of reasons that people wind up in bad places. Among these are betrayal and someone causing a lot of issues that have resulted in them losing everything so they have to start over.

Fortunately, Doug Levitt has the passion and the talent to write stories that are very compelling and then turn them into some of the best songs that people will hear. The Greyhound Diaries wakes people up to the realities that the struggling face which include the cause of their struggles and what they are doing to get out of it. Another thing that they are made to realize is that it could happen to them. One thing that Doug Levitt intends to do is to remind people that the struggling Americans that he writes about in his story could easily be them and learn more about Doug.

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