The Ideal Journal for Seeking Medical Answers

Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary medical journal with free access that publishes research papers weekly. It specializes in oncology, immunology, neurotarget, pathology, microbiology, neuroscience, cell death, autophagy, and circadian rhythm. Oncotarget has been publishing medical journals since its founding in 2010. Moreover, it is published by Impact Journals. The editors-in-chief for Oncotarget include Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny from the renowned Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

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The Aim of Oncotarget

Oncotarget has helped researchers contribute immensely towards the advancement of science. Therefore, the goal of the journal is to have a life without disease. Its mission entails making scientific results readily available for all readers. The journal also aims to maximize the outcome of the research through insightful view; to allow sharing of excellent research results; to eliminate the boundary between different specialties such as oncology and microbiology. Oncotarget aspires to link a variety of biomedical science field as well as fostering basic and clinical science to fight diseases.

Published Samples

Oncotarget published an article describing the diagnostic value and treatment of malignant mesothelioma, asbestos- related disease. The journal pinpointed the method of treating the disease and the results to be expected. Since malignant mesothelioma is poorly responsive to the present cancer treatments, the proper treatment for the disease is microRNAs, small RNAs with diagnostic value in both cancer and pollution exposure.

Oncotarget also published an article concerning EMSY driven suppression, which requires EMSY threonine 207 phospho-sites for DNA damage repair. The journal precisely highlighted that both BRCA1 and BRCA2 were essential for repairing the double strand DNA break. EMSY was recommended to repair the DNA damage by suppressing BRCA2.

The Achievements of Oncotarget

Oncotarget has hit the spotlight because of its constructive, insightful and multiple peer review journals, which has helped authors worldwide to boost the impact f their research. Members of the editorial board who have published different papers include the previous Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Research, Carlo M. Croce, and the Nobel Prize winner, Andrew Schally. Carlo published 27 papers while Andrew published 10 papers. Further, members of Oncotarget/ Gerotarget/Oncoscience were awarded Breakthrough Prize since 2013. These members include Stephen J. Elledge, Bert Vogelstein, Alexander Varshavsky, and Michael N. Hall. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

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