Marketing Wine With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a way for the stay at home mom/dad or student to earn money on the side. This opportunity can also become a full-time income, if one works hard enough.

The way that it works is that the entrepreneur will purchase a starter kit for $189 and make 35% of any sales made at the wine tasting party they give to their friends and family. The entrepreneur will also make money from anyone they sign up to the program, and bonuses from goals and achievements set by The Traveling Vineyard.

You will receive a personalized website, so that you can recruit team members and sign people up for a wine tasting party, in their home or yours. The website is free for the first three months and $15.95 thereafter. Online training is available to learn more about the business strategy of The Traveling Vineyard and the wines you want to market.

There are many benefits to working with The Traveling Vineyard. One is that you get to learn all about the wine business, while making money. You also get to make your own hours and set your own goals depending on your lifestyle and available time to invest. There is always someone to ask questions of, and there is an assortment of information to help you make as much money as you want with the marketing of wines.

The Traveling Vineyard can be found on any social media outlet. They are currently using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even YouTube. They have thousands of followers who love their wines, parties, and business opportunities available to anyone who is interested in hosting parties and making new friends.

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