George Soros; Political Powerhouse Advocating For Equality

George Soros is presently rated as one of the most influential individuals globally. With a net worth of an estimated amount of 25.5 billion dollars, George has been able to be instrumental to major political and philanthropic ventures around the world. Tracing his roots to his Hungarian upbringing, George has been able to conquer the adversities that life threw at him to amassing major financial and investment milestones.

George Soros’ tenure at the London School of Economics was evidenced by an undergraduate degree and later, a Master’s in Philosophy. He sustained his education years working blue-collar jobs around the city. Right after his studies, George began engaging in the brokerage business. Four years after working at a London brokerage firm,

George proceeded on to the New York Wallstreet where he featured as a broker. Since then, George’s career has taken a considerable turn for the good and is currently the owner of a prolific hedge fund, The Soros Fund Management in New York City. He is also an author of brilliant publications including ‘Discover The Network’ which showcases George Soros as a supporter of leftist groups and the inceptor of the open Society Foundation.

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George Soros has been integral in sensitizing the plight of refugees. He has contributed large sums of money to causes that advocate for resettling displaced people.

Through his Open Society Foundations, George is also an ardent supporter of democratic political activist causes like the National Lawyers Guild, Four Freedoms Fund and Equal Justice based in the US.

Political Influence

George Soros has been a crucial figure in the political environment worldwide. Notably, he has an unwavering impetus to transforming the hostile political settings of many countries to experiencing a peaceful transition in the country’s government. George also utilizes his resources to ensure that these governments are accountable to the rights of their citizens. He consistently states that his innate conscience leads him to believe that he should be on the path to making the world a better place to live in by inspiring a political revolution. In a particular case, he cited that his altruism leads him to appease his conscience through taking part in humanitarian causes.

George Soros was a defining force in the peaceful shift from communism to capitalism in Eastern Europe. His impact was seen through the funds he contributed towards the peaceful talks and the transition process. He has also taken part in the financing of various political campaigns among them Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary and Bill Clinton. His philanthropic ventures have seen him donating more that 13 billion dollars towards human rights, freedom causes and the improvement of the health and education status all around the world.

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