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Julie Zuckerberg, an International Recruiter

Based in New York, Julie Zuckerberg works as the Deutsche Bank Talent Acquisition Leader and Executive Recruitment Lead. After finishing her Philosophy studies in New York-Brooklyn College City University, she went on to study law at the New York Law School. She embarked on a career by joining the Hudson as the candidate placement director.She worked there for almost half a decade and served as recruitment attorney, manager, paralegal, support staff and handled all the different levels of the workforce.


She was capable of providing job data, future details, post guidelines, promotion and other employee benefits.Due to her previous Law background, she was able to serve as the important intermediate between management and employees regarding workplace issues and problems. She was also efficient in ensuring that emerging workplace issues were resolved and processed with legal compliance frameworks.


She is especially helpful by creating counseling contact for employee problems as well as the necessary conflict resolution training.She went on to join New York’s Global City Consumer Bank as an Executive Recruiter. She served under numerous posts and helped the firm by giving counsel on the appropriate compensation trends and recruitment strategies that helped the company remain market competitive.


Julie also offered talent acquisition insights and competitive market ideas and planning. She was an active participant in recruitment and talent acquisition. Some of her work included immigration, equity buyout negotiation, clawbacks, relocation among other recruitment components. Julie also managed international and foreign expatriate relocations processes.She was also especially important in sourcing global talents.


This year, Julie Zuckerberg served as the Global Citi Functions executive recruiter. This job at Citi Group has assisted her to know more about the recruitment process, and she has also gained the exposure of in-depth and job practical. She has been cited as the employee with the most exceptional skills and performance. She has gained the broad experience that allows her to comprehend what employee candidate is capable of being productive as required.


Talent hiring is not only necessary for better results and performance, but it is also an art. By handling Citi’s top most branch recruitment levels, Julie has equipped herself with knowledge, skills, and information about recruitment front, management, compliance, audit and legal wealth.After working for the Citi Group, she went ahead to serve at the New York Life Insurance Company, where she served as the company’s full cycle support and recruiting agent.


At the New York Life Insurance Company, she was responsible for developing business strategies as well as other provision and planning solutions. She currently works at the Deutsche Bank, where her skills are proving helpful. She serves as the Talent Acquisition Lead, recruitment counselor, and coach. She is also the leader of the MD hiring leads negotiation team.


She also has other supplementary roles like Talent Lead Executive Officer and all other responsibilities like business management, client management and all other procedures that ensure best practices during company recruitment. She firmly believes business success to be based on proper hiring processes and companies.





To believe in your dream is one thing but to make it come to fruition is another. Omar Boraie is one of the people who believed in his dream and made it come true.

Omar Boraie started the Boraie Development LLC to make sure that his dream of turning New Brunswick town into a city comes true. In 1972, when the Chief Executive Officer of the Real Estate Company walked in the town, everything seemed bleak, but he has managed to turn all this around through developing various real estate projects.

According to a feature on NJBiz, everyone thought that the Egyptian Chemistry scholar was mad when he started building luxury residential units in the downtrodden city, but years later these units have given the town a facelift, and they are filled and he’s even building others.

About Boraie development LLC

Boraie Development is a company that deals with property management, real estate development and sales and Marketing. The Company is situated in New Jersey, and it has developed into one of the best in the region. The staff is professional and hands on as they fully commit to their work, to know more about the company visit Bloomberg.

Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is the son to Omar Boraie and also the Vice President of Boraie Development LLC. Sam is a philanthropist who is involved in various charities. The philanthropist and many other locals are part of the board of trustees for the State Theatre in New Jersey.

His family, Boraie Development, and Sam have heavily contributed to the success of the theater through their contributions. Sam Boraie is the chairman of the board of directors of Elijah’s Promise. This charity organization focuses on fighting poverty in New Jersey.

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Bruce Levenson Spreads the Word of Philanthropy at the University of Maryland

After Bruce Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks in 2014, he ventured into the non-profit industry. One of his notable investments is the University of Maryland’s “Do Good Institute”.

What is the Do Good Institute About?

The Do Good Institute is a higher education initiative aimed at helping students who are undergoing undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland. According to PR News, the program exposes these undergraduates to nonprofit enterprise and volunteering. The intended outcome of this program is to create non-profit entrepreneurs who are highly competitive against the private sector. According to Levenson, many high profile organizations are headed by professionals who are unable to accomplish their mission because they lack basic business skills.

In this class, attendants were given $10,000 and asked to allocate the money to a cause of their choosing. It became a popular program on campus.

The Mission of the Do Good Institute

Founded in 2010, this initiative’s mission is two pronged:

  • To change the campus into an institute where every student who graduates is well informed and has enough motivation to volunteer in the society
  • To educate a generation of non-profit professionals

Currently, the campus intends to allow students to major in the field. The aim of this incentive is to cater for students who have a passion for philanthropy.

About Mr. Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson got his Bachelor of Arts from the Washington University. He co-founded United Communications Group (UGC) in 1977, in partnership with Mr. Ed Peskowitz. Before establishing UGC, he wrote for Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. Mr. Levenson became a director at TechTarget, Inc. on Feb 10, 2015. He has also been on the committee of directors at Electronic Publishers Association and Newsletter. He has also served as president of Washington’s “I Have a Dream Foundation”. Mr. Levenson has contributed to many voluntary projects including the “Do Good Institute” at the University of Maryland.

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A Look At Sam Tabar’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Recently, Sam Tabar was named the chief operating officer for the successful FullCycle Energy Fund. In this corporation, he will be required to develop and implement a fund management strategy. While accepting the appointment, Sam said that he would partner with the talented senior leadership team of the corporation to deliver its mission of providing clients with environmentally friendly fuels.

According to Bloomberg, over the years, Sam Tabar has spent much of his time creating and overseeing the budget strategies of various financial institutions. As the chief of capital strategy at the renowned Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Sam played a pivotal role in providing fund managers with introductions to various institutional investors such as large family officers, foundations, fund of funds, pensions and endowments.

Previously, he worked for Sparx Group (PMA) as a co-head of marketing. In this largest independent fund, which is based in Asia Pacific, Sam Tabar was responsible for the company’s marketing efforts around the globe. In addition, he has rendered his services for Schulte, Roth & Zabel as well as Skadden, Arps Meagher, Slate & Flom, both of which are prestigious law firms.

As an associate, Sam Tabar provided clients with adequate counsel on hedge fund, formation and structure of funds as well as regulatory and compliance issues. The graduate of the esteemed Oxford University holds a Masters of Law from the revered Columbia Law School. Notably, Sam was the editor of the widely read Columbia Business Law Journal. Presently, he is an active member of the New York State Bar.

He has invested in Tribute and SheThinx, a start-up that uses its proceeds to empower women around the world. Through its noble social mission, Thinx has provided many women in Africa with sanitary pads.

This is because most of them cannot afford to buy these towels considering that they come from poor backgrounds. However, with the help of this corporation, these women can go to school, fend for their children and undertake all other duties without worrying about their menstrual periods.

Sam invested in this company owing to its transformative business model. He has an active online presence. Sam loves hosting different events and travelling.

Developing Business Plans in New Jersey

There are many people today who want to take advantage of economic growth in several areas of the economy. One of the states with the fastest economic growth is New Jersey. Many people are moving to the area. Omar Boraie is someone who has started to invest in the lives of others in this area. He is a real estate developer who has done well financially in the past couple of years. With that being said, he is excited to offer a number of plans that other people are ready to see. If you want to take your finances to a new level, one of the best ways to do so is through business.  However, he also enjoys helping others and giving back to the community as well. You can visit to learn more.

Giving Back

This is something that Omar Boraie has always enjoyed doing. Despite not growing up with a lot of money, he has wanted to build an empire that will impact the world in a variety of ways. As he has continued to have success in both life and in business, he wants to make sure he is investing in the right areas to help as many people as possible. Check out his Crunchbase here.

Financing Plans

One of the reasons that Omar Boraie has had so much success in life is that he understands how to finance a business the right way. With all of the changes recently in his life, he has started to invest more than ever. He sees all of the potential economic growth that is ahead, and he wants to help as many people as possible increase their net worth through investing.

Future Plans

In the coming years, Omar Boraie wants to continue to build on his success in business. He is excited about all of the plans that he is working on for the future, and he wants to help as many people in this process as possible. Not only that, but he is also excited about some of the changes that he is making in the world of business as well. If you want to invest in real estate, he is a great person to learn from because he has had so much success in this area over the years. For more info you can visit: