Month: March 2017

Squaw Valley Resort Assures of Quality Water and Safety

Squaw Valley; a leading Ski Resort in North America issued, an extended statement in December 2016 responding to Sierra Sun’s news that coliform and E. coli bacteria were found in the drinking water at its upper mountain. Since then, there has been improvement after the water was treated consistently. Wesley Nicks; an Environmental Health director of Placer County, confirmed that three out of the four wells serving upper parts of the mountain showed negligible levels coliform and no E. coli. However, upper mountain restaurants remained closed as the skiers were not allowed to drink water until the problem was completely solved and top-to-bottom skiing authorized to safely continue at the well-known ski resort.

Liesl Kenny, Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director, issued a statement providing facts about the quality of water at the upper mountain of Squaw Valley. The Director reported that a strangely heavy rain storm affected many Placer County’s water systems. At Squaw Valley, the strange weather occurrence led to flooding of an improved water system that was upgraded at Gold Coast and High Camp.  Fortunately, the issue was limited to that system and none of Squaw Valley’s other water systems were affected. Moreover, no contaminated water was issued to the public.

They also consulted with other important water safety professionals and with their help took steps to tackle the issue. Additionally, they promised to continue working on it until the water in the system had normalized. They did not use the water at Gold Coast and High Camp until they got assurance from the health officials and other professionals concerning the safety of the water. The safety of Squaw Valley’s clients is paramount and they took the issue seriously as they do with all other safety issues at the resort.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is an international mountain resort in North Lake Tahoe, U.S. It covers more than 6,000 skiable acres. It also features slope-side lodging at Squaw Valley Village; an all-time busy location with continuous events and almost 60 bars, boutiques, and restaurants. The resort is known as the spring skiing capital as it offers one of the longest snowboard and ski seasons in Lake Tahoe.


Financial Advisors: Take heed! Avoiding the Social Security discussion loses clients

A study from the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute indicates that 80% of clients would choose to move on rather than stick around with an advisor that refuses to discuss optimizing Social Security benefits on Instagram. This is for good reason too as the same study also indicates that retirees who do not optimize benefits intelligently stand to lose as much as $12,000 a year.

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Why is that? According to Nationwide Financial’s David Giertz, many advisors are intimidated by the massive complexity of the legal codes surrounding the topic of Social Security. In a sit-down with Wall Street Journal, Giertz explained, “I think it’s a very complex topic. The Social Security Handbook has twenty-seven hundred rules… I think part of it is just understanding and having confidence around all those rules.”

In a separate interview with CNBC last year, Mr. Giertz explained the increasing importance of Social Security as a key aspect of a retirement portfolio. He points out that many current and future retirees will not be able to rely heavily on pension plans like our parents and grandparents did. Social Security can fill in the gap and shore up portfolios weakened by such situations on

David Giertz has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry and has been president of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization since 2013. His key tip for advisors is to learn all the ins and outs of the Social Security code and apply them for the mutual benefit of both advisors and clients alike.

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Karl Heideck: Experienced, Tenacious Pennsylvania Litigation Attorney

Karl Heideck Pennsylvania Litigation AttorneyKarl Heideck is a litigation attorney who practices in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He has been practicing law for over 10 years.

Heideck earned his law degree from Temple University School of Law. He received his bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College. At Swarthmore College, he studied English language and literature, with an emphasis on letters.

Heideck is renowned for his abilities as a litigation attorney. As a litigator, Heideck represents individuals, business, and organizations.

In addition to being a litigation attorney, Karl Heideck also represents clients who need assistance in the realms of regulatory compliance and risk management.

A litigation attorney has a primary focus on representing clients involved in lawsuits, or who anticipate being involved in litigation. Not only does a litigation attorney make court appearances on behalf of a client, he or she also tends to a wide range of other legal matters associated with lawsuits. This includes the preparation of court documents, which technically are known as pleadings.

Many litigation attorneys start their careers outside the civil branch of the legal system. They try to find jobs with local, state, or federal prosecuting attorneys. When on a prosecuting attorney’s staff, an attorney typically spends a considerable amount of time at the courthouse. This works to build a strong foundation for a litigation attorney.

Litigators can be found working in a variety of different locations. Governmental agencies and organizations of different types maintain litigation attorneys in their employ in some cases.

Businesses sometimes have litigation attorneys on their staffs. Many litigation attorneys work for law firms, large and small. At larger law firms, a litigator may be part of a large litigation department.

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Michael Zomber Has Done Some TV Work

Michael Zomber is a historical consultant who has contributed a large amount to the History Channel and A&E. He was recommended to these networks by a college classmate who believed that they would benefit greatly from Michael’s vast knowledge.

The partnership between Michael and both cable networks has been one that is mutually beneficial. Michael Zoomber has helped to make many of their documentaries more interesting and informative by adding insight and perspective to various historical events.

The networks have given Michael exposure that he otherwise would never have received. This exposure has allowed Michael to promote his writing and various other aspects of his career.

Michael has said on numerous occasions that he was initially reluctant to work on TV. He had a number of concerns. First of all, he was worried about the way that his interviews would be edited for the documentaries he was participating in.

He understood that they would need to be edited because of time constraints. However, he was concerned that the main points he was trying to make would be left out.

Michael Zomber likes the fact that many of the historical documentaries that he has participated in have received great reviews from both critics and viewers alike.

He understands that sometimes history can be a bit dry and boring. However, he believes that the History Channel and A&E both go out of their way to make history as fun and entertaining as possible for viewers.

PR News Wire revealed that Michael Zomber has lent his expertise primarily to shows that deal with the Old West and ancient Japan. This is because he has studied these time periods more extensively than others. He has large collections of samurai swords and antique guns.

He is also considered to be one of the best sources of knowledge about both eras. Michael hopes to be involved in more shows for both networks in the future. He has also expressed an interest in producing future programs.

Lori Senecal: A Powerful Woman on the Rise

Lori Senecal has established herself as a leader in the advertising sector. She is the current Global Chief Executive Officer of CP +B. Lori is the first female to hold this position. She assumed this position in 2015. Lori Senecal has been responsible for overseeing the growth and expansion of the Company.

Despite her calm and conservative nature, she has managed to make a great impact on the Company. She has created a robust and modern advertising agency. It is her leadership skill and expertise that led to the company’s recognition by the Advertising Week as the ‘Creativity Innovators of the Year’. Lori was also named among the four ‘Agency Executives to Watch in 2016.’

Prior to joining CP +B, she was the President and the Chief Executive Officer of MDC Partner Network. She was responsible for the developing strategic vision for the Company.

In 2012, she joined the Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners as the President and the Chief Executive Officer. She has also served as a Chairman and Global Executive Chairman of the company. KBS + is a partner of the MDC network. Under her leadership, the Company grew to become one the best places to work in. When she joined the network, there were only 250 employees, and the agency grew to over 900 employees. The Company was included in the Advertising Age Standout Agency list. She resigned as the Chief Executive Officer but still serves as the chairman of the network.

Previously, she worked for the McCann Erickson. She was a flagship of the company, and she co-founded the TAG ideation in the Company. She has worked as the Global Chief Innovation Officer for the McCann World group. According to, Lori also served as the President of the McCann Ericson in New York.

In 2013, she was honored with Quantum Leap Award for Leadership and Innovation at the AWNY Game Changer Awards and in 2014, she was named Advertising Age’s Women to Watch’. She is a member of the AD Council Board of Directors.

In November 2016, she was a speaker at the 3% conference. This is a group that brings female leaders in L.A to support each other in their different careers. She has been a frequent speaker at the conference.