Month: November 2016

Dick DeVos’s Path From Amway, The Windquest Group, And The DeVos Foundation

Dick DeVos is a business leader who has led two large companies, Amway Corporation and now The Windquest Group. He’s also donated to many non-profit groups and founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, the source of funding for education and political activist groups. The Windquest Group is an alternative investment company that also owns subsidiaries in manufacturing, clean energy, health, and technology. One subsidiary they own is the Stow Company where Phil Dolci was recently hired as CEO.

Dick DeVos started at a young age working for the family company Amway Corporation, co-founded by his father Rich DeVos and Jan Van Andel. After completing his business degree at Northwood University, Dick started taking leadership positions in the company’s research and development and finance divisions, and eventually became a vice president. When his father retired in 1993, Dick took over as CEO and lead the company for 10 years, growing sales profits and expanding operations in foreign markets, leading to over $4 billion in his last year alone. Dick also served as president of the NBA’s Orlando Magic from 1991-1993.

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy started the family foundation in 1992, making education reform one of their top priorities. They also tried unsuccessfully to pass a state private school voucher and tax credit law. They also chair the Education Freedom Fund and support Children First America.

Dick DeVos is also an active member of the Republican party, having been longtime friends and supporters of former president Gerald R Ford’s family. Betsy served as chair for a few years on the Michigan Republican Party, and Dick at one time decided to run for governor in 2006. It was a tight and contentious race, but he narrowly lost to incumbent Jennifer Granholm. In 2012, Dick and Betsy helped campaign to pass the state’s right-to-work law. Dick is also a member of the Grand Action Committee, a group that has helped revitalize economically poor areas of Grand Rapids.

Enjoy Themed Night Parties When You Have A Magnises Membership

If you like to enjoy the good life, then you’ll love “Good Life Saturdays,” which is something that is hosted at the Highline Ballroom every single week. This event is amazing and is open to every Magnises card holder that wants to have fun, and they are allowed to bring their friends as well. With a great sound system, anyone can party the night away in the club to have a great time. Those who are interested in getting their own table can use their Magnises card to get these benefits.

Anyone who does book a table will get three bottles of free alcohol, and they’ll also be able to enter for no cover charge and won’t have to wait in line, which is an amazing feat on its own. Those who have tried to get into clubs in New York City on Facebook know that there is always a line, so it’s easy to surpass the line while using the Magnises card if a table is reserved. There is a minimum spending limit to get these perks, but those with the Magnises card can also bring up to 20 of their friends to join them at their table.

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All 20 of the people will be able to gain entrance into the club without the cover charge or having to wait in line, and you’ll all be located in the VIP section. Now, who wouldn’t want to enjoy themselves every week while being treated like a VIP? In order to get into this party and to be treated like you’re someone special, you’ll first want to get the Magnises card. If you’ve never had a Magnises card before, then you can pay for the membership by going through the Magnises website.

Magnises has a lot more parties to offer as well as perks, especially for those who love to go out to party. It’s a good idea to get a ClubPass if you like to go to nightclubs, especially when you want to go out to any nightclub in New York City that’s hot. The hottest places in New York City that are the most fun are going to be the most populated, and you can possibly avoid the line or at least guarantee that you’ll be getting into the club if you get the ClubPass from Magnises.

Even if you choose to stay at a hotel in New York City for the night, you can get into the Dream hotel for a great discounted price of only $79 a night, where you can sleep comfortably in a luxurious setting at a discount, thanks to your Magnises card and your HotelPass. Don’t let all the fun that life has to offer pass you by, especially when you only need your Magnises Black Card membership to get started.

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