Month: October 2016

How Malini Saba has accumulated Wealth by Investing in Diverse Businesses.

Malini Saba is a woman who has a good reputation due to her many achievements in entrepreneurship and philanthropy. She has been actively taking part in undertakings that empower women in various regions of the world. Saba is well respected in the business and investment industry of the United States due to the way she redefined investing. The entrepreneur was born in Southern Asia, and over time, she has managed to grow into a figure who is recognized internationally. Many people consider her as their role model.


Malini’s investment story is inspiring, and it makes her be admired by many people. She struggled against many odds for her to achieve her mission. Saba made her first investments in various parts of the world, but she was significantly affected by corrupt people who wanted to bring her business down. Struggling with her rivals made her substantial losses, but she never quit. She joined forces with other businesspersons and established other enterprises. The firms still faced challenges, but Malini and her partners worked hard to ensure that they were successful. She currently holds significant shares in big resource companies, and they include real estates, energy firms, and rice fields.


Most of the charity work that Saba does is related to emboldening women. Stree: Global Investments in Women is one of the organizations that she established. The foundation operates globally, and its mission is to enhance the living conditions of women from poor areas. She has proved to be selfless by the way she works hard to better the state of other women.


Saba’s investing journey kicked off in the 90s, and she started by purchasing shares in diverse businesses. The companies that she capitalized in are Sycamore Networks, Silicon Valley, Netscreen Technologies, and PayPal. The firms that she bought shares in were successful, and they have helped her in acquiring wealth. Malini believes that she is talented in business and she can pinpoint the best investments where one can capitalize.


 Malini Saba has a family that she considers paramount. She is a prosperous and busy woman, but she tries her best to raise her child by herself. Saba takes all the responsibilities of a mother, and she even ensures that her daughter goes to school daily.