To believe in your dream is one thing but to make it come to fruition is another. Omar Boraie is one of the people who believed in his dream and made it come true.

Omar Boraie started the Boraie Development LLC to make sure that his dream of turning New Brunswick town into a city comes true. In 1972, when the Chief Executive Officer of the Real Estate Company walked in the town, everything seemed bleak, but he has managed to turn all this around through developing various real estate projects.

According to a feature on NJBiz, everyone thought that the Egyptian Chemistry scholar was mad when he started building luxury residential units in the downtrodden city, but years later these units have given the town a facelift, and they are filled and he’s even building others.

About Boraie development LLC

Boraie Development is a company that deals with property management, real estate development and sales and Marketing. The Company is situated in New Jersey, and it has developed into one of the best in the region. The staff is professional and hands on as they fully commit to their work, to know more about the company visit Bloomberg.

Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is the son to Omar Boraie and also the Vice President of Boraie Development LLC. Sam is a philanthropist who is involved in various charities. The philanthropist and many other locals are part of the board of trustees for the State Theatre in New Jersey.  http://patch.com/new-jersey/newbrunswick/omar-boraie-chair-genomic-science-established-rutgers-cancer-institute

His family, Boraie Development, and Sam have heavily contributed to the success of the theater through their contributions. Sam Boraie is the chairman of the board of directors of Elijah’s Promise. This charity organization focuses on fighting poverty in New Jersey.

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Knock Before Entering: OneLogin Talks Up Online Defenses

Ever since humans could write and started using writing to store information, saving it has been a challenge. This is especially true of private or sensitive information. As the information age kicked off with the arrival of computers and internet, the challenge of keeping things private is still very much there. The only thing that changed was the tools. Suddenly, new words like “password”, “data-breach”, “cybercrimes”, and of course “hackers” became part of our everyday lexicon. The most important of these words is password. It was designed to protect our information by letting only those who knew the “magic word” to have access.

Passwords worked fine for a long time. However, these days with more sophisticated software and smarter hackers, relying only on passwords isn’t enough. It is in this toxic atmosphere, IT technicians started working on other ways to protect information stored on a computer. The one that is showing to be the most promising would be Biometrics. Biometrics, as the name shows, is about using the human body as a “password” to get access. And there are two types of Biometrics, behavioral and physiological.

Behavioural biometrics has to do with, body movements, using left or right hand, and the way the person does keystrokes. It is about capturing the subtle movements and differences that make us unique in the way we carry ourselves. Physiological examples would be the persons voice, fingerprint and iris recognition as well as the heartbeat. The best way to make use of this technology is by using it alongside other tactics such as device or hardware data. However, Biometrics is still in its infancy, both from an ease of use as well as from a security standpoint.

One such company that is at the forefront of access management is Onelogin. They provide multiple products for companies who need safe and reliable data access. Some of the products include Single Sign-On (SSO), Unified Directory, User Provisioning, Adaptive authentication, and Mobile Identity, to name a few. OneLogin has gained a reputation of sorts for providing affordable and reliable data access solutions for customers.

Zach Schmidt Releases An Ironic New Song

Zach Schmidt is one indie country singer who is making big waves in the music world. In spite of all the odds, this singer is making a big splash. Zach’s newest song is called “Drunk Again This Christmas.” Like all of the other memorable songs Zach has written, this song matches good old-fashioned hooks with a deeply acerbic wit. Hopefully, Schmidt will achieve the high sales numbers he truly deserves. I feel that this artist deserves much more attention in the mainstream media.

It is fascinating to see just how far you can take country without losing that all-important sense of authenticity. This is an ideal time to take advantage of the many musical resources that you can find at Schmidt’s concerts. If you experience one of these musical extravaganzas, it isn’t likely that you will soon forget it. Although there are plenty of indie artists drawing upon country music traditions, few artists do this with such clarity of vision. Without doubt, Schmidt is one of the greatest indie singers working today. This artist’s latest song joins the ranks of the many sardonic Christmas songs that have achieved prominence in indie music culture. Since the days of Adam Sandler’s “Hannukah Song,” humorous references to holidays have made for very memorable songs. Novelty songs are some of the most popular indie songs of the past 20 years.

“Drunk This Christmas” is almost certainly going to cause a lot of excitement among music critics. Artists like this have been critically acclaimed for quite some time. Schmidt has the style and the songwriting acumen to achieve a lot in the modern musical ecosystem. If I don’t see this singer achieve fame and fortune within the next five years, I will lose my faith in the average modern listener.

Dr. David Samadi Is Not A Stranger To Being In The Spotlight

According to the article published in the Dialdish.com, given the medical state in the U.S., the need for a programming covering medical news is more important than ever. As the Americans are searching for reliable answers to their questions regarding healthcare industry, a trusted and strong leader must emerge. That’s the role Dr. David Samadi is hoping to fill with his brand-new live show.

Dr. David Samadi is not a stranger to being in the spotlight. He first attained global attention by appearing on TV news programs. The success of Samadi’s in the public eye went on after transferring his voice to radio, and he was hosting a local health show for the listeners of NY. These past successes made the expansion of Samadi a natural choice, and the viewers will be capable of enjoying a live broadcast entitled Sunday Housecall with Dr. Samadi every week from Sep this year.

The broadcast covers various topics that are related to the industry. Specifically, the show centers on the latest news stories concerning the medical field. That way, viewers are capable of learning more regarding these topics and understand better how these issues are impacting their lives. Furthermore, he also tackles important tips to empower people to take control of their health in a better way. Specific topics include exercise, prostate health, food and diet, women’s health, plus other pressing health news.

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While Samadi is serving as a host, he features other medical specialists on his program as well. That ensures that different voices are heard, which improves his viewers’ learning experience. The show relies on a format that is discussion-based. That allows him to get the most information out of his guests and produces a natural flow of information. That naturally invites readers to join the conversation, making health topics that are difficult far more approachable.

Better yet, the show is fully interactive. Since it has a live broadcast, the viewers are encouraged to email or call. Questions are answered on live TV, or they can also be answered in the next week’s program. Dr. David Samadi tackles lots of the questions with his extensive expertise and engages his guests on the show to answer some of the questions in more detail.

Dr. Samadi studied at the Stony Brook University and earned a B.S. in biochemistry. He received his M.D in 1994 at the Stony Brook Medical School. He attended Montefiore Medical Center and received his postgraduate training in Urology in the year 1996. He attended the Einstein and received his postgraduate training in proctology.

He attended the Montefiore Medical Center and received an additional postgraduate training in proctology in 2000. He went to MSKCC to complete his oncology fellowship in proctology. In the year 2002, he went to France to attend the Henri Mondor Hospital Creitel mainly for a fellowship for robotic prostatectomy.

Hong Kong’s Indie Music Scene Vibe Destroyed by Policies

A modest bunch of business people opened clubs that were inclined toward decorations yet brimming with the modest brew and young energy. However, a large number of the clubs have collapsed; frequently in the wake of damaging directions that commentators say successfully criminalize most nonindustrial exercises. The outcome is that Hong Kong’s independent groups are perpetually looking for spots to perform which is a further insult to common laborers artists and fans in a budgetary center where the nightlife provides food to a great extent to individuals on corporate compensations.

Hong Kong has less than 13 small scales live houses, primarily in mechanical structures, and seven others, including Hidden Agenda that would be considered the fair size or substantial, said Adrian Chow. Chow is a writer and maker who manages the music amass at the Hong Kong Arts Development Council; an administration subsidized admonitory body.

Vast numbers of those scenes would battle to survive even without grave directions because the property advertising is among the costly in the world. Likewise, a current modern “renewal” program gave landowners money related motivating forces to change over mechanical structures into workplaces, yet it additionally drove up the estimation of such space in areas like East Kowloon, a well-known range for live houses.

Hanes Cheung, the guitarist for the band Twisterella, said that the typical live house tended to overlap after around two years and that the lack of legitimate music settings regularly constrained groups to perform in eateries without wanting to. Cheung further said that the directions kill the entire performance scene.A critical issue is that settings in modern structures cannot make a difference for an open excitement permit unless they purchase a restrictively costly waiver.

The Lands Department, which incompletely directs excitement licenses, said in a messaged proclamation that an essential point of its arrangements was to dishearten open pedestrian activity in modern structures, which it said by and large confronted more noteworthy fire dangers than different sorts of structures. In the wake of concentrate current zoning rules in Seoul and London, the lands department intends to present enactment that would permit live houses like Hidden Agenda to work legitimately on the initial three levels of mechanical structures if they met sensible wellbeing gauges.

How Susan McGalla Rose Against the Odds

Women with the ambition to grow big in their career or professional activities can access a lot of advice from many sources readily available. However, many of the available sources provide nonspecific information and are much far from a direct response to your quest. Susan P. McGalla is an experienced consultant in matters concerning talent management, marketing, branding, and operational efficiency among many other important areas that are key to success. She is the founder of the P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She has given speeches to many audiences about how women can dash ahead in business. She has talked in Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and also addressed the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs.

As she gives her story today, she starts by saying many women that she has encountered are after a real perspective with practical application. She continues to say that it has become challenging for the women that seek to be targeted as professional and not only as women. She admits that the current revolution is quite encouraging. As a lady, her father did not look down upon her. She was born in a family that had two older brothers. Her family nurtured her towards who she is today. They used to encourage her always to be bold to present with courage whatever she wanted regardless of the people present. She was taught not to allow the issue of gender inferiority factor in any way.

In the end, Susan learned to be comfortable with both the genders and can work together with the two. She credits her success to such boldness. She studied and gained her bachelor of arts at the Mount Union College. Afterwards, she started her profession at the Joseph Horne Company. Later in the year 1994, she decided to come up with her foothold that was working for the American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

She testifies that she joined the American eagle when it was a male-dominated company. There were no women in the executive position. Her work outdid the people’s expectations making it an experience of a lifetime. The company embraced the transformation in its culture as she ascended in position. It again rose to become very successful and aspiring corporate culture in the year 2000 and 2010. She ascended to various positions in the management of the company.

Latest news on Indie Music Scene

Indie Music is an independent music scene; it covers a wide range of musical genres, sub-cultures, and styles. The Indie Music scenes are a mainstream of popular music. The scenes take the opposition of the mainstream culture. Indie music contributes to the building of opposition identities by the people involved in the scene. Artist involved in Indie Music is greatest money-makers and record labels.

The latest news in Indie Music reveals that Indian-American songstress Zoya turns to pop on new single “The Shaman and The Singer.” Zoya who was once against pop music for long. In this, her album Zoya explains the reasons why she chooses a personal and sad lyrical theme. After her performance in Narayan Paani and NH7 Weekender festivals in Alibaug. She has currently been trying to find the track in the Indie Music.

On other news, British singer-songwriter Lucy Rose talks about her visit to India and the release of her latest album. The songwriter seems to be taking her music to another level, adding some vocals and also performing on live occasions despite performance in different bars and clubs venues. Her latest album ‘Is This Called Home’ features an interpretive dancer; it takes a different side of the record- the band, the groove and the feeling of drums and bass all the same.

The NH7 Weekender is among the anticipated India’s foremost music festivals. The festival has experienced a lot of changes from the previous years including a scale-up for the Shillong edition. Among those expected to perform in this live concert include; rock artist Steven Wilson and hip-hop veteran DJ Premier. Also Ii the line-up is UK rockers Dinosaur Pile-Up.

In other news, the Indie bands are headed for the hills. They are shooting their expensive music videos around Shimla. The video reveals aerial shots of a Volkswagen Beetle driving through a dense belt of deodars and loaded guitar truck. The video is set to be released over beautiful landscapes with a background of the desert of mountains and clouds. The release of the ISPAT video clip has led to steady recognition and popularity in social media.

How Doe Deere has led Lime Crime to Success

Doe Deere is an accomplished businesswoman as well as an innovator. She is the founder of lime Crime which is involved in providing makeup products that are bright colored and that brings out and accentuates the features of every face. Since she was young, Doe Deere has been interested in bright colors. This led her to come up with these bright hues which she creates herself. Doe Deere is a very active and successful entrepreneur who has been recognized numerous times for her success and achievements of her unique products. Through the hard work and commitment of doe Deere, Lime Crime has been able to register a lot of success and growth within a short period of time.

Just recently, Doe Deere sat down for an interview with Galore Magazine where she talked about her company and how she has managed to achieve her current success. According to her, she has always been creative and artistic since she was young. Doe Deere said that she and her friends would play dress ups and wear colorful outfits, shoes and accessories during play dates and sleepovers. Doe Deere would also apply colorful makeup to her friends and this is how she managed to master her passion. She has nine years worth of experience as a makeup artist and this has made her to acquire the needed skills and knowledge to thrive in the industry.

Doe Deere states that she did not acquire any formal education to become a professional makeup artist. Instead, she became a professional through practice and following her passion for makeup. Since she entered the industry, she has worked extra hard to become one of the most influential personalities. Doe Deere has steered Lime Crime to achieve a lot of popularity and a huge customer base. She attributes the success that she now enjoys to hard work, commitment, discipline and above all passion. Doe Deere has been serving as a mentor and role model to other young women who would love to join her field of work or venture into any other industry. She hopes to expand Lime Crime and make it a global company where women from all parts of the world can access her colorful makeup. Doe Deere has an extensive educational background in arts and she has used this and incorporated it into her company, Lime Crime. Through her company, she has been able to create numerous employment opportunities for the people in her community. Learn more: http://norcal.news/news/23849-doe-deere-helping-cats-need-through-makeup


Rick Maguire gives insight into posture and purpose in 10 years of Indie Rock

Maguire is a band member of Pile, who recently turned ten years, releasing their sixth album, A Hairshirt of Purpose. Maguire, 31, lately more than ever gives deep thought to the impression the world receives from them regarding their posture. The album explored new territory, having had devoted followers for a decade now, while still maintaining that burst of energy that has been their signature over the years.

A gamut of livelihood

Pile, which began as a solo project by Maguire, started out in the basement-rock scene of Boston but went on to spawn many releases, developing conceptual records from other bands in the area, and building a reputation based on their energetic and sweaty shows. Their latest version, A Hairshirt of Purpose, encompasses the complications of adulthood, all the way from politics on “Worms” to the literal and figurative expression for cleaning house on “Fingers.” Pleading guitar, agitated drums amidst Maguire’s guttural yelling in “Hissing for Peace” bring about chaos, while “Leaning on a wheel” delicately portrays the heartbreaks a stagnant relationship can cause.

A Hairshirt Of Purpose is lengthy and knotted, exploring the scope of humanity and leaves plenty to think. Maguire is himself a polite and reflective person and notably calm whenever it comes to his status as a hero in the Indie scenery. Despite the ten years, he still adjusts to this situation and hesitantly relaxed towards it.


Maguire found inspiration as a 9-year-old from Green Day and Weezer and knew that is what he wanted to do. Although growing up, he would want to turn out different, those opened up his eyes to the path he followed. Maguire would, later on, admire the connection Ian MacKaye of Fugazi used to create with the audience, and that kept him going for the past decade. The 31-year-old says that Pile gives him the opportunity to be an excellent person and he hopes to continue helping them back.

Music indie scene news

It has almost become an expected norm for music artist to act promiscuously in their relationships, and which leads to break-ups or divorce. For instance, Selena Gomez and The Weekend split just after ten months of in the relationship. However, Selena Gomez is not back to Justin Bieber, her ex-boyfriend. This news is still a shock, as the pair were the Music hottest couple. Slightly older The Weekend, 27, and Selena Gomez, 25, put an end to their ten-month-old relationship, several people close to them confirmed to the PEOPLE.

Selena was seen spending time with Bieber during the weekend. They went to church together, and the photographs by TMZ did show them having breakfast at some café in West Village, California, during the late October.

Some people would say that this has been a challenging year for Gomez, and told, in September, her fans that the reason she was temporarily stepping out of music during the summer was due to the recovery from a Kidney transplant.

The Weekend and Selena were first spotted sharing a kiss in a romantic candlelit dinner date. An insider had unveiled that at that particular the young duo was just new to each other and nothing serious. But, some few months later, the pair would vaunt their relationship as the dream couple. They later went to Italy together and even attended the “Earned It” singer’s hometown of Toronto, Canada.

After several romantic outings together, the iconic artists made it clear and officially that they were now a couple at the Met Gala. And not to forget, The Weekend received a red carpet approval from Mandy Teefey, Selena’s mother.

The sweet romance was strong and admirable, with an inside source confirming that the couple was doing great together. The Weekend was treating his inamorata nicely and everything appeared to be alright, it is astounding that the hottest couple is now looking new partners elsewhere. We can only wish them luck.

All You Need To Know About Indie Music Scene

Music is the heart of most individuals which brings the fun. There are different types of music and how they differ comes along with its production. Indie music resulted from big music labels breaking up to form indie music labels. Indie shortened from Independent Music Labels.

The reason why most people prefer to go the independent music label way is that it has led to developing and promoting of known music that is known to be growing with time. The other main reason is that the indie scene does its labeling of products, sign the acts they own, promote their products and distribute them at their levels. Also, producers are allowed to do their research, do their recording and later publish their music at their pleasures.

Indie music is produced in its unique way differentiating it from other music labels. Indie musicians create their music in no particular style or genres, and they do not do singles. The music is mostly so that afterward it is done in other types by other musicians from different music labels. Indie music has come a long way to find its establishment and also find favor in the eyes of people for it to be known.

Indie Music has grown as a result of it joining hands with other distributors from various music organizations and brands to bring promotion to the industry. An example of institutions that have entered the independent music labels The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) which was formed early in the 1950s among other brands.

In most cases, independent music is known to be a success. However, it requires a lot of out-going for any indie musician. The musician has to have a proper understanding of what music publishing is about and have knowledge of it; they also have to know the demands of music in that particular industry.

Indie music keeps changing with time which leads to other music labels looking down to them for their approaches to music that makes them successful. Most music labels have opted the independent way after having better publishing skills.